20 Things About Disney World People Keep Ignoring

When you're a kid, you think of Disney World as a super magical place that you want to go to... ASAP.

You beg your parents to take you on vacation, you pout when they say that they already booked something else, and you feel like you're going to miss out on so much fun if you never go.

Whether you were lucky enough to visit as a child and have tons of wonderful memories, or you've recently gone as an adult, one thing is for certain: Disney has a special place in many people's hearts and minds.

But the truth is that there are some strange and sketchy things about Disney that seem to come out all the time and people are always talking about them.

Read on to find out 20 things about Disney World that people keep ignoring.

20 A Ton Of People Throw Up In A Single Day

via The Sun

Another thing that people ignore about Disney? There are a lot of rides... which means a lot of potential for motion sickness... which means that a lot of people throw up.

The NY Post says that one employee cleaned up 36 times a day. Yes. In one day. That is incredibly intense to imagine.

19 Disney World Literally Has Tunnels Under Everything

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According to Vacation Kids, "Underneath Disney World are miles of underground tunnels called utilidors that house the massive costume departments, cast member break rooms, garbage chutes and more."

That sounds kind of cool... but also kind of wild to imagine. Just picture yourself walking around Disney knowing that people are underneath you.

18 People Who Work At Disney World Can't Say 'I Don't Know'

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Insider says that anyone who works at Disney can't say "I don't know" to tourists or basically anyone. This is one of the rules that the place has for employees, and it's a little confusing to think about.

Who doesn't say "I don't know" on a super regular basis? What if they say it by accident?

17 Cats Make Sure There Are No Mice Every Night

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According to a post on Reddit, there are cats at Disney at night so they can make sure that there aren't any mice around.

That's definitely something that people ignore about Disney since no one seems to talk about this too much. But it does sound weird and kind of creepy...

16 The Employees Get Super Sweaty And Way Too Overheated In Their Costumes

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Something else that people ignore about Disney? The NY Post says that employees get really sweaty and overheated when they're wearing their costumes.

That doesn't sound very nice, and it definitely doesn't sound like something that should happen at the most magical place on Earth. It sounds like the opposite of magical, actually.

15 There Are Fake Smells Around The Bakeries

via Disney Food Blog

Someone posted on Reddit that there are fake smells around the bakeries at Disney, which is something else that people ignore about this super popular and beloved vacation spot.

Sure, we always want to smell the delicious scents of baked goods and treats, but aren't the real, actual smells enough?

14 Employees Must Make Sure Everything Looks Perfect

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If you've been to Disney, you might have thought that the whole place looked absolutely flawless. According to a Reddit post, that's totally on purpose.

Someone wrote, "workers go around the park EVERY NIGHT and touch up anything and everything with paint if it was chipped or scratched during the day."

13 Sometimes People Put Ashes In The Haunted Mansion Ride

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Grunge.com says that people will actually put ashes in the Haunted Mansion ride, and this is apparently a really popular thing.

Why?! Of all the things that people ignore about Disney, this seems like one of the weirdest. If you ever go on this ride, just try not to think about this.

12 The Jungle Cruise Became An Actual Jungle

via Disney Parks and World Of Walt

Now this is something that is super strange: Dorkly.com says that the Jungle Cruise ride at Disney has actually become a real jungle.

As the website explains, "Over the nearly 60 years it's been open, the Jungle Cruise has developed into its own unique ecosystem. The fake jungle has become a real, self-sufficient jungle."

11 There Are Chickens That Look For West Nile And Other Mosquito Issues

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Someone posted on Reddit that there are chickens at Disney who are there literally to check for West Nile and make sure that people aren't getting any of those illnesses that are from mosquitoes.

While, sure, it's good to keep people safe, it's not exactly the kind of thing that Disney wants people to focus on.

10 People Sue The Employees From Time To Time

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The NY Post says that people sue Disney employees sometimes. Why does that happen? Because people who visit Disney say that they weren't treated properly or something sketchy was going on.

Of course, that should never happen anywhere, and it seems like a pretty negative thing to have happen at your parks.

9 Kids Meals Are Cheaper... But Most Restaurants Won't Let You Order Them

via Saving Every Day

Rd.com points out that while the kids meals at Disney are much cheaper than the other food that you could order, not everyone is going to be super cool with grown-ups going for that type of food.

That's too bad, since as long as you're still eating and spending money, that's all that should count, right?

8 The Brown Liberty Square Ground Is Supposed To Look Like Poo

via Sand and Snow

That's the last thing that you want to think about when walking around Disney... but this is also a fact.

Buzzfeed explains that the brown area of Disney (at Liberty Square, specifically) is "supposed to resemble the sewage that once ran through colonial streets before indoor plumbing was a thing." Gross, right?!

7 Families Fight A Lot At Disney

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According to the NY Post, "Disney staffers can tell you: Disney can be ground zero for family disputes."

That doesn't sound that great, and if you're walking around and trying to have a good time, you definitely don't want to witness these types of arguments. That's just really awkward TBH.

6 Couples Actually Get Busy At Disney

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According to Best Life Online, sometimes couples will get busy when they're visiting Disney... and that's just a really strange thing to hear.

Again, try not to think about this when you visit the magical place on Earth and are walking around looking at various couples. It's pretty confusing and gross.

5 Some Employees Have Gotten Super Depressed And Had Dark Times

via Cosmopolitan

Buzz.ie notes that some employees who have worked at Disney over the years have had some pretty tough times.

That's something else that people ignore about Disney as no one would want to focus on something so dark and negative. But this is a fact about some of the employees who have worked there.

4 There's Actually A Pet Cemetary

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Fans of Stephen King and the movie Pet Sematary, take note: according to Buzz.iethere really is one at Disney.

Talk about something that no one would want to focus on. If you're feeling creeped out right now, you're probably not alone as it's pretty odd to think about this.

3 Disney Himself Had A Hidden Apartment To Spy On People

via Map Roadtrippers and Biography.com

As Dorkly says, "Walt Disney put a secret apartment on the second floor of the fire department on Main Street so he could watch the guests in the park from a hidden vantage point."

This happened in the 1950s, and like the other things on this list, it's pretty easy to see why people ignore this fact about Disney.

2 All The Water At The Park Is Pretty Disgusting

via Theme Park Tourist

Best Life Online shares a secret that not a lot of people talk about when it comes to how things are at Disney: the water is going to gross you out.

The next time you visit Disney, be sure to check out any water that you see because you could definitely see some brown water.

1 Employees Get Fired For Super Silly Reasons

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According to Best Life Online, there are some wild reasons that people who work at Disney have gotten fired. As the website explains, "One Redditor reveals that a friend was fired for eating a piece of popcorn that fell on their shirt and a princess was canned for a broken ankle."

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