20 Things Airbnbs Don't Want You To Know

Airbnb has become one of the leading travel booking websites in the world, and rightfully so! Not only does the online booker let you find the perfect place for your needs just about anywhere across the globe, but they do it at a fraction of the price compared to hotels and other lodging services.

Despite Airbnb being quite open and straightforward, the website doesn't let users in on countless secrets and hacks that could not only save you a lot of time and money but might have you opening up your own space to Airbnb.

Whether you've used Airbnb before, as a guest or a host, you must admit the service is quite seamless. However, if you dig a little deeper, you might find yourself slightly surprised.

From negotiating prices, coverage and secrets Airbnb hosts hide, here are 20 things Airbnb's do not want you to know!

20 Photos Are Not Always Accurate

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Although the majority of Airbnb's are depicted accurately online, you might find yourself in a place that looks a little different than what you had initially seen. Airbnb uses professional photographers to advertise the spaces or requires hosts to take high-quality shots, so don't be super disappointed when it doesn't look like you're walking into an Architectural Digest magazine.

19 Negotiating Is Allowed

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When first scoping out Airbnb and certain listing prices, you might feel the urge to book a place immediately based on its price, however, you can, in fact, get it for lower! Do not hesitate to negotiate the price with the host. According to Business Insider, simply sending them a message inquiring about a possible reduction, will oftentimes, lead to a reduced price.

18 Airbnb Users Can Accumulate SkyMiles

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According to Airbnb and Delta Airlines, the two have partnered up to allow Airbnb users more rewards miles for everyone booking! Considering Airbnb has no rewards program whatsoever, especially for returning users, it's great that Delta is allowing its flyers to benefit from booking with Airbnb during their travels.

17 Users Can Benefit From Discounts

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Whether you're looking to save a few bucks or just want a lower price, Airbnb offers users weekly and monthly discounts through its custom pricing tool. So, if you're staying for less than a week, it might be worth adding in that extra night or two as a weekly discount could apply, making your total less than what it was at the start.

16 Utility Control

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When you are staying at a vacation rental, hotel or Airbnb, travellers might be more inclined to take longer showers, use more appliances are forget to turn off the lights, however, hosts have a way to control this. According to CNet, some Airbnb hosts can utilize smart lights and smart thermostats to control things like air conditioning, lights, and appliance use from their phones!

15 In-Person Meeting Means Something

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There are an array of ways your host will organize your check-in. Sometimes you will find the key in a secure lockbox, or sometimes your host will meet you. An in-person meeting is a guaranteed power move so that the host can earn as good a review as possible and according to Host Maker, creates a more welcoming and secure first impression.

14 Security Cameras

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Believe it or not, security cameras are, in fact, allowed in Airbnbs. According to Mashable, Airbnb does allow cameras as long as the host specifies this information clearly in their description, they are legally entitled to have security cameras throughout the listing, so definitely beware!

13 Pets In Photos

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Considering Airbnb gives you the option to choose pet-friendly spaces, some hosts will add in a cute pet for reasons you might not know about. These friendly pets are used as a booking tactic to make the space appear more enticing. Considering animals are known to lower stress and feelings of anxiety, seeing a pet in photos just might be enough to get you to book!

12 Illegal Hosting

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Certain laws worldwide forbid Airbnb from taking place within certain cities. Without getting too into these laws, always ensure that you are staying in a city that allows Airbnb! According to Investopedia, cities have laws regarding the length of stays, type of homes rented, and zoning by-laws, so it's important to see if a certain listing is eligible to operate in their city.

11 Hosts Aren't Always Covered

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Airbnb offers its guests loads of protection and security, however, the same cannot be said for hosts. According to Airbnb, hosts are meant to be covered for up to $1,000,000, however, there have been some instances where hosts have claimed damaged or stolen items in their apartments, and have received absolutely nothing, says AirbnbGuru.

10 Booking Extraordinary Rooms

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With Airbnb operating in countless cities across the globe, you might be surprised that you can stay at some pretty insane spots! For instance, Airbnb had a pop-up room available for a stunning rental room directly within the Louvre Pyramid in Paris, France. How cool would that be?!

9 AirBnBs Do Offer Refunds


If you're hesitant about booking on Airbnb in case something goes wrong or if the apartment or home is not as described, Airbnb is very good at giving refunds. According to IGMS, their policy, as long as you report a problem within 24 hours of checking in and have some form of proof, getting your money back is no hassle whatsoever.

8 Awful Exchange Rate

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If you're in the United States and looking to book an Airbnb in Madrid, Spain, the listing will automatically be put into American Dollars as opposed to Euros. A host in another country could list their home for quite cheap, however, due to Airbnb's awful exchange rate and secret 3% conversion fee, you might be paying more in your own currency.

7 Sign Up For Emails

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Sign up for Airbnb emails, do it! When you use Airbnb often enough, you might find that signing up for their emails will bless you later on. According to PassiveAirbnb, Airbnb does send discounts, perks and or free experiences if you subscribe to their email updates, especially if you frequent the website often enough or are a first-time booker!

6 Pre-Approved By Just Sending A Message

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Airbnb functions in two ways. You can either book an available space or send a request to the host. You can usually get pre-approved for a booking by messaging the host with a simple "hello!" The host will approve your stay, allowing you to make the booking right there and then. Hostaway includes this and other Airbnb pre-approval tactics that allow users to book as easy as possible!

5 You Can Make Lots Of Money

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Airbnb is a business, after all, one that can allow you to make loads of money. While you won't end up with billionaire status like Kylie Jenner, you can definitely make enough to live very comfortably. According to Forbes, there are over 75 Airbnb hosts in the U.S alone who make over $1 million annually from renting their properties.

4 Airbnb Isn't The Only Site They Advertise On

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Airbnb is the best spot to start your travel accommodation searches, however, they don't always offer the best prices. In many cases, hosts often advertise their spaces on several platforms such as Booking.com or Expedia for cheaper! Shopping around for the perfect spot is definitely a must, and can guarantee you the cheapest price possible.

3 You Can See More Of The Place Before

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It can be difficult choosing a place to stay with only just the images, although very few Airbnb hosts allow guests to visit the place beforehand, Airbnb has a multitude of ways that ensure you are booing the best spot. You can try asking for more details or more images or use other tactics to get a preview.

2 Customer Service Is Outstanding

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Airbnb has one of the best customer services amongst any business out there, which makes it no surprise as to why they've won the 2014 'Company of the Year', says INC. They not only have 24/7 help, but Airbnb is there to help you with just about anything, from host complaints to problems with the property itself.

1 Hosts Can Deny You

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While most hosts are eager to rent out their places, it's possible that you can be denied from booking an apartment or home. Hosts will often look at your reviews, or any Airbnb history prior to making a decision, if they feel like you are not the right choice, they are well within their rights to say "no," says Airbnb.

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