Living the life of a WWE Superstar might seem great. However, what fans tend to forget is all the traveling that takes place behind the scenes. Not only is it hard enough to deal with the road life but WWE employees must also deal with the fan interactions given their fame when out in public.

Nobody knows that more than The Undertaker. He entered the wrestling business way back in 1984. In 1990, he signed a WWE deal. Remarkably, he is still with the company today and used sporadically.

Although he’s a legend in the ring, what makes The Undertaker that much more valuable is the way he is off camera. Amongst his peers, Undertaker is one of the most well-liked wrestlers in the history of pro wrestling. The same holds true for his fan interactions outside of the ring. Although he has a tough exterior, Undertaker is one of the nicest and most genuine wrestlers rarely turning down photos. That’s unlike a lot of the others.

Unlike his peers, Undertaker doesn’t have a problem with going out in public or sitting in a normal seat while on an aircraft. In this article, we’ll take a look at public incidents of fans catching The Undertaker outside of the ring. We’ll look at various airport photos along with other pics taken of the WWE legend out of the ring. Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

20 Enjoying a Moment With His Wife

In this photo, Undertaker is hanging out with his lovely wife. This was just prior to WrestleMania 31 which took place in Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

It was a nerve-racking trip for the WWE legend just a couple of years back. It was his first WrestleMania appearance since the streak ended the year prior in New Orleans at WrestleMania XXX. Despite the nervousness, Undertaker was back in the winning column defeating Bray Wyatt.

19 Entering Saudi Arabia With The Boys

When it comes to overseas shows, WWE needs recognizable faces. Although WWE got paid lots of money for the Saudi Arabia show, the talent roster needed to include the best of the best, such as former faces like The Undertaker.

He made the overseas trip twice, the photo above is from the second trip. He is spotted at the airport alongside another WWE legend, the Big Show. Michael Hayes is also visible in the background along with Randy Orton. WWE commentator Byron Saxton is also lurking in the background.

18 With Rodman At Ric Flair’s Wedding

90s fans might be salivating at this photo taken outside of the ring. This is a rare shot of The Undertaker having a good time and actually smiling. He’s photographed alongside another legend from the 90s, Dennis Rodman. For those that loved the era, does it really get any better than this photo?

Adding the cherry on top, Ric Flair is also visible in the photo alongside his wife. As you might already know, this photo was taken at Ric Flair’s wedding. The 16-time World Champion appears to be in good spirits and why wouldn’t he be alongside such company!

17 Always Interacting With Fans

Just imagine riding in an elevator and seeing The Undertaker or bumping into him at the airport! Some might be terrified while wrestling enthusiasts would be sure to pull out a camera.

There was a photo taken of The Undertaker outside of the ring during WWE’s Saudi Arabia trip. The lucky fan caught both Mark Henry and The Undertaker while in the elevator of the hotel. Fans meeting wrestlers was a common occurrence during the Saudi Arabia trip due to lowered security compared to Canada and the US. For that reason, various photos of The Undertaker outside of the ring circulated from that trip.

16 Spotted At The Gym

Almost seven feet, it is hard for The Undertaker to go unnoticed no matter where he is. A tough part about the road life is the fact that some have to train at a local and public gym. In most cases, the private hotel gym just doesn’t cut it compared to a public one in the downtown area.

In most cases, wrestlers get spotted and for a guy like The Undertaker, there’s really no exception. Taker gets spotted by a fan and to his credit, not only is he taking the photo but he appears to be in good spirits. That isn’t the case all the time. Take Randy Orton, a dude that despises gym photos especially when he’s in his zone.

15 Posing For a Photo At The Gate

In terms of airport photos with the fans, nobody and we mean nobody comes close to the amount of photos taken by The Undertaker. Although he might have a rough exterior, the WWE legend is one of the nicest and most genuine dudes outside of the ring.

He poses for a photo with this fan at the gate and in all likelihood judging by all the folks creeping in the background, he likely took a few others after that. Taker rarely turns down an airport pic and this is a classic example of that.

14 Outside Of The Airport

It looks like this young fan came prepared. Undertaker is caught walking out of the airport next to his wife Michelle McCool. We say the young fan came prepared due to the fact that she’s rocking an Undertaker t-shirt. Clearly, she might have done some snooping around – something most wrestlers really don’t like.

We’re not entirely sure why Undertaker didn’t stop for the photo. Perhaps the fan might have breached his privacy. Nonetheless, Undertaker is caught leaving the airport and likely in search of ground travel so he can head to his hotel.

13 On Crutches At Starbucks

A rare outside of the ring photo, Undertaker is seen with a Starbucks employee. Ironically, not only is he The Undertaker on crutches but the employee also has a walking boot as well.

This isn’t the first time Undertaker was spotted outside of the ring at a local beverage shop or restaurant. Unlike other WWE stars, Undertaker isn’t afraid to go out in public and live his life even if that means interacting with fans here and there. Perhaps some other WWE employees should take note of this!

12 Leaving The Airport In Australia

Just imagine standing in line at the airport and a mammoth scary looking man like The Undertaker is standing in the front of you? That was the reality during WWE’s recent trip to Australia. Again, security wasn’t as stringent compared to the US or Canada. Fans could have easily gotten a glimpse of the Deadman at the airport.

It was a long flight back home. Undertaker competed at the event taking on Triple H in the last time ever matchup. Thanks to Undertaker’s appearance, the revenue generated for the show went up a couple of dollars.

11 Traveling For Pleasure

This picture has quite the story. Not only did this fan see The Undertaker once at the airport but he saw him a second time at a boxing event backstage. The man in the photo shared the details of his encounter with The Undertaker via Reddit.

According to the fan, Undertaker was the nicest guy at the airport and the same held true when he saw him at the boxing event. The fan made a joke that Taker was following him around, the former WWE Champion and the fan had a good laugh.

10 More Airport Fan Interactions

Yet another photo of The Undertaker patiently posing alongside a fan – hard to believe that he continues to travel, although sporadically these days compared to his full-time schedule back in the day.

It might be hard to believe, but he first joined the WWE in 1990 following a brief stint with WCW just prior. Almost 30 years later, it is strange that not only is he traveling to shows but he’s also still performing. With all those miles under his belt, it’s hard to believe he still has the patience for these candid photos.

9 Walking With His Wife To Baggage Claim

According to his recent interview alongside Ed Young, this is the type of photo Undertaker despises the most. Undertaker admits he’s more than willing to take a photo if a fan asks. However, taking sneaky pictures is something he strongly dislikes and we really can’t blame him. Undertaker admits that he approached fans in the past for taking pictures without his consent. That must have been a pretty scary predicament for the fan!

The moral of the story, don’t take these types of pictures without asking for his permission!

8 Post-Match With Enes Kanter

Take about photos of Undertaker caught outside of the ring, he literally just finished his match in this candid photo alongside NBA star Enes Kanter. It is very common for an athlete or celebrity to visit the backstage area during a WWE show. As per usual, The Undertaker is the most sought after WWE Superstar given his fame and legendary legacy with the company.

He has several backstage photos of this nature taken throughout his career. With only a few appearances left, these pics will become that much more valuable for the fans.

7 In His Gear At The Greatest Royal Rumble

Speaking of backstage photos, this is a rare shot taken of The Undertaker prior to his match. This photo took place at the Greatest Royal Rumble event. The Deadman took on Rusev in a casket match. This was the first of two overseas events that took place in Saudi Arabia.

Taker is caught in a photo alongside one of the wealthy Saudi Arabia representatives and his kids. Unsurprisingly, both children look pretty startled alongside Undertaker who is fully decked out in his gear. This is a rare backstage photo, to say the least.

6 Arriving In Saudi Arabia

Oddly enough, the Saudi Arabia representatives were more interested in the performers from the past than those of the new era. Chris Jericho admitted on his podcast, Talk Is Jericho that the reps from overseas even asked for wrestlers that are deceased!

We can only imagine how glad they were when The Undertaker showed up. In all likelihood, he was paid a boatload of money to appear and compete at both events. The excitement was rather evident judging by this photo as The Undertaker poses for a picture just as he got off his lengthy flight.

5 Taking A Selfie With A Fan In Austin, Texas

This is a photo taken at the airport in Austin, Texas. These days who needs someone to take the photo when one can easily take a selfie. That’s what this fan wisely decides to do. Let’s face it, it’s a lot easier and a lot less time consuming than asking someone else to take the picture.

Finding Undertaker at the Austin, Texas airport is a common occurrence given the fact that he resides in the area. He lives in Austin alongside his wife Michelle and the couple’s only daughter, Kaia Faith Calaway - Undertaker also three other children from prior marriages.

4 Pre-Cavs Game

This one was truly odd. Poor Undertaker was paid to stand outside of the Cavs locker room and meet with the players, according to USA Today, he stood there for an hour. A big part of booking The Undertaker was due to the fact that LeBron wore his t-shirt in the past.

However, oddly enough, LeBron didn’t meet with The Undertaker although most of the other players did. It was really odd that LeBron decided against meeting the WWE legend, especially due to the fact that the Cavs paid him to be there.

3 Bumped Into Sting At The Airport

Diehard wrestling fans might be drooling at this photo. Back in the late 90s, Sting was the marquee star for WCW while Undertaker was one of the biggest stars for the WWE. Given the mystique surrounding their gimmicks, fans envisioned these two locking up one day. Sadly, the closest we’ll ever get to see these two against one another is in this rare candid airport picture – one of the most iconic airport photos of all-time.

This shot was taken following their WrestleMania 31 performances. According to the rumors, it was supposed to be Sting versus The Undertaker that year but ultimately Vince went in a different direction. At least we’ll always have this photo.

2 Undertaker Caught In The Aisle On A Flight

This picture is what makes The Undertaker so remarkable. Given his longevity in the business, Vince McMahon himself would pick up Taker with his private jet. Surely, he can also get first-class accommodations. Nonetheless, Undertaker is a simple dude who really doesn’t care for that type of stuff. Instead, he’s typically caught in the normal aisles of a plane.

This rare photo taken from a fan clearly demonstrates that. The fan was in awe that the WWE legend was just standing there like a normal dude, just like the rest of us.

1 In Golf Attire

For fans of The Undertaker, this one might be a bit of a gut punch. Taker isn’t looking like the Deadman from the WWE but instead, kind of like a dad that enjoys golf. In fact, this picture was taken outside of the ring at a golf shop. Taker’s rocking those khaki pants along with a collared Oakley shirt.

A rare visual to say the least but I guess we can say that’s his alter ego, the real dude behind the gimmick named Mark Calaway.