20 Surprising Places Around The World Jennifer Aniston Has Been Spotted

Jennifer Aniston has been an A-list celeb for as long as we can remember. Even since her days on Friends, fans have never been able to get enough of this beautiful and bubbly lady.

She is talented, funny, and if we had the chance, we would totally be her best friend. Man, being Jen's favorite gal pal sure would be a dream. We would get to bask in her glorious presence, rub elbows with her high-profile friends, like Courteney Cox and George Clooney, and travel the world in style.

If there is one thing Jen Aniston does, it is get around. She has been spotted in nearly every corner of the earth. Sometimes she is off working; other times, she is taking a much-deserved break from the grind.

Check out these surprising places Jennifer Aniston has been spotted hanging out at. Please take us next time, Jen!

20 Floating Around In Capri

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Jen and her ex-husband spent some time touring Europe back during their dating days. One of the places they spent some time at was the majestic island of CapriCelebuzz notes. Jen and Justin sure looked happy while sunning themselves on a giant yacht. It's sad to think they never made it back here as husband and wife.

19 Mixing It Up In Mexico

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Jen loved Mexico long before she dated and wed actor Justin Theroux. Back when these two were an item, they spent several romantic getaways there, basking in the sun together. They seemed like they were always happy in their bathing suits. Maybe they should have just moved south of the border. Who knows? Perhaps they would still be together.

18 Cozying Up With Pals In Wyoming

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Spotting Jennifer in Wyoming was a bit of a surprise. But our favorite A-list actress spent this last New Years in Jackson Hole, per MSN, with fellow entertainers Jason Bateman and Jimmy Kimmel. The group made the vacation one to remember with lots of skiing and hanging out in the evening hours.

17 Sunning Beauty To Snow Bunny

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Jennifer traded her bikini bottoms in for snow bunny gear when she hit the Wyoming slopes on a getaway. We have to imagine that Jen is a lot of fun on the ski hills. She seems like she doesn't take herself too seriously, and could shake off a fall with a laugh.

16 Strutting Her Stuff In Italy While Filming

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Jen spent some time in Italy, filming her latest Netflix movie with her pal Adam Sandler, Travel & Leisure reports. When the cameras stopped rolling, Ms. Aniston was able to get out and explore all that beautiful Portofino, Italy had to offer. Maybe she needs an assistant for these travel excursions. If so, we would totally be up for that.

15 When In Rome, Call An Ex

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Jen was spotted recently in Rome, Italy, but what was she doing all the way out there? The mirror.co.uk claimed that our favorite Friends actress was meeting up with her first husband, Brad Pitt. The divorced couple has a shared pal, George Clooney, who just so happens to own a place over in this neck of the woods.

14 Taking On New York

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Jennifer is no stranger to the Big Apple and spent a significant amount of time there during her relationship with Justin Theroux. Her second ex-husband is a New York dude through and through, so being over in the Big City was a must. However, that the two are over, filming often brings her back to her old stomping grounds, says Gossip Cop.

13 Feeling Good In Florida

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Jen got a bit of help from a crew member back when she worked on her mega movie Marley and Me, Just Jared documented. Shooting this movie allowed Jen to spend some time in the Florida sun. While she usually chooses sunny Mexico as her tropical destination, being on film location allowed her to try a new place out.

12 Melting In Miami

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Miami sure does agree with Jen. Back when she was filming Marley and Me, she capitalized on the warmth and sun with a pal in between long days of filming. Aniston didn't just veg out in Florida, though. During her time there she was spotted out at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink by People.

11 California Girl

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We have become so used to seeing Jen vacationing and filming all over the world; it's almost a bit surprising to see her relaxing in her house, surrounded by her beloved pups. When Jen isn't traveling the world, she calls sunny California home. From the looks of these images, home is her happy place.

10 Popping Into Paris

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Jen and Justin looked right at home in their sleek, black outfits while they took in the sights of Paris, France. The formerly wed couple spent some time in the most romantic city in the world. They divorced in 2008, and according to Theroux, their split was loving and amicableUSA Today noted, a far cry from Jen's split from Brad Pitt.

9 Bahama Babe

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What is there not to love about the Bahamas? Jen and Justin sure seemed to enjoy the time they spent on the island's sandy beaches. It was right after this trip that the baby on board murmurings started up, per Popsugar, and people were abuzz at the idea of Jen becoming a mommy. Of course, those rumors were false.

8 Business And Pleasure In Toronto

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Celebrities are so lucky. Their jobs take them all over for work, and while "working," they get to enjoy all that the cities hosting them have to offer. Jen spent some time in the north, Toronto to be exact, for her film Cake's debut. The movie premiered at the Toronto Film Festival several years ago.

7 Chicago Looked So Fun

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Jen and Vince Vaughn co-starred in The Break-Up dated for a year, and during their time filming, they took in the sights of Chicago and even managed to catch a baseball game, The Sun reported. These two were a lot more than co-stars, though, but we can't say we miss those days.

6 Taking On Tahiti

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After Jen's second marriage took a dive, she set off for the very private and exclusive island of Tahiti with close friends Jimmy Kimmel, Courteney Cox, and Jason Bateman. The group was not only there to help Jen get over her recent break-up, but they were also in the mood to do a little celebrating, as it was Kimmel's wife's birthdayBravo TV confirmed.

5 Gearing Up For A Shoot In Georgia

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So what brought Jen to Atlanta, Georgia? Filming, of course. The star worked on a recent movie, Dumplin, there, but that was not the first time Jen spent time in the southern state. Her box hits Office Christmas Party and Mother's Day were also filmed in parts of Georgia, so by now, Jen should know her way around the Peach State.

4 Taking In The Scenes Of Atlantic City

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In 2009 Jen starred in the movie The Bounty Hunter alongside Gerard Butler. This project brought them to Atlantic City, where Jen got to fit in her work and some play. In the movie, the two played ex-spouses, but we could not help wishing that they would take their chemistry to the next level.

3 Taking In Beantown

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Aniston looked right at home, walking around Beantown following her engagement to Justin Theroux, says Popsugar. Many fans thought that she would finally be getting her happily ever after when she said yes to who would become her second husband. After only two years of wedded bliss, the couple decided forever wasn't in the cards for them.

2 Making Moves In Montreal

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Before crossing the Atlantic to film her Netflix movie alongside funnyman Adam Sandler, Aniston and Sandler headed to the north, Montreal to be exact, Narcity explains, to get in some other scenes for the film. While there, she hit up premiere salons, a movie theater, and took in some meals with costars.

1 Lady In London

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Of course, Jen has done London a time or two, what major star has not? She has been there to promote films such as Horrible BossesWe're The Millers, Marley and Me, and Office Christmas Party, just to name a few. At this rate, perhaps Jen should look into getting a small pad in the European town. She seems to spend enough time there working.

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