20 Things Passengers Do That Bus Drivers Hate

Public transport is a big plus. Sure, there are times when buses run late, they’re overcrowded, or some other annoyance makes the trip a test of one’s patience, but overall, without the ride, some folks would be in quite the predicament.

Bus drivers who enjoy what they do appreciate the steady work, regular schedule, and aspects of the job that suit their lifestyle. Not everyone is cut out for a desk job or has the means, desires, or requirements to become a nurse or an NBA star. Bus companies need quality drivers, and those who make the cut are counted on to drive safely, be professional with their passengers, and so on.

That said, bus drivers are human. Many have a list of pet peeves that drive them nuts. Passengers do things that are unruly, uncalled for, and sometimes, uncleanly. Here are 20 typical situations bus drivers simply can’t stand.

20 Play Their Music Or Videos Out Loud

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Buses can get noisy enough without passengers pumping up the volume on their smart devices. After all, that’s what earphones are for. Drivers need to concentrate, and the mix of music coming from all areas of the bus is beyond distracting. Plus, one person’s taste in music isn’t desirable to everyone.

19 Take Forever To Count Their Fare And Hold Everyone Up

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Folks, have your fare ready! When there are lots of people waiting to board, fumbling in your pockets puts everyone’s ride on pause. This leads to the bus being late for the next stop, and the effect snowballs. These days, most buses have a card to swipe, but those which take cash can see a slowdown.

18 Practice Their Insane Acrobatics While The Bus Is Moving

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The bus is not a gymnasium. This sounds like common sense, but there are those flexible types who like to practice their flips and dips while the bus is in motion. They may be talented, but this sort of behavior is dangerous. Someone could fall or get kicked in the head.

17 Leave Their Bags Easily Accessible Then Blame The Bus Company When Their Stuff Gets Stolen

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While it’s nice to think we can trust our fellow passengers, there are people out there looking for trouble. Leaving one’s bag unattended is pretty much asking for it. Passengers need to protect their belongings by holding their bags close and keeping them closed. Crimes are often committed when there’s an easy target.

16 Completely Ignore The Fact That Other Humans Exist

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Bus drivers can potentially see hundreds of people per day. Most folks are in their own zone, barely acknowledging the fact that there are other faces around them. They are glued to their phones and never even nod at their neighbors. Many drivers would love it if people would at least flash a smile.

15 Spend The Whole Trip Snapping Selfies

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While it is not exactly the bus driver’s business what the passengers do in their seats, seeing so many snapping selfies seems superficial. Pic after pic, these people keep clicking until they get the perfect shot. Some don’t even realize they’ve missed their stop!

14 Leave Wet Puddles Behind From The Snow, Causing Others To Slip

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It’s not really the passengers’ fault if there is snow on their shoes and they drag it onto the bus, but once it melts, the mess it makes is now up to the driver to clean. These puddles could cause people to slip, and that’s just a lawsuit waiting to happen.

13 Transform The Bus Stop Into Their Own Personal Space

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Bus stops are meant to provide a space for those waiting for the bus. There’s somewhere to sit, and in the case of rain, people won’t get wet. There are cases when someone brings all their worldly belongings and declares the bus stop their space. We feel bad if they have nowhere else to go, but the bus stop isn’t the best solution.

12 Turn The Bus Into Their Own Nightclub On Wheels

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Getting from place to place isn’t supposed to be a party. At least that’s what drivers believe. Perhaps people are on their way to a bachelor party and want to start the celebration en route. This may be fun for them, but the driver is not looking to be a DJ.

11  Stand When There Are Plenty Of Seats

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Dude, take a seat. When there is plenty of space to pop a squat, it makes drivers furious when folks opt to stand up rather than sit. The more people seated, the safer the trip. There’s no reason why someone should risk standing when the seat right beside them is unoccupied.

10 Lug Strollers And Other Large Items Onto The Bus

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Is that thing even going to fit through the door? Drivers realize that people have things they need to take along for the ride, but supersized items cause a slowdown. From baby strollers to giant suitcases, these large belongings are clunky and take up tons of room. The other passengers are surely pissed.

9 Ask The Driver To Take Their Photo

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Some passengers think the bus driver has nothing else to do when they ask them to snap a pic. Don’t they realize that the bus is not going to drive itself? While some drivers will go ahead and do it, others think this request is ridiculous.

8  Sit In The Seats Reserved For People With Special Needs

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There are special spots on the bus designated for those who need more room or a more convenient space to sit. People who should not be using this space sometimes do anyway, and their selfishness is something the bus driver is not happy to deal with.

7  Fall Asleep And Stay On For Hours

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When people are tired and hop aboard, there’s a decent chance they’ll fall asleep and miss their stop. It’s not up to the bus driver to wake them up, so these sleepyheads remain in their seats, perhaps missing connections or even important meetings. If staying awake is a struggle, the smartphone alarm clock is a useful invention.

6 Take Up More Than One Seat With Their Belongings

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One seat per person isn’t a rule everyone follows. Some people take up the seat beside them by plopping down their backpack or even lying across two seats. This is especially rude when they can clearly see others are standing the whole time. Ignoring them doesn’t solve the issue.

5 Bring Their Pets On The Bus (Unless They’re Service Animals)

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Barking dogs are a big nuisance for drivers who are trying to maintain decorum. Some people bring along exotic pets too. While some folks need an animal for a service-related need, others just want to enjoy the day with their pet and bring ‘em along for a bus ride.

4 When Too Many People Try To Jam In

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People don’t want to wait for the next bus even when they know another is coming shortly. They’d rather ram in like a can of sardines, smooshing up against one another ‘till everyone is sweating. This jam-packed scenario may not bother those who forced themselves in, but the driver thinks they’re all crazy for cramming.

3 When Kids Won’t Stay Seated

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School bus drivers have their own set of pet peeves that make them lose their cool. One of which is when kids won’t stay seated. They’re supposed to be sitting face-forward with their seat belts on, but kids who don’t care about the rules will always do what they want. Try getting a high school kid to turn around and sit down.

2 When Friends Never Stop Talking For Hours On End

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Long bus trips can be boring, so when friends are traveling together, they’re likely to talk the whole time. Catching up is cool for them, but hearing their conversation without a break is bad news for the driver. Even a few minutes of silence there and there would be heavenly.

1 When Folks Leave Sticky Snacks On The Seats

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So many people snack on the bus, and when they do so neatly, it’s not that bad. Then there are the slobs who leave bits of food, crumbs, wrappers, and empty bags on their seat when they get up to get off the bus. The worst is when they spill their drink or leave something sticky on the seat.

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