We all know flight airlines and pilots have secrets they don't share with passengers, but flight attendants have a lot of their own. When traveling on a plane, flight attendants can make the journey a whole lot easier. They're hardworking and constantly busy dealing with unruly passengers, upset children and making sure everyone is comfortable with refreshed drinks. It makes sense that they would have some secrets and pet peeves they don't tell passengers. A lot of people think that flight attendants have a fantastic job, they get to travel everywhere tropical while getting paid for it. Basically, like a paid vacation.

It's not entirely untrue, but it is definitely not that glamorous either. Flight attendants have long, hard hours and they're always on their feet. They sit down during take-off and landing but are generally on their feet the rest of the flight which can extremely long. They may get paid to go to some wonderful destinations, but that doesn't mean they get to the holiday. Most of the time they get there, sleep, and head back on the next flight in the morning. It's a hard job but what makes it interesting for us as passengers, is the secrets and tips they know but don't tell us. Luckily a few flight attendants decided to spill, so in this list, we will be talking about the top 20 things flight attendants are reluctant to reveal to passengers. These are things you might already know, and some things that surprise a lot of people.

20 Phones Don't Need To Be On Flight Mode

We figure a lot of people already assume this about plane rides, but we'll confirm the rumor. It's true that you don't actually need to turn your phone off on a plane. Having it on, or off flight mode won't immediately make the plane crash, it's just annoying for pilots.

The phone's frequency interferes with the pilots in the cockpit, making an irritating sound in their ears. It can be kind of dangerous as the sounds of the phones can sometimes cover the other sounds, meaning they might miss an important message that ground control is saying to them.

19 Dim Lights Aren't For Sleeping

It's when the lights go dim on a plane you know that you can settle in and try to rest as much as possible on a plane full of strangers. They generally stay dim for the rest of the flight, except for meal times and when people switch on their overhead lights to read.

On nighttime flights, the lights stay dim during landing. It's probably something you've never really thought too hard about before, but there's a special reason for it. It's not to keep you comfy while you land, it's in case something goes wrong. Your eyes will already be adjusted to the darkness if you need to evacuate.

18 They Get Payback

It's not fair to be rude to anyone in the customer service industry, but especially not flight attendants. They are on board with you for your whole flight, and they are the ones who make sure your flight is comfortable. Being rude to them is, of course, going to change their minds.

While they can't get payback outright as they have to be nice and friendly, they can sneakily get their revenge. Many flight check-in staff have said they will purposely sit rude passengers next to children on flights.

17 Don't Ask For A Blanket

Planes are naturally cold. No matter what the destination is, your plane trip is bound to get a little chilly, that's why airlines have been nice enough to offer blankets for passengers who didn't think to take extra layers with them.

Flight attendants suggest you not do this. According to insiders, airlines rarely wash the blankets as it would cost a lot and take time. Instead, they just brush them off and refold them ready for the next flight. Who knows what germs could be hanging around...take your own blankets, people.

16 Ax On Board

You would think after all the serious security measures airlines and plane go to, certain items wouldn't be allowed on the plane at all. These rules don't apply to the cockpit it seems, as most US airlines allow axes to be stored in case of emergency.

Although they are dangerous, an ax definitely comes in hand when necessary. They can be used to get through stuck doors or help someone from under a seat after an incident. As long as the captain is the one in charge of the ax, we're okay with it.

15 No Mile High Club

This is a thing you often see in comedy movies and TV shows. We're not sure how it came to be, or why some people really try the mile high club, but it's not a pleasant experience at all. First of all, it is awkward and airplane bathrooms definitely aren't the most hygienic.

The second reason is that you don't actually have privacy. Flight attendants can unlock the bathroom door from the outside, as there's a little switch underneath the sign on the door. It would be awkward for everyone involved if a flight attendant had to unlock the door...just don't do it.

14 Don't Order Coffee

We're just as surprised as you that the biggest secrets on this list mostly have to do with the cleanliness of the plane. A lot of you think that you won't touch or eat anything and you'll be fine. This is also wrong.

Yes, most things are sterilized when boiled so coffee seems like a safe option. Well, it's not. According to an anonymous flight attendant, the water in the coffee is the same as the water that goes to the bathroom. As well as the big tubs the water is stored in is rarely cleaned out.

13 Keep Sanitizer On You

What we've discovered from this list so far is that it's always helpful and healthy to keep sanitizer on you. Flight attendants have said not even they or their co-workers eat the food served on a plane. They try not to anyway.

The trays your meal comes on are not cleaned as regularly as you would expect for hygiene purposes. Next time you buy a meal on a plane, make sure to have baby wipes there to clean it off first before eating. Keep the germs away!

12 Oxygen Masks Run Out Of Oxygen

This one we definitely didn't expect, and it makes us pretty nervous about our next plane trip. When they prepare the oxygen for emergencies, they only give each passenger about 15 minutes of breathable air each.

That doesn't seem like enough to us, but apparently, they do this as 15 minutes is generally the expected time it should take the captain to land the plane. Or the opposite scenario happens and oxygen is no longer necessary...oh how fun plane trips are.

11 Air Marshalls Are There

You might think it's just the movies that portray Air Marshalls on a plane. Something happens and they have to arrest an unruly passenger in the middle of the flight, usually after a tense fight.

While it may not be as dramatic as most of those films, Ari Marshalls are truly there. According to sources, a pair of Air Marshalls are on every flight entering and leaving the US, they just act like normal passengers so you would never know. Next time you fly, try and guess who is who.

10 They Don't Just Greet You

It's nice to get onto a plane and have a welcoming, friendly smile from the flight attendant as they guide you to your seat. The excitement of the upcoming journey is happily started from there. What you might not know is the flight attendant isn't just welcoming you, they are checking everyone out.

They look to see which passengers would be the most useful in an emergency. They look for whether you're dressed appropriately, able-bodied, patient or under the influence of adult beverages before you board the plane. Make sure to smile as it's polite, and lets them know you're not one to watch out for.

9 Planes Are Pretty Gross

The conclusion we have come to, and we think you would have too, is that planes are pretty unhygienic. From the food trays to the blankets, bathrooms and more, all round planes aren't somewhere you want to be for very long. That's why it's always a great idea to shower as soon as you get to your destination.

Planes do get cleaned, but not as often as you would think. At the end of each flight the flight attendants will go around and clean up as much as they can, but a deep scrub and clean for a plane to be fresh and new happens every few months.

8 They Won't Kick You Out

It's impossible to kick someone off of a plane that's already in the air. Sure you can be removed before take-off, but it's really rare. Flight attendants say that if they notice a passenger ignoring the 'turn off phone' instructions, they just give them a gentle reminder.

It makes the trip easier and they just keep in mind that eventually the flight will be over and the passenger will be gone. If things get really tough, of course, the Air Marshalls (as we've learned) are always on board to assist.

7 They Can Stop Serving Adult Drinks

As we mentioned earlier, flight attendants take not straight away whether you seem like you've had a few drinks before boarding the plane. Of course, adult beverages are served on flights, but flight attendants can stop the service if they see a passenger getting a little too mindless.

There is no set amount of drinks they can serve you. Technically there is no limit, but if they notice a passenger starting to get loud and annoy other passengers, flight attendants can then make the decision to cut you off.

6 Be Nice But Not Too Nice

It's good to be polite and friendly with the flight attendants on your flight. It shows them you're a nice passenger, which makes their job easier and your flight easier. However, there is a possibility of being too nice and chatty.

It's understandable to have questions about the flight, but don't hold the flight attendants up with your questions. They have a lot of things to do during your flight and the longer you ask about the plane, the longer it takes to get service running smoothly.

5 The Air Is Clean

This is a valid question to have on your mind. After reading about how nearly everything else isn't, you've got to wonder whether the air your breathing in the whole flight is clean. Put your minds at ease because yes, air is debatably the most important thing on a flight, and it is clean.

The air on board is a mixture of fresh air and re-circulated air. There's no harmful toxins, chemicals or bacteria that you're breathing in. It's basically like having the windows up in your car and breathing air in, only on a plane.

4 Relationships With Pilots Are Common

The biggest rumor about the lives of flight attendants is that it's very common for them to have relationships with pilots. It would make sense as it's hard to form relationships with normal people as you're always going away. Pilots and flight attendants know that life well.

Well, it's time to gossip because the rumors are true. A website put out a question and lots of answers from both pilots and flight attendants came back with positive, juicy responses. It's a very common occurrence in the industry. They must never be bored on flights, with all the gossip flying around.

3 The Back Of The Plane Is Safest

This question has played on a lot of people's minds for a long time. Since we can now choose our own seats on the flight (most of the time anyway) it's become a race to try and find the safest area.

Planes are proven to be one of the safest modes of transport anyway, but just which area is the safe? The back of the plane in a middle seat. Makes sense as if it were to make contact with something, the front and sides would be the first to be affected. Don't let this deter you away from a window seat view, because planes are still safe.

2 The Captain Is The Boss

Who is the boss of the flight? With no police officer's you've got to wonder who is ultimately in charge. Now a lot would assume the Air Marshalls, which is partially true as they do have authority, but not all of it.

The Pilot In Command has the ultimate say. Whatever he says goes from the moment you take-off to the moment you land. This means he's in charge but also has a lot of responsibilities, for the plane and every single passenger and crew member on board. No pressure.

1 Ordering Soda Is Annoying

This one we never would have even thought of, but it makes sense. Ordering a soda on a plane is the most annoying thing flight attendants can think of. When they're serving food they do have to move quickly, to keep the food warm and the passengers happy. This can be quite a feat.

So for someone ordering a coffee, it's a quick pour and they can move on. Sodas are annoying because they have to wait for it to fizz down before they can finish pouring. Many flight attendants say they pour the soda, attend to someone else and finish pouring after to make things go quicker.

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