20 Things Moms Do When They Fly (That Flight Attendants Can't Stand)

Travelling with a child is not easy. It is not easy on the parents, the other passengers, or the airline staff. Everyone groans (either silently or out loud) when they see a baby or a young child get on a plane. It is also understandable. Everyone is going to be stuck on this plane for a long time, and no one wants to hear screaming for 8 hours straight.

The flight attendants take a lot of the brunt. Their job is to make sure their passengers are safe and comfortable. If a baby or child is acting up, then they need to try and help the mother and keep the other passengers calm.

A baby or child does not upset them, but a mother can. What she does (or does not) do can have an impact on how the flight goes. And there are certain things that a mom does that can drive a flight attendant crazy.

20 If It Happens, Clean It Up!


While we are on the topic of a child throwing up, it happens. According to babble.com, a child throwing up would never upset a flight attendant.

However, what does upset them is when mom expects the flight attendant to clean up the mess. This goes beyond their job description and it really is mom’s responsibility.

19 Watch Where You Leave The Diaper


If you have a young child on the plane, you are going to have dirty diapers, there is no way around it.

However, there is a way mom should take care of the dirty diaper. According to babble.com, diapers should never be left in the seat-back pocket. Yes, flight attendants have seen this happen.

18 Do Not Give The Diaper To The Attendant


While we are on the topic of dirty diapers, they should also never be handed to the flight attendant to take care of.

According to babble.com, flight attendants are there to help, but there is only so much they should be expected to do. Dirty diapers are a job for mom and mom alone.

17 A Clear Lack Of A Plan


Most moms have a clear and detailed plan when they know they are going to be travelling with their child, but some don’t. Some like to fly by the seat of their pants and clearly do not have a plan in mind.

According to babble.com, this can drive an attendant batty. Moms who didn’t bring enough diapers, a change of clothes or even toys to occupy their children are a hassle.

16 The Planes Don’t Stock Formula


According to babble.com, another thing that can irritate flight attendants is when mom has unrealistic expectations about the flight.

If mom just assumes that baby will sleep the whole time, it is a bit frustrating because that rarely happens. Make sure you have enough food on your flight for travel to help keep the baby calm.

15 Demanding First Class


If you think your family would be better suited in first-class, then pay for it upfront. Don’t just pay for coach and demand an upgrade because you have children.

According to babble.com, this does happen, and no one is entitled to anything without paying for it first. It doesn’t matter how many children you have.

14 You’re On A Plane, Not Vacation Yet!


If you are on a plane with children, chances are you are headed to a vacation. That is great and something every family should do, but your vacation does not start on the plane.

According to babble.com, many parents think their vacation starts in the air, and it doesn’t. It is still your job to entertain your child while in the air.

13 You Really Should Know Why They Are Crying


Don’t always be naïve and think that you know why your baby is crying. According to babble.com, flight attendants have seen this many times.

It is normal to ignore a child’s tantrums, but make sure they are not in physical pain. Being in a plane can cause earaches and motion sickness, and it is important to rule those out.

12 “Let It Go”


There may come a point in any mom's travel that she just wants to give up because there is ‘nothing’ she can do. This is not true.

According to babble.com, there are a lot of parents who let their children carry on however they want on the plane, but it is important to still parent your children and make sure they behave.

11 Just Always Be Ready


Part of being a mom is always being prepared. That means when the plane is about to take off always have the barf bag ready, according to babble.com.

Children can not always warn a parent before they are going to be sick, so it is important to have a bag ready just in case. It will save a lot of mess, and others will thank you.

10 Ignoring What Their Kid Is Doing


There comes a point when kids will be kids, but it is the moms’ job to stop them. What moms don’t realize is when a kid is doing something to annoy another passenger, the flight attendant has to listen to the complaints.

According to nypost.com, that means if your kid is kicking the seat in front of them, you really need to get them to stop.

9 When Mom Is A Brat


Sometimes, the child is a perfect angel, but the mother is the one who needs an attitude adjustment.

According to nypost.com, it is important for moms to make sure they are not being brats themselves. That they don’t demand everything under the sun because they chose to travel with their children.

8 When Mom Doesn’t Even Try


If a mom decides to travel, she takes on the responsibility of travelling. She knows it is probably going to be a nightmare and she should prepare herself for an exhausting day.

According to nypost.com, it can really bother a flight attendant (and everyone) when mom has a child who is screaming and crying and literally does nothing to try and fix it.

7 Not Respecting The Plane


Part of a flight attendants’ job is to make sure the plane is clean; however, they are not complete janitors and there are things that they shouldn’t have to do.

According to nypost.com, it is important to respect the plane and to teach your children the same. That means that moms should really try and keep their area tidy and not make too much of a mess.

6 The Plane Is Not The Playground


No one knows a child better than their mom and she should know what to expect from her child and plan accordingly.

According to nypost.com, if you know that your child is bound to get hyper and restless on the flight, make sure you bring activities that are going to occupy the child to prevent them from running up and down the aisles.

5 The Seat Is Not A Toilet


Bathroom problems happen on a plane, and it can be hard with a baby when they are not old enough to use the toilet and there are no changing tables.

According to nypost.com, on a Delta flight last year, one mother let her child go to the bathroom on the airplane seat. She did lay down newspaper first, but don’t be that mom.

4 Ignoring Their Chatty Kathy


Kids like to talk, and when they are on a plane and it is all new and exciting, they talk even more.

According to nypost.com, mom needs to be prepared for these children because (again) they are going to be the ones getting all the complaints. Talk to your children before about how to act on a plane.

3 Bringing The Ultimate Nightmare Child On A Plane


We all know that kid, the ultimate nightmare kid on flights. The ones that scream the entire time and nothing seems to make them calm down.

According to nypost.com, mom needs to be prepared for these situations and needs to think of all possible outcomes before flying so she can be prepared for them. This may include speaking to your child’s doctor.

2 When Mom Doesn’t Bring A Change Of Clothes… For Herself


Sometimes mom plans for everything, and she is certain that she is fully prepared for their day of travel. However, mom will always forget herself and that is a problem according to rd.com.

Mom needs to bring a change of clothes for herself onto the plane. There is a chance that the baby could have an accident all over mom, too...

1 When Mom Puts The Diaper In The Toilet


A lot of these entries revolve around diapers, and they should because of the amount of issues diapers can solve.

According to rd.com, there is no reason why a diaper should be thrown in the toilet and attempted to flush. This will not work, and you will only succeed in clogging the toilet, which can make for a messy bathroom and a messy plane.

Sources: RD, Babble, NY Post

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