John Travolta has been a Hollywood star for decades and has appeared in many memorable films, but acting is not his only love. Travolta is also incredibly passionate about aviation and has described flying as an experience unlike anything else.

He started taking lessons as a teenager and got his license when he was 23, and now he is the proud owner of a fleet of planes. These planes have seen quite a bit of action, too, because Travolta’s family loves traveling, and who wouldn’t, when their dad is the pilot!

Not only that, but he has also customized his jets so that they are incredibly comfortable while in the air (seriously, we’re talking about a full-size bathroom). Below are 20 things to know about John Travolta’s love of flying.

20 John Travolta Is Passionate About Flying And Has Been For Years

There are several things that John Travolta loves in his life, and flying is one of them. In an interview with Parade, the publication mentioned he is an experienced pilot and asked him how important flying was to him. He responded by saying, “Very important. There is really nothing quite like it.”

19 We Don’t Just Mean He Gets Flown Everywhere In Luxury, And He Flies Himself!

Celebrities often travel for work because they need to shoot films at various locations, or they are required to attend a press interview and events. John Travolta is a little different in that he doesn’t get on a luxury jet; he gets into the cockpit and flies it himself. According to People, he started taking lessons when he was 15.

18 He Even Has A Home In A Private Aviation Community In Ocala

Considering how important flying is to John Travolta, it probably makes sense that he would have a runway at home. “I love [flying] so much that I built my house next to a [runway] so I could fly my jet to my front door,” he told reporters, People notes. The home is in a private aviation community in Ocala, Florida, Architectural Digest reports.

17 He Has Owned A Boeing 707 For Almost Two Decades

We mentioned that John Travolta started taking flying lessons as a teenager, and according to People, he had a license by 23. He now owns a fleet of planes, including a Boeing 707. He revealed on social media in 2018 that he had owned the aircraft for 18 years.

16 John Travolta Has Worked Closely With The Company, Including Sharing His Love For Their Boeing Business Jet

John Travolta has also shared his love for Boeing, in particular, their model BBJ/Boeing Business Jet. “I've been having a great time working for Boeing-the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners,” he wrote. “I was especially excited to hear everybody’s reaction to the photos of the model BBJ/Boeing Business Jet I posted from a recent event…”

15 The Jet Retails For $57 Million, Plus Another $20 Million For Interior Design And Installation

The Boeing Business Jet is an incredible plane, but, wanting to own one of these would set you back several million. According to Yahoo!, “Boeing’s premier private jet retails for $57 million when new, plus an additional $20 million to $25 million for the interior design and installation.”

14 The Jet Has A Fuel Range Of 6,000 Miles (So He Can Visit Some Incredible Places)

John Travolta’s passion for aviation is what has led him to expand his fleet, and the jet is probably a good purchase because he can go far in it. As for just how far he can go? Well, according to Yahoo!, the aircraft has a fuel range of “almost 6,000 miles.”

13 Although It’s Big Enough To Carry 150 Passengers, John Travolta’s Plane Has Been Customized For 15 People

John Travolta has purchased a plane that could fit up to 150 passengers, but he doesn’t travel places with such a big entourage; instead, it’s himself and his family who board his planes. Yahoo! notes that Travolta’s jet has been customized for 15 people, who can enjoy the flight in luxury.

12 We’re Talking About Serious Comfort Onboard This Beauty, Which Includes A Full-Size Bathroom And Bedrooms

We mentioned that the family could fly in style, and that’s because John Travolta’s plane is all about comfort. According to Yahoo! there are even two bedrooms onboard, as well as a full-size bathroom — and we all know how tiny the bathrooms on airplanes usually are, so this must be a real improvement!

11 He Also Keeps A Challenger Jet Parked In His Backyard

Some actors may keep their garage filled with luxury cars, and others have walk-in closets and designer collections worth an eye-watering sum. And then we have John Travolta, who has a Challenger jet parked in his backyard, Business Insider reports.

Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston, has said (via Business Insider) it was always John's dream “to have planes in his front yard — to practically be able to pull up to the house.”

10 He Was Drawn To The Bombardier Challenger 601 Because Of The Technology

When John Travolta purchased the Bombardier Challenger 601, he gave an interview to Business Jet Traveler about what attracted him to the aircraft (remember, he has a fleet). “It uses Canadair technology, which has evolved to an extraordinary degree since the 1970s, although it is a 30-year-old Learjet design,” he said.

9 His Passengers (AKA His Family) Also Required The Plane To Be Comfortable

There are several things that John Travolta takes into consideration when preparing for a flight, and if his family is accompanying him, the journey is all about comfort. In an interview with Business Jet Traveler, he was asked about his passengers, to which he replied: “I like to take my family around, [so] it has to be comfortable in the back.”

8 And His Son Ben Has Started To Follow In His Dad’s Footsteps

John Travolta is very proud of his son, Ben, and noted that they share a passion for aviation. The actor took to social media to share a photo of his son in the cockpit and said that he was taking his place — USA Today notes he is referring to his Qantas ambassador status. He added that it was Ben’s first A380 Qantas flight.

7 John Travolta Has Been An Ambassador For Qantas Airlines Since 2002

John Travolta has worked as an Ambassador for Qantas Airlines since 2002, Yahoo! reports. He has worked closely with the company for decades, and this is something he is very proud of. According to Architectural Digest, his office features (among other things) his “Qantas 747 pilot certificate.”

6 His Planes Are Pretty Much His Pride And Joy, And Feature On His Social Media Regularly

John Travolta’s social media gives us a glimpse into his love for planes, and he regularly posts photos of himself flying, or standing in front of an aircraft. It’s clear that he is very passionate about aviation, and Parade notes that he even wrote a children’s book about flying called Propeller One-Way Night Coach.

5 He Has Described Flying As Being Unlike Any Other Feeling In The World

John Travolta decided to share with fans how he feels about flying, and he did this by posting a photo of himself in front of a plane in celebration of National Aviation Day. “I have loved aviation for all my life,” he wrote. “There is no feeling in the world quite like flying an airplane.”

4 John Travolta’s Aircrafts Have Proudly Displayed His Children’s Names

John Travolta had three children, but his eldest son sadly passed away in 2009. He showed his love for his kids by putting their names on his plane, Beam Aviation repots. The aircraft in question was named “707 Jett Clipper Ella” after his children Jett and Ella (this was before the birth of his son, Ben).

3 He Has Expressed How Lucky He Is That His Family Also Love Traveling (Although Who Wouldn’t In A Jet?!)

John Travolta feels very lucky that he doesn’t have to beg his family to travel. “My family, fortunately, loves traveling,” he told People. “Whenever I say, ‘I have to go to Australia or Paris,’ they say, ‘When are we going? I’m there.’” This must make his life much easier!

2 Travolta Has A Fleet Of Private Planes And Donated One In Honor Of His Late Son, Jett

Kelly Preston and John Travolta experienced a terrible loss when their son, Jett, passed away unexpected while on a family holiday in The Bahamas in 2009. In honor of his firstborn child, Travolta donated a plane to Georgia's Aviation Hall of Fame, Huffington Post reports.

1 Fun Fact: He Was The First Non-Test Pilot To Fly The Airbus A380

John Travolta has accomplished many things in his life, but it is interesting to know that he was also the first non-test pilot to fly the Airbus A380, according to Business Jet Traveler. The publication asked him how this came about, and Travolta said the Qantas chairman of the board asked him: "'If I could finagle a test flight for you, would you want to do it?' I said, 'Are you kidding?'" She wasn't!