Have you ever imagined traveling the world – seeing different places and experiencing various cultures? You want to see all these countries so bad, but there is one thing that keeps getting in your way. Of course, it’s not time, because you can create all the time you need. What then is it that stops you from making your vacation a reality?

The simple answer is money! In 2017, Bankrate surveyed 1,000 people aged 18 years and above. The study found out that 50 percent couldn’t afford a vacation, 49 percent weren’t planning a vacation, 24 percent had other family obligations, and only 22 percent couldn’t take time off from work. From the numbers, we can see that the lack of money plays a significant role.

However, traveling may not be as expensive and difficult as you may think sometimes. It could be cheap and pretty easy if you know how to go about it. With useful information like the one we will be sharing here, coupled with little effort and practice, you can travel the world for free, experiencing a new culture, food, people, etc. Yes, you saw right! Free!

In this article, we will be divulging some rare information to you on how you can travel the world for free. And on the flip side, we’ll show you five ways that would drain your wallet. So hang in here.

25 Travel Blogging

Travel blogging is an excellent option if you have a passion for travel and writing. In fact, travel blogging doesn’t only give you an opportunity to travel the world, but it offers you a platform to express yourself.

The most interesting thing about blogging is that you can get paid while at it asides the free trip attached to it. The best thing to do is ensure you build a successful blog— which is the basis for fully-expensed press trips across the world. However, it’s pertinent to note that you need an upfront work to gain momentum for your travel.

24 Become A Tour Guide

Being a tour guide could be hectic but it’s a fantastic way to tour the world for free. It goes beyond leading group tours because it helps you get familiar with historic and iconic places in the world. The job has the propensity to offer a plethora of variety depending on how you handle it.

If you’ve decided to go for it, Paris is one of the right places to start. As a tour guide, your duty would involve leading so many foreign travelers or tourists to beautiful places. Another available option is to assist a group of tourists on longer trips through a series of destinations.

23 House Sitting

Have you ever thought about taking care of someone’s home or pet, while you’re on vacation? Well, becoming a temporary house sitter is one of the ways you can travel the world for free.

It’s unnecessary to worry about looking for clients that would be interested in your services because there are tons of companies that connect travelers to homeowners who require sitters across the world. House sitting translates to free accommodation around the world and possibly a good pay depending on your agreement with the homeowner.

22 Teach English

Are you thinking about traveling for free and making good money while at it? Look no further because teaching English overseas is another excellent way of achieving your aim. Resources like TEFL.com and ESL Café are the best for English-teaching job hunters.

However, for you to proceed with this job, you have to ensure that your vacation is long because postings range from 8 months to a couple of years. Apart from speaking English fluently, having a TEFL degree alongside is necessary, depending on the country you choose. The fun part is the job is high on demand.

21 Work In Hostels

One way to travel around the world for free is looking for a place to volunteer. And one of the most suitable places to find volunteering opportunities is hostels. The openings in a hostel might not be everything you’ve dreamed of, but it offers you a free stay – which automatically sorts out the issue of accommodation.

Some of the opportunities you may find in the hostel include cleaning and maintenance gigs. Asides cleaning and maintaining, you can teach yoga on the beach, teach Pilates, or work as a receptionist.

20 Reduce Your Spending

In recent times, society has been giving the impression that it’s necessary for people to buy goods and services often, but this isn’t true. What people need is creative stimulation, clean water, fresh air, self-esteem, a safe place to sleep, companionship, and healthy food. The list seems endless, but these things are completely free and easy to get.

For instance, you can take a walk outside when you need fresh air and exercise. You can also move your feet to a new place for creative stimulation or make friends with strangers for companionship. That way, you’d be spending less on a daily basis, leaving more for exploring the world.

19 Babysitting Spring Breakers

If you want to babysit spring breakers, two things are involved. One is wearing a cloak of patience and the other is sacrificing a lot of time – at least that’s the only way to pull this off. Companies like Inertia Tours, organize spring break and hire staff members.

The companies do this to ensure everything goes well. In case you’re wondering what the perks for the travel gig are, it entails working on fabulous beaches. Even though you have to put in long hours to work at the bar and nightclubs, you’d get paid for your services.

18 Work Exchange

If you plan to visit a new country or city, work exchange will come in handy. An example of a work exchange is WWOOfing. WWOOF means “Willing Workers On Organic Farms,” and it involves working on an organic farm in exchange for board and room. It helps you learn a new skill as you visit a new destination.

Workaway is another viable option. The program requires you to volunteer for five hours a day, and five days a week. Some of the opportunities involved in this program include babysitting and paperwork.

17 Become a Scuba Diving Instructor

Scuba diving is lucrative, and it gives you the opportunity to work in different parts of the world because it’s a global sport. However, before you become an instructor, you’ll need to become a dive master. And if you love the ocean, you might as well take advantage of one of the most rewarding jobs for travelers.

As a scuba diving instructor, you’ll be expected to teach some students the theories in the classroom to enable them to understand the techniques involved before proceeding to demonstrate the practical aspect.

16 Work as an Au Pair

It is one thing to love exploring different parts of the world, and it’s another to enjoy taking care of children. If these two qualities describe you, then working as an au pair is the answer to your hunger for travel.

When you’re an au pair, you have the chance to travel around the world for free, and live in a new location. Also, you get free board and room. Most importantly, you get paid for your services. It’s necessary to note that the amount of pay and work depends on the employer.

15 Couch Surfing

Couch surfing might seem like a ridiculous option to so many, but it isn’t as bad as you think. Instead, it’s your ticket to traveling the world for free. The process of going about it isn’t complicated. It involves you connecting with hundreds of local hosts while visiting.

The moment you connect with a local host, it gives you the opportunity to stay in their home for free. What’s more? While you’re couch surfing, it lets you explore deep into the traditions of the place you’re visiting.

14 Trip Organizer

A trip organizer is responsible for coordinating travel plans for large groups. Most trip organizers choose to work for firms, while others are self-employed. For you to become a trip organizer, you need to have excellent communication skills, a few formal education requirements, and a high school diploma.

Being a trip organizer is a sneaky and unique way to travel around the world for free because several travel companies like All Abroad Travel, YMT Vacations, Merit Group Travel, and Select International Tours will cover your expenses.

13 Seize Every Opportunity

For you to travel the world for free sometimes, it requires mixing plans. Also, you have to be open to opportunities and seize them. In other words, go with the flow. If you have less critical things planned out and you find out that there’s a farm in Asia that requires a sitter for the monsoon season, seize the opportunity.

It may even be a couch surfing host that desperately needs some company for a road trip – grab your bags, move ahead, ride along, and don’t look back. After all, Kurt Vonnegut said that wonderful travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God.

12 Credit Card Miles

One sure way of traveling around the world free is getting two or more credit cards with registration incentives. For example, when you travel, your car rental and hotel expenditures get funded with a Chase Sapphire preferred card point.

With a Virgin Atlantic flight card, you get a free round-trip ticket to your destination. Therefore, we can’t overemphasize the benefits of Credit Card Miles. However, not all credit card or airline companies offer such services, so ensure you make enquires about their incentives.

11 Use Your Social Network

By using a vast social network of friends and family that spread across the globe, you can leverage the opportunity. You can even find free accommodation on such occasions. Nevertheless, you’d need to do concise research about the place you intend to visit.

Ask your relative or friend staying in the country for information about the place. Also, your network circle will increase as you meet new friends, which is beneficial in the long run. Therefore, this new network of friends will come in handy for you whenever you’re traveling.

10 Get A Job On a Cruise Ship

Do you want to get food and free accommodation and still travel around the world free as well? Then, you would have to get a job on a cruise ship because that’s one of the places in the world you can enjoy such treatment.

The best part of it is, you’d get paid too if you get employed as full-time staff. A lot of job positions are always open and available in a Cruise Ship. Whether you’re a fitness instructor, waiter, bartender, babysitter, cleaning crew or an entertainer, there is a job for you.

9 House Exchange

With this option you can get a house for free, if you decide to do a house swap with someone who resides in another country. It’s even better if the state is your desired location for your next vacation. So, how does it work? The foreigners stay in your house, at the same time you’re in theirs.

This exchange must happen at the same time for both parties to avoid any inconveniences. Nevertheless, if you have a vacation or secondary home, it will be a better option for you.

8 Be Camp-Ready

If you’re looking for free accommodation while you travel around the world, then erecting a tent (which you’ll have to carry along) may be an excellent option for you. All you’d have to do is pitch your tent in different locations around the world. However, it’s important to know that in some countries it’s illegal to pitch a tent without paying a certain fee.

A lot of countries allow pitching of tents in the jungle or on a beach without paying a dime. One good example is Mexico – you can throw your tent at any beach there for free.

7 Become A Flight Attendant

Like getting a job on a Cruise Ship, you can also get a job as a flight attendant in a reputable Airline company that does a lot of international flights. The fun part is you get paid while you see different countries. Most times, the Airline lodges its staffs in a 4 or 5-star hotel when the plane stops over in a foreign country.

Of course, the airline pays for most of your expenses which includes food, and accommodation. Another great benefit of working as a flight attendant is, you get a ton of excellent discounts on leisure travel.

6 Enter A Contest

Of course, this option is not the most common way, but it works. So, what does it entail? If you are talented in any area like photography, music, writing, dancing or even calculus, you can enter for a contest that involves participants from all over the world.

Also, to use this option, you must be sure you’re not picky about your destination because you wouldn’t have the opportunity to do just that. Like you imagined, on such trips, it’s all expense paid so you wouldn’t be spending a cent.

If you are rich enough and these 20 options don’t sound good to you, here are 5 that will make your bank account cringe.