There are plenty of different ways to enjoy or tolerate a plane journey because let's be honest, they can serve as being pretty stressful procedures.

Even with that being the case, though, there are some ways to make the journey a whole lot worse - both for yourself and others that are around you.

We aren't going to pretend like we've got all the answers regarding how to have a perfect flight, but we certainly know a red flag when we see one, and we're about to list quite a few of them.

So buckle up (quite literally) because we're only going to scratch the surface in regards to peeling back the curtain on air travel. Here are the things passengers do on planes that can only be described as annoying AF.

20 Have A Few Too Many

Everyone has been on this road before and we'll all be on it once again at some stage, but doing so when on a moving plane is the definition of dangerous. Imagine waking up and realizing that you'd been intoxicated in this sort of environment. Staggering.

19 Attempt To Talk On The Phone

Millions talk on the phone every single day and we aren't trying to act as if that isn't the case. However, even if you have wifi, attempting to make a call when you're thousands of miles in the air is only going to serve as a distraction to those around you.

18 Bring Lots Of Young Kids Onto The Plane

A lot of people want to bring their kids onto a plane at a young age in order to get them used to the feeling of it all. We don't necessarily agree with that, mainly because if there are too many of them, it's just bound to cause a whole lot of chaos.

17 Get Frustrated With The In-Flight Entertainment

How first world do you have to be in order to get annoyed with the in-flight entertainment system? It's literally designed to make sure people have something to do or watch during a long haul flight. If the system isn't working for a minute or two, just be patient.

16 Accidentally Elbow The Person Next To Them

It's not quite as dramatic as the image enclosed, but you get the idea.

With there being a cramped collection of seats on most forms of aircraft, it's understandable that some folks are going to be a little bit too close for comfort. The elbows are inevitable, unfortunately.

15 Have A Bit Of A Sing-a-Long

Feel free to quietly hum along to your favourite song if you've got some headphones in, but loudly having a sing-song whilst people are trying to relax just seems a bit wrong to us. Everyone tackles flights differently, of course, but this isn't the way to go.

14 Ask For Information From The Pilot

The pilot usually provides updates every so often on how close you are to landing as well as what to expect from the journey in regards to the length of time. People who want more information and constantly pester the staff about it just need to go and have a time out.

13 Compare Airlines

There's a certain level of arrogance that comes with openly discussing the pros and cons of different airlines when you're actually on a flight. It isn't quite as bad when it's Easyjet and Ryanair that you're discussing, but even so, try and consider your surroundings.

12 Pay For Food & Drink With A Dodgy Card

We all know this person: they lean over you in order to try and pay for their food and drink selections through their card, only to realize they're using a card that doesn't really work. Then, we move onto the task of trying to battle through it with the air hostess. Exhausting.

11 Get Into An Argument With Partner

For the love of god, if you're going to have an argument, at least have the common courtesy to either way until after the flight or just don't go away with each other at all. It's so unbelievably unpleasant to see this play out before our very eyes on a supposedly 'relaxing' getaway.

10 Applaud The Pilot

This is especially popular in North America, and it just kind of baffles us. We understand people are just trying to be polite, but it's quite literally the pilot's job to land the plane safely. You don't see McDonald's employees receiving a standing ovation.

9 Let Off Bad Odours

Some people can't help smelling badly, but if there are steps that can be taken in order to rectify those problems, then please go ahead and take the steps. Whether it be a quick change of top or wearing lots of deodorant, things can be done.

8 Panic When They Don’t Need To Do So

Despite being reassured that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the plane, some people have such a crippling fear of flying that any little bump or noise is going to throw them right off. Sometimes it can't be helped in the moment, but in that case, try and seek some form of help.

7 Don’t Allow You To Go To The Bathroom

For some reason, some passengers are so arrogant that they won't allow you to get up and go to the bathroom until they are ready to move. If you've asked to go seven or eight times then it makes slightly more sense, but even so, they don't know your personal situation so they shouldn't judge.

6 Get Aggressive With The Staff

The staff is there to do a job, and preventing them from doing so by being incredibly rude is just wrong. It's not their fault if certain things go wrong that are out of their control, and arguing with them could lead to you being thrown off of the plane altogether.

5 PDA In The Seats

Whether it's your first date or your ten year anniversary, try to consider those around you before engaging in maximum PDA sessions. Young love is great and so is love between married couples, but more often than not there's a third person in the seat next door to think about.

4 Snoring Really Loudly

Snoring is viewed by many as a natural phenomenon, but we all know there are ways to either reduce or completely eradicate it. Whether or not people are open to it, though, is a different (and very infuriating) matter, as there's not much we can do about it.

3 Kick The Back Of The Seat

Please, kids, just try not to kick the seat - and if you're a parent, think about your surroundings and don't allow your children to ruin the flight experience for those in front or around them. Either that, or just get off the plane, please.

2 Reserve Three Seats To Themselves

How lazy do you have to be to order three seats just so that you can lie down and not sit next to anyone else? There could've been people who were forced to get a later flight purely because you fancy catching a few minutes of 'sleep'.

1 Join The Mile High Club

It's always incredibly obvious when a couple tries to make this 'dream' a reality, and while we understand that sometimes your instincts get the better of you, other people have to use that restroom after you've enjoyed your second honeymoon in there.