20 Things Guys Do That Las Vegas Casino Staff Can't Stand

Heading to the casino is a pretty popular activity for a lot of guys, especially those who are looking to let loose, have fun and maybe even win a little bit of money. However, casinos are actually supposed to be a pretty professional place, which you wouldn't think - but it's true.

As it turns out there are some fellas out there who seem to do everything within their power to annoy and infuriate the staff that actually work in the casino. Sometimes they don't even know what they're doing, but most of the time, they're just throwing their weight around.

That's the kind of arrogance you'll get when you've got a bit of money behind you. Regardless of who they are or where they're from, here are 20 things guys often do at casinos that the staff there hate.

20 Flirt With The Staff

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More often than not the staff in casinos are usually quite glamorous, and that can lead to mixed signals in the eyes of some very silly men. For some reason, though, whenever the men in question decide to do a spot of flirting, it always comes across as being super creepy.

19 Sing Lots Of Songs

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While it's all well and good belting out "Sweet Caroline" in your hotel room after a few vodka & cokes, repeating that same behavior in a casino isn't always going to gain you fans in that sort of an environment.

18 Take Ages To Make A Decision

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Are you all in or not? Just make your mind up because there's a game to be played, here, and acting as if you're the only person in the room isn't exactly going to earn you many friends. We know making friends isn't the point of going to a casino, but it's better than making enemies.

17 Put Down Small Stakes


They say go big or go home, and sometimes, guys decide they don't want to put their money where their mouth is - leading to a pretty disappointing stake. Come on, man, everyone in the place is trying to make money, so just go for it. There are websites for that.

16 Interrupt Other Games

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This is a huge no-no in the casino world and it's not exactly hard to understand why. If you're interrupting another game you're going to wind a lot of very focused, very serious people up, to the point where you may actually end up meeting the sidewalk.

15 Getting Angry At A Slot Machine

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Slot machines are designed to frustrate us and take large portions of our cash, and they always seem to do a pretty good job of it. However, making sure that you don't rise to this by becoming super frustrated is important.

14 Hype Up Other Casinos

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Why on earth would you spend your time in a casino talking about a different casino, bigging it up in the process? If you end up talking loud enough then you're going to be going the right way about a punch square in the face.

13 Taking Lots Of Pictures

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Nobody should be taking pictures in a casino because, of course, it's a very private place and folks aren't exactly going to be all too eager to have their business being plastered everywhere online. It's incredibly risky business, and you shouldn't try it.

12 Being Sick


Whether it be due to illness or because the person in question is a little bit too tipsy, we wouldn't recommend being sick in a casino. That can lead to a pretty substantial ban from the facility, which is a bad look for everyone involved.

11 Bring A Really Large Group

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Larger groups are rowdier by definition, and larger groups usually signify some sort of extended party or night out. When you all rock up to the casino, be prepared for a lot of scrutiny from a lot of different directions, and rightly so.

10 Not Tipping Your Waitress

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We strongly believe that the tipping culture in the United States as a whole needs a lot of work, but even with that being the case, waitresses in casinos are amongst some of the friendliest and most professional workers you'll come across. If you don't tip, you won't be this facility's best friend.

9 Swearing A Bit Too Much

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It's perfectly normal to get aggravated if things don't go your way in any of the games you happen to play during your time in the casino. However, try and cut back on the swearing if you can, because that's the sort of thing that is always going to be frowned upon.

8 Touch Other People’s Chips

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A lot of casuals don't actually know how much one chip could possibly represent, but depending on where you are, let's just say that someone else's chips could quite easily amount to being twice as much as your annual wage. Gulp.

7 Spill Your Drink On The Table

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This is serious stuff and if someone is too busy spilling their drink to actually play the game, then there are issues at hand. It's the equivalent of having a waterlogged pitch or the game being called off due to failure with the floodlights.

6 Try And Turn It Into A Movie Scene

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Casino Royale is a magnificent movie, but the odds are actually pretty high that you aren't going to be able to replicate the kind of emotions that were felt when Bond was sat at the poker table. With that in mind, don't try and be too overdramatic.

5 Bring In All Of The Cheeky Brits

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There's something about the rowdiness of the British (and the Irish) that makes a lot of people feel incredibly uncomfortable. We aren't going to pretend like it's fair all of the time, but having that sort of reputation is rarely a good thing.

4 Try & Cheat The System

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Counting cards is an incredibly hard thing to do, and that's why most people have very little idea of how to actually do it. Alas, there's always going to be one or two wise guys that have read a book or two and fully believe they can cheat the system. They can't.

3 Dance On The Table


The dancers themselves can get up onto the table or bar and have a good time but if you do it, purely because you're getting a little bit too overly excited, then there are going to be some issues. At the very least you'll damage the table, which is bad enough.

2 Get Aggressive With The Staff

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There is absolutely no excuse for being aggressive or putting yourself out there in a manner that can be viewed as hostile. People are visiting this casino in order to have a good time and not to feel uncomfortable about the prospect of a potential fight breaking out.

1 Don’t Dress To Impress

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We aren't suggesting that you need to go and rent a suit from Brunello Cucinelli for the night, but ensuring that you don't come dressed in your pajamas is a good starting point. After all, it's meant a be a classy, upmarket establishment.

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