20 Surprising Things That Are Actually Allowed On An Airplane

Flights are a vital part of traveling when it comes to taking big trips out of your surroundings. Most people find the flying process a bit annoying due to all the rules you must remember. Security is understandably tighter than ever with TSA having to ensure everyone is good to go for the safety of all flights from each airport. However, some of the rules lead to confusion. There are many common items that could provide an issue at the security checkpoint. Many travelers now will take the bare minimum of necessities on a carry-on due to the fear of having something simple confiscated.

This makes it even more surprising that quite a few peculiar things can be taken onto an airplane. We tend to worry about the common things we can’t take which in turn just makes it more staggering when thinking about the surprising items you can bring with you. They range from everyday items travelers worry will be turned down to downright bizarre things the average person would never expect. Find out just what exactly you can fly with under the right accords and no longer worry about security confiscating. These are twenty surprising things that are allowed on airplane.

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20 Helper monkeys


The popularity of service animals now has various creatures helping out people with various forms of disabilities. Helper monkeys are among the most interesting choice of the animals that play a role in enhancing the lives of these humans.

Most airlines will allow the helper monkeys to be in the main cabin with everyone else. It is best to always be up front and honest about service animals. A 2016 flight to Las Vegas featured a passenger attempting to hide a monkey in a duffel bag which led to issues on the plane when the monkey got out of the bag. If you research the right airline, you will likely be able to bring your helper monkey with you!

19 Bowling balls


Bowling balls are among the most bizarre items that would be allowed on an airplane. A traveler would have to be an avid bowler to lug around something that heavy on a trip, especially as a carry-on item in luggage. However, it is technically allowed on a carry-on or a checked bag.

Professional bowlers or a superstitious person with a lucky bowling ball would be able to bring the heavy ball on the plane despite the annoyances of it. It still seems like a tough thing to do as it would just be a chore to carry it on your trip to the airport, from the airport, and on the plane.

18 Musical instruments


Musicians traveling for the first time will likely have anxiety about how to travel with their instruments. If the size requirements are met, TSA accepts instruments as checked or carry-on items. Musicians can bring most everyday instruments on a plane with them if they meet the respective airline’s conditions.

The US Department of Travel made it an official ruling for instruments to be allowed on the plane back in 2014. Anyone wanting to travel with their instrument can just check the airline's guidelines and likely have the option to travel with their musical tool of choice. Just don’t start playing your music on the plane like some folks do on trains as that will lead to issues for you!

17 Snacks


A simple item that leads to a lot of confusion: bringing snacks on an airplane. Many first time or relatively new travelers worry that bringing snacks on the flight will lead to them being confiscated. Considering most airlines offer snacks for a price, you’d think bringing your own snacks would be an issue.

However, snacks are allowed on most flights. Solid snacks like cookies, chips, sandwiches and fruits are allowed with just about every major airline. Don’t feel pressure into spending on airline snacks as you can bring most snacks on a flight with you to cure your hunger before landing.

16 Antlers


Hunters traveling have the option to bring back antlers as prizes if they choose to. Much like most other items on the list and in general, the main guideline is that it must fit the size requirement. If a pair of antlers can follow the airline rules, it would be allowed on the flight like many other items.

Many hunters are passionate about having their antlers, given it is considered a trophy in the hunting world. When thinking about all the TSA guidelines set in motion, antlers are one item you’d expect to be banned for sure. Hunters are pleasantly surprised when realizing they can bring their antlers.

15 Camping stoves


One of the most peculiar items travelers are allowed to bring on a flight would be a camping stove. It comes in handy for many people traveling to locations where they want to camp out. The camping stoves provide the option to cook when outdoors or at a remote location.

Airlines allow the camping stoves on flights as long as it is cleaned thoroughly, and the fuel is emptied. Any propane odor still on the stove could lead to it being confiscated. However, most situations will see you easily get the okay to bring your camping stove with you on a flight.

14 Tools


Many tools can provide danger in the wrong situation. This leads to travelers wondering which tools are actually permitted on a plane, if any at all. The official ruling for most airlines is that you can take common tools with you for your flight.

A common rule is that the tools must be under 7 inches long if allowed on an airplane. Anyone that views tools as being important to travel with and have at a destination will be in luck when taking most household tools on the airplane. Be sure to confirm your tools have the right size requirement before taking with you.

13 Car parts


Anyone passionate about cars from folks that just like building them for fun to professional mechanics are in for good news. TSA allows passengers to travel with most car parts that can fit into the appropriately sized luggage.

An engine is even allowed under the rules as long as it both fits in the luggage and doesn’t have any traces of fuel. If security spots fuel, the engine or other car parts would likely not be allowed on the flight. The fact that engines and other parts are even allowed is good enough news for car lovers that will ensure they follow the rules.

12 Fishing pole


Many people travel to locations with bodies of water for the relaxation. While most people will go to lay out on the beach or swim, there are quite a few folks that will go there for the sole purpose of fishing. Anyone passionate about fishing knows how important the ideal location is.

Airlines will allow passengers to travel with their fishing pole, especially if it can fit into a carry-on. Hooks are only allowed in the checked bags. If you have a specific pole you want to take with you on fishing trips, it is allowed when flying to your destination.

11 Small scissors


The idea of taking scissors on an airplane seems impossible to believe given the danger of it. However, small pairs of scissors are not on the banned list when it comes to TSA. There are still some restrictions when it comes to the scissors you have in your carry-on bag.

Any scissors on an airplane must have blades smaller than 4 inches. If for some reason you need to take scissors to your destination, it is best to make sure they are children’s scissors. Anything larger would be up to the discretion of the security agent. Be sure it is the right size before packing.

10 Artificial skeleton bones


Decorative skeleton bones are among the weird items you can travel with according to TSA rules. Most people use these items as Halloween decorations or for various fun displays. Obviously, real bones would be an issue to travel with, but the fake ones are more than okay.

TSA even listed the artificial skeleton bones on their website when stating whether certain items are allowed or banned. If you find a cool Halloween display that you want to take home when visiting elsewhere, it is clearly allowed. However, you will still likely feel odd when packing skeleton bones into one of your luggage bags or suitcases.

9 Live fish


Fish are one of the live animals that you are allowed to bring with you on an airplane. It would be a tricky situation of having to carefully ensure the fish remains in water while going through the entire process of getting to your flight and then flying to your destination.

The main rule for flying with a live fish is ensuring it is in a spill-proof container that is clear and plastic. A passenger would likely have to hold onto the item with the fish inside of it for the entire flight. This is one of the more difficult instances of flying with a unique item. Make sure it’s worth it before going through with the journey.

8 Skates

Roller skates and ice skates are among the more common items that travelers incorrectly believe are banned from airplanes. Given the ability to use it as a weapon, the assumption would be that TSA will prevent you from traveling with either form of skates on an airplane.

Shockingly, you can indeed take roller skates or ice skates with you when flying to another location. TSA made an official statement allowing passengers to take it on the plane as many people want to skate when going to a new place. Anyone with an avid love for skating should be pleased with the rules allowing them to travel with it.

7 Toy swords


Many parents attempt to prevent their children from playing with toys that look like the replicas of actual weapons. One specific popular toy of this nature are fake swords. Quite a few children have fun playing with foam or plastic swords since they are popular in movies and television shows.

Parents don’t have to worry about it when packing as TSA allows toy swords to be in checked or carry-on luggage. The toy version of the popular weapon is allowed on the airplane when traveling. However, real swords are obviously an issue. If your child’s favorite toy is a plastic or plush sword, it is all good for your travel.

6 Safety matches


Most people are surprised to find out that safety matches are among the items allowed when traveling on an airplane. TSA will allow passengers to store one book of safety matches on board or in carry-on luggage. However, it is not allowed to have matches in your checked bags.

Airlines typically suggest just purchasing new matches when landing to your destination. If it is important to bring the matches with you, one book of safety matches is suggested in carry-on luggage. This is often considered among the more popular shocking items allowed on flights as some people believe it should be banned.

5 Sand


Young kids going to the beach tend to enjoy the experience even more than the adults that love it. A common request from kids to their parents after a beach day is asking if they can take some sand home with them to remember the experience.

Any parents to consider taking sand not only from the beach but on a trip home via airplane will be in luck. Sand is allowed on flights as there are no restrictions by TSA. However, you may want to ensure it’s stored in a container or your luggage could turn into a mess when landing.

4 Artifacts

via: treasurenet.com

Many travelers going on anthropologic digs are left wondering what exactly they can take home with them after finding rare items. Most artifacts are allowed in a carry-on bag when flying on an airplane. Smaller finds like rocks are easily allowed in any luggage.

You may run into an issue if attempting to take back larger items found or acquired during such a trip. However, the likely option is that you will have no issues as most artifacts someone would travel with fit the size requirement from TSA. Adventurers benefit the most from this allowance, but anyone can benefit under the right situation.

3 Water toys


The idea of toy guns being allowed on airplanes seems impossible to believe. Between the strict TSA rules and guns being among the most dangerous weapons on the planet, toy guns and water guns provide a unique challenge for security.

TSA does allow toy guns such as Nerf guns or water guns in checked bags. You can even take them on carry-on bags, but TSA agents have the discretion to ban any specific toy gun they believe could lead to trouble. Water guns specifically must be empty of liquid. Be very careful about allowing which form of toy guns you take on a flight with you.

2 Parachutes


Most people that want to take parachutes onto a plane with them are usually bound for skydiving. However, anyone wanting to travel with a parachute to their destination is allowed to have it with them on flights.

Parachutes are allowed in carry-on items as long as it is separated from the other luggage. It is clearly a unique item that very few people would want to test out. Only the most adventurous folks would need a parachute when getting to their official destination. For the boldest folks, you’re not allowed to take it out of your luggage on the plane.

1 Vietnamese pot-bellied pig

via: cnsnews.com

We touched on the use of service animals being important enough to allow on most flights. However, it is shocking to realize just how unique some of the allowed animals are. The Vietnamese pot-bellied pig is one specific service animal most would be stunned to see on a flight.

A story in 2016 featured US Airways allowing the 300-pound pig on the plane as a service animal for its owner flying from Philadelphia to Seattle. Quite a few people on the flight were unhappy about it, but the pig was a service animal with a purpose. If by some chance you have a pot-bellied pig, don’t give up on flying with it.

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