A flight attendant's main priority is to keep passengers feeling comfortable and happy during the duration of their flight. The cabin crew are the first lines of safety if there is an emergency and are there to make air travel tolerable.

Unfortunately, there have been too many accounts of passengers acting downright rude to flight attendants, getting rowdy and even feeling entitled. These men and women are not your waitress or waiter aboard a flight and they should be recognized for their hard work, especially if they have to deal with unruly passengers.

Ignoring safety demonstrations, flirting with flight attendants or even touching them is not okay. There are rules to follow on a plane and one of them is to treat the cabin crew with respect.

Here are 20 things guys do on planes that flight attendants can't stand.

20 Ignoring The Safety Demonstration

Everyone seems to ignore the safety demonstrations, especially those who have traveled on planes for quite some time. According to USA Today, ignoring the safety demonstrations not only makes flight attendants "look foolish... [and] when there is an emergency people panic and don't follow even the most basic safety procedures."

19 Touching Flight Attendants For Attention

Even though you may have an urgent need for more drinks or snacks, it's never okay to touch a flight attendant for his or her attention. It is extremely rude and inappropriate to do so, and you wouldn't want to make a flight attendant feel uncomfortable while she is doing her job, especially since they are up in the air with no place to go.

18 Bring Their Own Drinks On Board

The cabin crew is always aware of how much alcohol they serve to a person abroad a flight so that they don't overserve, so it isn't smart to bring your own booze. It's very important that flight attendants know how much a person is consuming so they don't potentially become a hazard on the flight.

17 Aren't Conscious Of Backpacks Hitting Passengers

Keeping your backpack on your back seems reasonable if you are carrying a lot of luggage, however, you'll want to take it off while you're walking through the plane. Too many travelers "hit sitting passengers in the face as they turn right and left putting stuff in overhead bins," a former flight attendant explained.

16 Watch Movies Without Earbuds

One of the most inconsiderate things people can do on flights is watching a movie or television show without headphones. Not only is it annoying for the cabin crew who need to talk to passengers, but it is especially rude to the person they are sitting next too!

15 Getting Wild

Just because Rihanna threw an epic party on a plane, doesn't mean you should too. Don't get too rowdy on a flight just because you are heading on vacation or going to a bachelor party with friends. You'll make both the cabin crew and people sitting around you feel uneasy and also very annoyed.

14 Leaving The Overhead Light On When Everyone Else Has Theirs Off

You might need to do some extra work on your laptop before heading to your destination, so leaving the overhead light on is quite alright. However, when you notice everyone else shutting their lights off, you should try to follow suit too. The Cheat Sheet writes, "turn your lamp off when everybody has done so."

13 Talking Loudly Throughout The Flight

If you know you talk loud, try to not carry on with long conversations, especially when there are people trying to sleep on long flights. "Don't speak three volumes louder than others; we can hear you, thank you," an etiquette expert tells Cheat Sheet. No one likes sitting next to a person that's painfully loud.

12 Ringing The Call Button

There is no need to constantly ring the call button or use it at all unless you have an emergency or need something important. Flight attendants make their way up and down aisles quite a few times to check on passengers and see if they need anything. Be patient and respect the cabin crew.

11 Flirting With Flight Attendants

Don't make flight attendants feel uncomfortable and flirt with them every time they make it to your seat. The cabin crew should feel relaxed when doing their job and it isn't okay to make them feel agitated since they are going to be stuck with you for long periods of time. Get your drink and let them move on to the next passenger.

10 Acting Entitled

Whether you are sitting in first-class or economy, don't act like you are entitled and boss around a flight attendant. These hardworking men and women aren't working to cater to your every need, but are there to make passengers feel safe and relaxed during flights.

9 Going Barefoot

If you need to stretch during a long flight, please get up and walk for a minute up and down the aisle. Do not stretch your legs out so that the passengers in front of you can see your feet resting on their arm rests. And please, leave your socks on at all times!

8 Making A Huge Deal About The Meal Options

Passengers with specific dietary needs should plan their meals ahead before boarding a plane or let the airline know if you need a vegetarian or kosher meal. Don't take it out on a flight attendant if you forget to call ahead and request a specific meal option. You can also always pack your own food and carry it with you if you aren't a fan of plane food.

7 Watching Inappropriate Programming

There is no need to watch anything inappropriate on a flight no matter if someone is sitting next to you or not. You'll make everyone around you feel uneasy and very uncomfortable. Watch these programs on your own time and in your own private home, please!

6 Trying To Get Free Drinks

Passengers on a short flight may have to pay for their own drinks and snacks with a debit or credit card. While the beverages can be pricey, don't try and talk your way into getting a free drink because it just won't work. Plus, you'll be holding up the flight attendants.

5 Snoring Loudly

If you are a constant snorer, you may want to purchase Breathe Right nasal strips that can help in opening up your nose and provide relief. These strips can be helpful if you believe you'll end up snoring on a long flight. Also, you can reduce your chances of snoring if you sit upright in your seat rather than reclining it.

4 Making Demands As Soon As They Board

Don't boss around flight attendants and start asking for beverages, snacks, and other items once you have boarded the plane. The cabin crew wants to get up into the air as quickly as possible, so they are constantly busy helping people find their seats and stowing away luggage before they can start accommodating you.

3 Sitting In First Class When They Have An Economy Ticket

Don't be that guy who sees a first-class seat available and jumps at the chance to sit there. Flight attendants have a passenger list with them and will gladly tell you to move to your seat to avoid any confusion or extra hassle. Don't try and treat yourself to an upgrade if you know you aren't supposed to be sitting there.

2 Standing In The Aisle To Talk To Friends

According to the Cheat Sheet, flight attendants always judge the people who "stand in the aisles to talk to their fellow traveling companions, blocking cart flow and other passengers going to the lavatories." A quick hello or a brief exchange is quite alright, just make sure you are aware of what's going on around you.

1 Getting Up As Soon As The Plane Lands

One of the worst things you can do on a flight is to quickly jump out of your seat and block the aisles once the plane gets to the gate. "It makes sense to only start standing up and grabbing your bags when you see the passengers a few rows in front of you moving because before then nothing is going to happen," a frequent flyer told the Cheat Sheet.