20 Surprising Facts About Travelling With A Private Jet

Traveling on a private jet is a dream of many, after all, is there any more luxurious way to travel? Probably not. We continuously see celebrities hopping on and off private planes to jet off to an event, a vacation, or why not go all the way to Paris on a whim like Kim Kardashian did, just to enjoy a piece of her favorite cheesecake?

There are obviously a whole bunch of benefits with flying private compared to commercial. We'd probably say the biggest one is the endless Insta friendly moments, and the ability to finally recreate all those cool celebrity photos you see in your feed. Other than that massive perk, there are also fewer restrictions, less time wasted, and just less hassle, which obviously sounds great also to a mere mortal.

Now, it may seem a glamorous and extravagant way to travel, but it actually does not have to be something unattainable. Did you know for example, that it is possible to rent a private jet per hour? Oh, and you don't pay per person, only per hour, so gather up your best crew and have everyone pitch in. Ta-da, doesn't it suddenly feel like something you could splurge on for a special occasion? #treatyoself

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20 Cheaper Than Flying Business Class

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Though it might seem too good to be true, it’s a common thing that a private jet is flying empty on half of the route, yet fuel, staff and other expenses are already paid for. Therefore, an empty leg with a private jet could technically be cheaper than flying the same distance on a commercial flight!

When renting a private jet the cost isn’t per person, it’s normally calculated per hour, and that means that a group of people, say five or more, coming together renting could be more cost-effective than buying the same amount of airline tickets. Even cheaper than first class tickets!

19 VIP service - even better than first class

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Well, first of all, the bliss of being alone, only having your own schedule to think of is the biggest luxury, right? But when it comes to services the sky is (literally) the limit when it comes to flying private. When hiring a jet, the companies want to offer the best quality service and comfort that is tailored after the wishes and needs for the passengers for the ultimate experience.

When owning a private jet, you are your own boss and have the equal amount of flexibility and demands to make your travelling as comfortable and fulfilling as it possibly can.

18 Change the whole interior of the airplane into pink? You call the shots

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When it comes to flying private everything has a price tag, but everything is possible. Some travellers truly take the opportunity to both splurge and… customize their flying experiences. There are a lot of stories going around about the most extra requests made by travellers. These range from smaller demands such as listening to only Liberace, the entire flight to the more creative themed-flights. How about a Scottish birthday party that wanted tartan, Scottish food and a bagpiper? Or the most outrageous lover of pink, who wanted everything in pink: interiors, food and drinks, staff clothes, pink carpet and even Pink Floyd on the stereo.

17 Fly at the same speed as commercial jets

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The world's fastest commercial flight is a privately owned plane, but in general, the private planes are just as fast as a commercial jet. Speed depends on the size of the aircraft, a small plane is slightly slower, and a medium sized is marginally faster than a commercial flight. However, what makes travelling on a private jet more convenient and less time consuming is the fact that the time you spend on the ground is slimmed down immensely. The flight time can also be shorter due to the fact that the route itself can be more direct, which also saves a lot of time.

16 Show up 15 minutes before takeoff

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One of the biggest perks with flying with a private jet is the convenience and saving time. Imagine not having to show up at the airport two hours ahead, having to wait around in loud, busy areas with fellow travellers. With a private jet you can show up 15 minutes before scheduled takeoff. You get what’s called “ramp access” from your car, and the whole process of checking-in, handling your luggage, security and such are slimmed down. When you get on the plane and the crew has closed the door you are ready to take off directly. Time is money and being comfortable is everything, and these are indeed the biggest luxuries that can be bought for money while traveling.

15 Advantages of a commercial airport

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Flying on a private jet is a great luxury, but it’s in no way looking down on travelling commercial and especially not through a commercial airport. Usually, they are more conveniently situated by being much closer to the final destination you’re flying to. When travelling to the airport, it’s easier to find a big commercial airport rather than a smaller private one. Often they offer high-end VIP lounges which give the traveller a comfortable service while being in the airport. Private airports may not have the same capacity to provide that same level of VIP-services and luxury and have more simple lounges at their airports.

14 You Can’t Take off In Ten Minutes

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Now, flying private is a great luxury and in many areas limitless, but, there are still rules that we have to follow. As cool as it is in the movies when someone says “get the plane ready, we’ll be there in ten minutes” that’s not quite how it works in real life. The reality is that short notice normally means a few days or hours. Less preparation time than an hour is very rare. It is quite logical though; passengers and crew need to get to the airport. There is still the hassle of customs/immigration, and your destination might not be able to process and authorize landing permits in that little time. Lastly, even when flying on a private jet, the plane can still be waiting in line for take-off.

13 Crew Setup

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When flying on a private jet, you will have a crew made out of a pilot and co-pilot, of course. You’ll also have a minimum of one flight attendant. Depending on what company you fly with, or whether you own the plane or flying on an empty leg, the additional requests you can make will vary. With most private-jet companies you can usually request additional staff for your flight for any need you might have. Such as more flight attendants, special personnel like a secretary if you are flying while making business. If you’re travelling is all about relaxing, a masseur could be the right option for you. If if it’s all about having a good time and a bit of a party - why not request a bartender that can mix delicious drinks for you and your travel party?

12 Security regulations & Packing restrictions

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Traveling on a private-jet still comes with some restrictions, and even if it’s a great luxury you’re still under some regulations. First of all, the nature of your flight is going to have an impact of security regulations. If you’re flying domestically, the rules common on a commercial flight will not apply. You can pretty much travel with anything that fits, and the comfort of travel with all the liquids you’d like! Even travelling with firearms is ok, though you will have to give them to your flight attendant to store safely. All these regulations vary from country to country and obviously when flying an international flight, you’d have to look into what your destination allows.

11 Catch the view you want

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One thing that is really amazing about flying private jets is that there is some wiggle room to customize your flight route. Of course, there are some limitations within air-traffic regulations, but nothing is stopping you from working together with your flight coordinator to customize the perfect flight plan for your trip. Whether you want to make several stops during your flight, for as long as you might like, or if you want to see that gorgeous view you’ve always dreamed about. Flying over the Grand Canyon in the sunset or seeing the city skyline? It’s all possible when flying private.

10 You Still Need to Go Through Security


Though security procedures are slimmed down and minimal compared to when flying on a commercial flight, they are still not negotiable and you’ll have to go through them. These rules still oblige especially when flying internationally. Passengers and crew must go through customs and immigration, and a visa is always a must, just like when travelling commercial. It all varies from country to country and based on your nationality. The good news is that most international airports have a special facility or even terminals for flights and people travelling on a private-jet. If you are one of the lucky few that are diplomats, heads of state or important government officials - you might have less security checks.

9 Rent by the hour

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Personally owning a plane isn’t the most common way of travelling with a private-jet, the trend is to charter on demand, and typically it’s by the hour. What’s so great about this is that you are only paying for when you are using the plane, and it’s also not per passenger. This means that it’s more financially smart to charter for a big group, you still pay the same amount as if you’d travel alone. It also means that although travelling private and chartering a plane is expensive it may end up costing less than flying first-class or even business in some cases.

8 Just as safe

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A worry people might have is the safety aspect of flying on a smaller plane like private-jets usually are. This is a myth and concern we are happy to debunk, they are at least ad or even more safe as commercial planes. Not only does the same air safety and maintenance regulations apply for all passenger flights, private-jets often have a higher standard towards maintenance and therefore can be better at this. Also, fleets of private-jets tend to consist of younger planes and newer technology which often means more safety. Another factor to safety and peace-of-mind is that when flying on a private-jet you know exactly who and what is on your plane.

7 Five Times More Airports

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A private jet might be smaller than the regular commercial flight, and therefore people often have the misconception that there will be a limitation to airports they can travel to and from. This is not the case. It’s the complete opposite, and it's because a private jet requires shorter runways! When flying private you get access to five times more airports. Only in the United States, there are more than 5,000 airports that are available for private jets, whereas commercial planes only have access to 550. Another perk is that smaller and regional airports can be even closer to your final destination and you save even more time.

6 Work From the Sky

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Private planes aren’t just about fun and games, a lot of people use them for the perks it has for business. Not only time saving, but you can also use your phone and wifi during the flights. Meaning, that no matter where you are you can always answer emails, work online and even have conference calls. There are some flights that also makes it possible to hold business meetings for over 20 people, with lounge space, reclining chairs and a wet bar - perfect for the most private and secret business meetings with little to no chance of interruption or eavesdropping.

5 Ownership - Not That Hard

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Owning a plane isn’t the most common thing to do, and it’s a significant investment. If you don’t have the means to buy an aircraft like Oprah or John Travolta, there are still some ways for you to own parts of a plane. The first option is to charter a jet, which is getting increasingly more popular where you more or less pay as you go. The second and most popular option is to be a fractional owner. This means you buy a percentage of a plane and based on the percentage you base the number of hours you can use it. Similar are Jet-Cards ownership, where you pay a fee for the year, and it includes your flight hours. Finally, if you are really flexible with your schedule you can travel on empty legs for a smaller cost.

4 You Cannot Go Everywhere in One Shot

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A private jet is generally a smaller aircraft since they are made and designed to carry fewer passengers. However, this means that the private jet doesn’t have the same capacity to travel as far as a commercial airline which has a broader range. Though there are some exceptions of aircrafts with a larger range that makes it possible to fly intercontinental. Most private jet models can fly between 2,000 - 7,000km, in comparison for a direct flight Miami - Dubai is 12,600km. This means that you most likely would have land and make a luxury pit stop to refuel the jet.

3 No Delays

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The biggest reason that private jets usually aren’t delayed is that there is the big choice of over 5,000 airports to fly to and from in the USA. The US is the largest market in the world for private travelling. Commercial airlines have around 550 airports to choose from, and since private airports and airfields are available for private jets, there are fewer traffic delays that could cause any problems for your flights. Since you are in control of the passenger list, it would be that either you or a member of your party is running late that causes the delay. But since the process of checking in and security is slimmed down, you’d most likely be able to be off the ground within minutes of the last person arriving.

2 Pet Friendly

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Let’s be honest. The most important thing about travelling on a private jet is that you can bring all the pets you’d want, at least on domestic flights. You can forget about having your lovely little furry friend in a crate or in a tiny bag. Most private jets allow your pet to roam around and snuggle up with you during your flight making the flight even more enjoyable for the both of you. There are also no regulations of how many pets you can bring so it’s all about asking the company if your chartering. When flying internationally, it’s the rules and regulations of the country of your destination that applies.

1 Almost Unlimited Packing

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After taking into consideration what you can legally bring on your flight, both domestically and internationally, there are barely any limitations to how much, heavy or sizable luggage you can bring - pack away! There might be some issues with weight if you have very heavy items and the runway is really short - but normally it’s not a problem. Whether it’s a family vacation or a business trip, baggage space and weight is rarely an issue for your travel. On a private jet, you only have to bear in mind when you pack that it has to fit and be able to stow on the plane.

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