The Archie Comics-inspired series, Riverdale, became an instant success when it aired in 2017, and fans are now gearing up for the third season of the hit CW series. Because of the show's success, a lot of the actors and actresses, who were relatively unknown before their roles, have become breakout stars, and their fan base is steadily growing. So, where can you spot them if you want to meet your fav?

These stars work hard, but during their downtime, it seems the Riverdale cast like to travel; whether that’s alone, or together as a cast, like their trip to Mexico. But they have also been spotted going on road trips together, and sometimes more romantic escapes happen between costars, namely Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, who have been seen getting cozy in Hawaii and Paris. One thing we know is that these stars like to get around, and some of their destinations of choice include the province of British Columbia in Canada, which makes sense because much of Riverdale is filmed in Vancouver. As well as to various places in Europe, like Ireland, Belgium, and two great spots in Italy.

Below are 20 places that you can potentially see the stars from Riverdale.

20 Paris Is The City Of Love And Lights And A Destination Of Choice For 'Riverdale' Co-Stars

For some time there have been rumors as to the official relationship status of Riverdale co-stars Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, and of course, the fact that they decided in April of 2018 to take a holiday in Paris (which is known to be the city of love) did nothing to squash relationship rumors. According to Daily Mail, the pair were even photographed kissing while exploring in the French district of Butte Montmartre.

But there was also some business mixed in with pleasure, and the stars, along with some of the other members of the Riverdale cast attended RiverCon Paris.

19 Lili And Cole Escaped To Hawaii, Where Everything Is Beautiful

Keeping on the rumored Riverdale couple, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, and where they like to adventure, they have also been spotted together enjoying some downtime in Hawaii. According to Elle, the pair got a good start to the New Year in 2018, when they spent time in the beautiful state, which Reinhart took to Instagram to comment on. She shared a photo of the scenery, writing, “Everywhere in Hawaii is a real-life Windows desktop.”

But if this pair was hoping to keep their trip private, that didn’t happen because fans got plenty of opportunities to have photos with them.

18 What Better Way To Travel Than A Road Trip From LA With Your Bestie

It’s not just romantic trips that you will find the cast of Riverdale enjoying, but also friendship trips, and in real-life KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse are just as close as their characters. In July of 2018, the duo took some time before filming Season 3, to make a road trip by driving from Los Angeles to Vancouver, where Riverdale is filled, Capital FM reports.

It’s also not the first time Apa and Sprouse have gone on holiday together, as the publication notes that in 2017, they went on a camping trip.

17 Ireland Was The Destination Of Choice For Ashleigh Murray's Vacation

Ireland is another destination that has been visited by a member of the Riverdale cast, and Ashleigh Murray, who plays the beautiful Josie McCoy on The CW television series, took to Instagram to share a few snaps of her adventures. These adventures included a trip to the Guinness Storehouse, where visitors are able to taste Ireland’s famous beer and learn about its history.

But she also got the opportunity to pose with The Sphere Within Sphere sculpture at Dublin’s Trinity College.

16 Camila Mendes Rang In Her Birthday With A Laid-Back Trip To The Hamptons

In July of 2018, Camila Mendes celebrated her 24th birthday in the Hamptons (part of the East End of Long Island) which is known to be a great escape for those living in New York City. And she was not alone, because at the time she was joined by her rumored boyfriend Victor Houston, Bustle reports.

E! News also commented on the pair’s trip, and how they had taken a few photos to remember the occasions, including a photo of themselves sitting in the water in Montauk.

15 Cancun, Mexico, Was Madelaine Petsch's Perfect Spot For A Romantic Break

Madelaine Petsch, or Cheryl Blossom as you may know her, also likes to take time out of her busy schedule for a romantic holiday, and she and her boyfriend Travis Mills traveled to Cancun in Mexico for some rest and relaxation.

The actress shared photos of their time, which according to Daily Mail was in celebration of Mills birthday, and it appeared they were staying at Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun -- and really making the most of the beach life.

14 The Small Town Of Squamish Is Where KJ And Charles Melton Stopped Off

For those who aren’t aware, Riverdale is filmed in Vancouver, Canada, but when the cast is not filming it seems they like to explore. And the Canadian town of Squamish, in the province of British Columbia, was one of the places were KJ Apa and his co-star Charles Melton, who plays Reggie Mantle on The CW television, decided to visit. They also decided to have a coffee and share a photo of this moment on Instagram for their excited fans to see.

13 Brussels Was Ashleigh Murray's First International Trip After Becoming A Star

Brussels is the capital region of Belgium and the destination of choice for Ashleigh Murray's trip in May of 2018. The star took to Instagram to share a photo of her travels in the city, showing the magnificent architecture and bustling streets.

According to Elle, before landing her role in Riverdale, Murray was a struggling artist surviving on food stamps, and her trip to Brussels was actually her first international trip. It was also the place of the event, Archie Con.

12 London Has So Much To Do, No Wonder It's Favored By So Many

London, the capital city of England, is a destination that is visited by many tourists each year, including Ross Butler, who previously played the role of Reggie Mantle on Riverdale. But he was not the only member of the cast to explore this city, and Camila Mendes previously shared on Instagram that she was enjoying high tea, while KJ Apa was snapped taking photos with fans in front of the iconic clock tower known as Big Ben -- located at the north end of the Palace of Westminster.

11 Camila Mendes Spent Her Downtime (And Filmed) In Locations In Texas

If fans are hoping to spot Camila Mendes, then they may have luck if they travel to Austin, Texas, because this is yet another location where she has spent some of her downtime. According to Mendes' Instagram post, this photo, which appears to show her on an abandoned railway track was taken in Austin in March of 2018. We also know that she has spent time in another city in Texas, Bastrop, which according to Austin360 was the location of her new film, Coyote Lake, which is set to premiere in 2019.

10 Disney World Is The Happiest Place In The World, And Casey Cott's Face Seems To Suggest That's True

The happiest place in the world is meant to be at Walt Disney World, and by the looks of Casey Cott’s face, this statement could very well be true.

Cott plays the character Kevin Keller on Riverdale, and in 2017, we got a little glimpse into what he likes to do during his free time, when he visited the massive entertainment park located near Orlando, Florida, for an adventure-filled vacation. He also got into the Disney spirit by eating a Mickey Mouse ice cream!

9 Pemberton Icefield Is One Of The Most Beautiful Places Cole Sprouse Has Photographed

In addition to being one of the stars of Riverdale, Cole Sprouse is also a keen photographer, and a glance at his Instagram page will reveal that his photos, from all over the world, are truly beautiful. One of his adventures that really stands out is his trip to the Pemberton Icefield, an ice cave located in the Canadian province of British Columbia, The Star reports.

According to the publication, this location can be reached via a 20-minute helicopter trip from Whistler, a town located north of Vancouver.

8 Malibu, California, Is A Beachy Town That's Fab For Morning Yoga

Madelaine Petsch seems to like beachy locations, and back in December of 2015, before she was a big Riverdale star, she took to Instagram to share this photo of herself enjoying some seaside yoga in Malibu.

One of the appeals of Malibu is how laid back this town is, yet at the same time it’s known to being very upmarket and is home to many A-listers, according to Visit California. It’s also the perfect place for a beachside holiday.

7 Brooklyn Is Filled With Arts And Culture, And Ashleigh Murray Is A Fan

Ashleigh Murray was born in Kansas City, Missouri, but she has also enjoyed adventures in other states. She seems to particularly like the borough of Brooklyn and shared a photo of the street art she saw when walking through the trendy area of Williamsburg, which is known for it it’s art and music.

On another occasion, she also took to Instagram to share a photo of herself drinking coffee while walking through Brooklyn. So, it seems this is a place you can visit if you want to spot Miss Murray!

6 New Zealand Is A Country That Vanessa Morgan Thinks Is Paradise

KJ Apa is a New Zealand born actor so, it would not be surprising to see him in his home country, but you could also spot another Riverdale star here; Vanessa Morgan.

Morgan is a Canadian actress who plays the character Toni Topaz on Riverdale, and she has traveled to various spots in New Zealand. She has also made her love for the country known, by sharing snaps of her holiday on Instagram. In one image she referred to a destination in the country as her “favorite place on earth,” and in another, she mentioned how she was really going to miss the country.

5 Ross Butler Explored The Historic City Center Of Florence

Florence is the capital city of the Tuscany region of Italy and is thought to be a truly beautiful destination. It’s also a place where the now former Riverdale star, Ross Butler, visited in July of 2018.

Butler documented his travels on Instagram, which included a photo of himself in what looks to be in front of the Florence Cathedral, although his Instagram location noted he was near the Stadio Artemio Franchi, which is an impressive football stadium in Florence. The stadium, according to Stadium Guide, was completely finished in 1932 and is located around 2 km from the historic city center.

4 Vanessa Morgan Got A Superb View Of The Spanish Steps During Her Trip To Rome

Ross Butler is not the only member of Riverdale to have traveled to Italy, because so too has the lovely Vanessa Morgan, except she decided to visit Rome.

Rome is a city steeped in history, and there are many monuments, landmarks, and points of interests which visitors can explore. According to, popular places to visit include The Vatican, the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, and the Spanish Steps, which Morgan saw from the balcony of her hotel room. An experience which she wrote on Instagram was a “dream.”

3 Venice Beach Is A "Happy Place" For Some 'Riverdale' Stars

Speaking of destinations that are a “dream,” this is also the way Camila Mendes feels about Venice Beach in Los Angeles because she took to Instagram to post a photo of the beach along with the caption, “happy place.”

It is also a place visited by Charles Melton, who shared a snap of himself on the beach and commented on how it was a great spot to visit after a workout. The beach town is known for being colorful, and has, what’s described by Venice Beach as a “spirit of [the] bohemian style.” This is not only a place to see Riverdale actors, but it's also a great spot for culture and entertainment.

2 Ross Butler Cleans Up Good For A Visit To Napa County

Although Charles Melton has now replaced Ross Butler on Riverdale, it’s hard to choose an actor who you prefer, and if you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of Butler then it seems he’s a fan of Napa County, located in the north of San Francisco, California. In fact, he headed to the wine region (and cleaned up good) when he visited the Alpha Omega Winery.

According to the winery’s website, here you can enjoy wine tasting, as well as wine pairing as it includes a cheese accompaniment.

1 Lili And Cole Ditched Coachella To Live It Up In Cuixmala, Mexico

The cast of Riverdale had a vacation together in Mexico, but according to Harper’s Bazaar, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse also got an opportunity to hang out alone at the Cuixmala resort, located on the Pacific Ocean.

The publication notes that instead of going to Coachella, the pair decided to take this trip, and both of them were happy to share pieces of it on social media, including a beautiful photo Sprouse took of Reinhart in a white dress on the sandy shores.

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