20 Things People Do At Water Parks (That The Staff Can't Stand)

Amusement parks are some of the most fun and interesting places a person can go to. One of the best parts of them is that some theme parks give visitors a taste of what things are like in different areas around the world since they might have refreshments or shows that are popular in foreign areas. This is particularly exciting for customers who do not usually have the opportunity to visit places that are very far away.

Some of these places are water parks. According to worldatlas.com, there are quite a few water parks that are very popular. Visiting them can be a lot of fun, but guests do some really questionable things while they’re there. Here are just a few examples of that.

20 Customers Offer Things To The Employees


According to theodysseyonline.com, water park employees aren’t particularly happy when guests offer them any kind of refreshment. There are a few reasons why this is the case, one of which is the fact that it could be a very dangerous thing for the employee to do. Don’t offer them refreshments.

19 Parents Leave Their Children With Bodyguards


Nobody likes to babysit when they have not had time to prepare for it first, and that is the case for water park employees. According to theodysseyonline.com, there are customers who expect the employees at water parks to watch their children while they go about and have fun without them.

18 They Are Not Very Happy When Customers Enquire About Adding Someone Else To The Ride


Rides have rules for a reason, but lots of people try to break those rules. According to theodysseyonline.com, there are some people who try to ask water park employees if they can have an extra person with them on whatever ride they choose to get on, which is very dangerous.

17 People Try To Bring In Dangerous Things


Believe it or not, there are lots of people who like to bring weird things with them when they go to water parks. According to theodysseyonline.com, this is obviously not something that those who work at water parks are big fans of. It just makes their job that much harder.

16 They Are Not Thrilled When Someone Who Is Too Short Tries To Get On Slides Or Rides


Height requirements exist for a reason. They are there for everyone’s safety, especially when it comes to amusement parks. According to theodysseyonline.com, there are some parents who inquire about whether or not their child can get a ride at a water park, even if they are too short for it.

15 Water Park Employees Are Not Happy When People Are Rude To Them


People who work at water parks have to deal with a lot of unpleasant behavior, and they have to do it with a smile on their face. According to thetab.com, they have to be nice to everyone, including people who are extremely rude to them for no reason at all.

14 Parents Are Not Always Fun To Deal With


Working at a water park can be fun, but it is not always easy. According to reddit.com, one of the most unpleasant parts of this kind of job is dealing with moms and dads who are very rude or pushy. Parents are great, but they can be hard to handle.

13 Some Of The Things People Leave There Are Gross


Lots of weird things can be found in certain areas at water parks. Those who have spent time working there have found lots of odd stuff. According to thethings.com, fake nails, animals, and glass have been pulled out of some water park attractions. That doesn’t make water parks very appealing.

12 Lots Of People Do Some Gross Things In The Water


Pools do not seem like very sanitary places, especially when they are located inside of water parks. According to thethings.com, lots of people have admitted to doing some extremely gross things while they are in the water, which is a bit disturbing. Some water parks can be kind of gross.

11 Swim Diapers Are Not A Good Idea


According to thethings.com, swim diapers are not very good for parents to use, contrary to what some people believe. These diapers are good at keeping things inside of them for a bit, but they do not work as well as everyone thinks they do. They can still contaminate the water.

10 Some Of The Employees Don’t Like It When Customers Are Upset When Rides Are Broken


When a ride is broken, it is understandable that customers will be upset. But according to theodysseyonline.com, those who work in any kind of amusement park do not appreciate it when people get mad at them when a ride is not working. It just makes their job even more difficult.

9 Some Employees Prefer People Shower Before Visiting


Employees of water parks really are not happy when people show up to their pools without having cleaned themselves first. Apparently, that is a fairly common occurrence, since some places have had to make it a rule for their customers to shower before entering the park’s pool, according to soaringeaglewaterpark.com.

8 There Are People Who Will Try To Bring Their Own Equipment, Which Is Not Always Allowed


According to soaringeaglewaterpark.com, some people like to bring their own belongings to water parks. That sounds pretty innocent, but some parks do not allow customers to bring in their own things, so that must mean that there is a good reason for this. Snorkels, fins, and tubes aren’t usually allowed.

7 Horseplay Is A No-No


According to soaringeaglewaterpark.com, horseplay is something that people do that water park employees really do not like. That is probably because it can cause them some injury. Some water parks also do not allow their customers to dive, which is something lots of people do when it comes to water.

6 Adults Who Are Good Swimmers Should Not Leave Others Alone


Not everyone knows how to swim, and some water parks keep that in mind. According to novaparks.com, water park employees like it when children and non-swimming adults have a good swimmer with them. It is also a really great idea for that person to stick by them at all times.

5 People Who Are Not Feeling Well Should Not Enter The Pool


Sick people can make the rides and water unhealthy for other visitors. According to novaparks.com, water park employees do not like it when sick people enter the attractions at their parks. They try to ensure that people only do so if they think they’re in good health at the time.

4 They Don’t Want People Bringing In Refreshments From Other Places


Those who work at waterparks are not really happy when other people try to bring in refreshments that did not come from the park itself, according to novaparks.com. Some parks have rules against this sort of thing. But that doesn’t mean that the parks do not sell their own refreshments.

3 Employees Are Not Excited About Guests Who Don’t Follow Rules


Those who work in water parks aren’t fans of people who don’t follow the rules at the parks they work at, which is probably the case for people at other types of amusement parks as well. According to thesun.co.uk, people can get seriously hurt if they don’t follow the rules.

2 Lifeguards Are Not Free To Stand Around And Talk


Apparently, there are lots of people who try to speak to the lifeguards while they are at work at a water park. But according to novaparks.com, this is not a good idea at all. They could seriously distract a lifeguard, which is bad since someone might need them at that time.

1 Don’t Try To Sneak Gum Past Them


According to novaparks.com, no employee at a water park would be very happy with someone who tries to chew bubble gum while they are at the park. Some parks have rules against this kind of thing. Gum can be dangerous in some situations because people can choke on it sometimes.

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