It's become a worldwide phenomenon both for travellers and homeowners! A seeming match made in heaven where you can stay in a home away from home and enjoy similar amenities like a full kitchen and washing machine, both which you'd be hard-pressed to find in any typical hotel room.

Airbnb is built on the promise that your host will do what they can to accommodate you so that you feel comfortable which sounds pretty good (on paper). This can range from a garden to relax in to a luxe Nespresso coffee maker with just enough pods to get you going!

With so much selection available it can take quite a bit of time to weed through the options before you finally land on 'the one' and decide to give it a go. Before you go ahead and hit 'instant book,' there are a few things you should know.

You see, there are a whole bunch of 'little details' that you could easily miss if you're new to the Airbnb scene. Chance are you won't be looking out for them when you book and hosts know this. To help, we put together a handy dandy list which can hopefully help guide your preliminary questions to ensure you get the most out of your Airbnb experience.

20 They Can Negotiate The Price IF They Want

If you are staying for longer than 1-2 nights, it can be worth your while to inquire about longterm rates or straight up discounts on your stay if it's in the low season. Some hosts may play it off like they have nothing to do with pricing but this simply isn't true. Pricing is completely determined by the hosts and they can usually send you a special offer if they choose to do so.

If a host is telling you that pricing is out of their hands, it can be a red flag and it may be worth investigating other options.

19 Their Noisy Neighbours

What definitely won't be included in the description next to the list of amenities?

Their noisy neighbours who are seemingly always yelling, partying, or what sounds like having a bowling tournament. Of course, hosts are doing everything to put their best foot forward and attract guests so they are less likely to mention the noise or the fact that the nearby Chinese food restaurant fills the place with the scent of chicken balls and bbq fried pork.

Depending on your comfort level with the above, it can be worth it to drop your potential host a message asking whether it's a peaceful environment or if there are any factors you should know about. Another great place to get confirmation is in their reviews!

18 That Appliance That Doesn't Always Work

If it's a hand mixer, you probably won't notice. Unless you're planning to whip up a batch of banana bread to really get that home feeling flowing freely (no judgement here!). If it's something like the *gasp* coffee maker, air conditioner, or television, it could be a deal-breaker.

While some hosts may try to talk you out of it as being a priority (there's so much to see, you won't want to watch television anyway! or there's an adorable café right across the street, it's far better than homemade coffee) - know your limits.

If you've failed to enquire before check-in and discover these broken items upon arrival, feel free to contact Airbnb. If something that was advertised is missing they will mediate between you and your host to get it replaced.

17 That Their Cleaning Service Is Really Their Mom

You are going to pay for cleaning fees whether you dislike it or hate it. It can come as a surprise since accommodations like a hotel or bed and breakfast will swiftly build this into the rate while Airbnb prefers to flush it out as a separate fee.

This fee is once again, unregulated by Airbnb meaning that while there are suggested rates, they can charge whatever they want for this supposed cleaning service.

What they don't tell you is that this arbitrary cleaning fee is simply adding to their profits as they are cleaning the space without the use of a third party service. It doesn't really mean anything in the case of whether to book or not but if there is any discussion about discounts for longer stays, this may be a good place to start.

16 That They Hide The Essentials

Some hosts will try to cut corners (and costs) by hiding particular accessories required to run their advertised amenities. This could be for example laundry soap, dish soap - even toilet paper!

It sounds ridiculous but getting a list of any of the things NOT included with your stay can be just as helpful as the listed checklist of things that are. If you want to sound more diplomatic about it, you can always say that you usually pop into the grocery store before check-in and is there anything you should pick up that isn't included.

If the list goes on and on, you may want to do a quick calculation to see whether it's still a cost-effective option for a short stay. Most hosts will provide a few kitchen basics, towels and hand soap but it can be helpful to be certain ahead of time.

15 That They May Cancel Your Booking

It's not something you can predict or that any good host will do without what they deem as ethical reasoning but it could happen as last minute as the day of. Luckily, Airbnb has instituted an automatically generated message that gets posted to their account to show how many cancellations they have done in the past.

In most circumstances, it is due to an unforeseen emergency or circumstance but if it seems to be a pattern on their profile, you may want to book elsewhere or at the very least have 2-3 back up options up your sleeve.

You can keep an eye on favourite properties by saving the profiles with the heart icon.

14 It's An Illegal Sublet

This is never a good thing.

If the host is not the property owner and they have intentionally hidden this from said landowner it can mean that you are in a precarious scenario if it comes out. You would think that Airbnb has a way to mitigate this but they aren't as discerning as you would think /hope.

There have been horror stories of everything from landlords throwing guests out to hosts sending paranoid messages about 'keeping a low profile' while in the accommodations. This sinister vibe definitely doesn't do much for your plans of holiday fun! If it would make you feel better you can absolutely inquire with a host on the status of their property. Anyone who doesn't have anything to hide will be happy to clarify for your peace of mind.

13 When It Says 'Minutes from the Center' they mean 40

This can be clever word trickery or lying by omission used to make your commute seem convenient. It's super important to always clarify how many minutes and by what means of transportation they mean by 'minutes away.'

There is a huge difference between a 10-minute walk and/or 10-minute drive, even a bus ride can be a sliding scale depending on how reliable the transit of the place is.

To avoid being bamboozled or late for your check-in time, feel free to get specific in a message to the host beforehand. Including the details of your travel to the destination could prove useful for example mentioning if it's by train, plane or car. The more you can get clear on these details, the smoother your arrival and check-in will be.

12 They Are Watching You

Did that sound creepy? Well, it is a bit.

There have been a number of incidents arising as of late that involve Airbnb hosts who are embedding hidden cameras into seemingly inconspicuous objects like alarm clocks, smoke detectors, and just about anything else.

While this is not the rule and incredibly off-putting in itself, we are mostly referring to the idea that a host will likely drive by the property occasionally or have neighbours keep an eye out for any rule-breaking behaviour.

Regardless of how you live at home, you should be sure to read the house rules listed and be totally comfortable with them before proceeding. If a host gets wind that you're in violation they can totally kick you to the curb.

11 There's A Fee For That

Extra people, late check-in/out, pick up from the station - there's a fee for almost everything under the sun. If you've begun booking on Airbnb you'll notice the listed rates jump up with every click of the mouse to add even as much as one partner in a 2 person accommodation. If you're on a conservative budget don't assume that Airbnb will always be a cheaper option.

It can help to scope out budget hotels and some of their services offered as many have free shuttles and include that per person fee in the stated rate. They are also usually more obliged to do more for their guests since they are, after all, professionals. Holding off on booking until you've done some comparisons can save you.

10 Check-In Time is More of A Guide Post

Seeing as these are real people with real lives and not dedicated front desk clerks, the suggested check-in time is likely just that, a suggestion. This can be seen as a pro and a con because it may mean you get into the room a little earlier than normal if they haven't had a guest the night before, or it can mean that you will be required to be flexible if the day you check-in they're on an odd shift at work.

The Airbnb experience is as much about accommodating your host as they are accommodating you which can seem totally nuts to anyone who is used to a one-way street. If you prefer the cold hard reliable rules of a traditional hotel, Airbnb may not be right for you.

9 They Googled You

Do you keep a clean Facebook profile? Is your personal blog in any way offensive? These are things to consider when you are using Airbnb because more often than not, your host will totally Google you. To invite a stranger into your house is huge and the profile only says so much.

In most cases (we hope) this is a non-issue but if you're getting constant rejections for your bookings, it might be helpful to Google yourself and see what they see. There may be an unfortunate photo or questionable Tweet that has painted you in a less than stellar light.

This isn't a job interview so you aren't likely to get 'real deal' feedback as to why you've been given a no, it can be far more effective to take matters into your own hands.

8 After Check-In, They May Ghost You

It happens and it can be really frustrating and feel like a curve ball from the super helpful and fast responses that you received prior to your check-in. If you are the kind of person that likes to get tips on where to go for dinner or the best routes to take to the main attractions, it can be helpful to ask if they include a welcome guide with this info OR pick an accommodation where you are sharing the house with the hosts.

Sadly, the latter doesn't guarantee effective communication either since it can be awkward to ask for hints from someone who is in a home office with a closed door or seemingly disinterested in engaging. If you are really struggling for answers you can always contact Airbnb who is often very quick to respond even if it means their contacting the host on your behalf.

7 OR They're Over Communicators

On the flipside of this, there can also be the over the top communicator hosts. This category often involves two camps: those who either want to spend heaps of time together and really get to know you while you stay in their home OR the paranoid sort who are constantly texting you reminders about the rules.

The former can be quite nice if you  are the kind of open-minded traveller who enjoys socializing with people from different cultures or it can be a bit exhausting if you just want some silent downtime but feel like you have to constantly engage.

The latter is never great and can stem from a host who is not being totally honest about the details surrounding your rental (see point 13) or has had a really bad guest experience that has left a scar.

6 That Antique Trunk in the Living Room... is full of their clothes.

Picturesque as it may be, if you go snooping around you'll find signs of intelligent (messy) life that have been haphazardly hidden. It may not bother you to see personalized items or evidence that your host was sleeping in the bed you're in now, yesterday. Then, that's a great thing.

After all, Airbnb is not a hotel and is pretty adamant about it in their culture description and therefore these hosts are not hoteliers. While your host may not disclose just how last minute their 'cleaners visit' was, it may become obvious. If you prefer totally depersonalized spaces that are almost sterile in their appearance, Airbnb is probably not going to be your cup of tea.

5 The Communal Bathroom Doesn't Have a Lock

The idea of a shared bathroom can be enough to send you clicking on but in the event that you're in a budgetary bind, you may consider a stopover in a communal space. Understanding what that means for your privacy is essential since we all likely have different definitions of what would be comfortable.

Are there locks on the bedroom doors? Is there a lock on the bathroom door? These are things that aren't likely to be listed on the profile but it can be essential to ask about.

4 Breakfast Included = A Pop Tart

If you ask what breakfast includes you might come across as a snob but considering that the cost of breakfast has been built into the price of the room, it's important to know if you'll be able to eat it (particularly if you have dietary restrictions).

Airbnbs can serve practically anything for breakfast from homemade cakes, to full eggs and bacon to a stale box of cereal left in the cupboard. If you want to know what they mean by 'continental' it can help to clarify. If you plan to explore the area and enjoy local cuisine, it can be better to pick a spot that omits breakfast but has another key amenity like WiFi instead.

3 A Dog Once Slept On That Pillow

Some hosts are stricter than others about pets. Even if it's not listed on their page, they may allow guests to take their pets with them into their home. Even if you are a pet person, it can be a bit discouraging to know that a dog's butt has been where you plan to lay your head on the couch. Asking ahead about their pet policy can help you to understand their level of rigidity. And it doesn't make you a monster if you opt for places that expressly forbid pets, even as a dog lover yourself.

2 They Hid The Good Glasses

Not something your host will outright say but they don't want you to ruin their stuff. They swapped their crystal glasses for Ikea, removed their all-white Egyptian cotton sheets and scotch guarded just about every piece of furniture in their house. While they may have left out the vintage record player for vibe, they would prefer if you didn't touch it or at least, exercised extreme caution.

Hosts, of course, want you to feel at home but not at their (or more realistically your) expense. While Airbnb has an insurance policy in place, some items are simply irreplaceable.

1 They're Doing This For The Money

Not every host is so thrilled to be doing countless loads of laundry and scrubbing stains out of the carpet as a 'side-hustle.' For every stellar hospitality hopeful host, there are those who begrudgingly rent out their homes to make ends meet.

You will know it when you stumble upon it because these properties lack the little extras and homey touches. Their kitchen supplies are mismatched and grimy, the furniture is clearly remnants of their yard sale and the welcome you receive is more of a tornado of information as they run out the door.

Without being too specific or harsh, you can always mention the desire for more comfort/homeyness in your review to help other travellers who might be in the same position. After all, travel karma is real!