20 Surprising Facts About Jay-Z And Beyonce's Private Jet

What kind of music superstars would Jay-Z and Beyoncé be if they didn’t have their own private jet? The couple travels around the world in style on their very own Bombardier Challenger 850 jet, which was a gift given to Jay back in 2012.

Having a private jet is even more amazing than most people imagine. It’s more like a flying private paradise, where the two music legends can retreat from the world for a few hours before touching down in the next city.

But can you blame them? After all, flying coach is not something the Queen could be seen doing (and let's be honest, Bey wouldn't settle for first class, either).

It also cost a lot of money, but it’s definitely worth every penny!

Keep reading to find out 20 surprising facts about Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s private jet.

20 Beyoncé Bought The Plane

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Just in case Beyoncé hadn’t proven that she was the ultimate boss, she did it in 2012 by buying Jay-Z his very own private jet. It’s well-known that the couple is worth over a billion dollars, and a good chunk of that net worth comes from B’s various earnings.

19 It Was A Gift To Celebrate Jay’s First Father’s Day

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We imagine that B and Jay just shower each other in gifts whenever they feel like it. But this one was given for a special purpose. It was for Jay’s first Father’s Day in 2012! Somehow, we think it will be hard for B to outdo herself from now on.

18 It Cost $40 Million

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Ever wondered how much it will cost to have a private jet? Well, to have one like Jay’s it will cost about $40 million. That’s how much this very expensive Father’s Day gift cost B. But we guess with all the traveling the pair does, it’s totally worth it.

17 The Plane Is The Largest Of Its Kind

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B didn’t just get Jay any old private jet. She got him the largest of its kind. According to BEAM, Jay’s jet is a Bombardier Challenger 850, which is the largest super mid-size business aircraft manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace. Just further confirmation that B only buys the best!

16 The Plane Is Designed For The Whole Family

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The plane is the largest of its kind, so it’s obvious that it was bought with the intention of the whole Carter family being able to travel together. Though B and Jay are private about their brood, we’ve seen a few sneaky snaps of the kids traveling with their famous parents on the jet.

15 And For The Staff

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Naturally, Jay-Z and Beyoncé have quite an entourage working for them. So it makes sense that they’d need a big enough aircraft to be able to take all their staff members with them. This means that personal assistants, managers, and nannies may travel with the family on the plane.

14 But Beyoncé Gave It To Him Before They Had A Big Family

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Even though the jet is large enough to accommodate the entire Carter family and more, B first bought it for Jay long before their twins, Sir and Rumi, came along. She bought it for Jay’s first Father’s Day when Blue Ivy was the only Carter baby in the picture.

13 The Interior Is Cream-Themed

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Few people have ever seen inside Jay-Z’s private jet, but we can make some deductions from pictures we’ve seen and from what sources say. According to BEAM, the interior of the Challenger 850 follows a cream theme. Super chic! We wouldn’t expect anything less stylish of Hollywood’s golden couple.

12 And The Exterior Is Personally Monogrammed

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The interior is all about elegance and there’s nothing humble about the exterior. You can see from the outside that S. Carter is written on the jet to signify that it is indeed a plane belonging to Jay-Z (real name Shawn Carter). Private jets and modesty don’t go well together anyway.

11 It Has A Spacious Bedroom And Two Bathrooms


The Carters often have to make overnight trips and sleep on the plane, so of course, it comes with a very spacious bedroom. The plane also has two bathrooms, and we’re pretty sure they’re much cleaner (and much fancier!) than the standard bathrooms you see on commercial planes.

10 Up To Seven People Can Comfortably Sleep On The Jet

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There is one spacious bedroom on the jet, but that doesn’t mean only one person, or one couple, can sleep there. The plane can actually accommodate seven passengers who will be sleeping there. They might not all have a king-sized bed all to themselves, but they can still fit comfortably!

9 Plus A Fully Stocked Kitchen


Jay-Z and B don’t have to worry about plane food, which can be a little questionable at the best of times. Jay’s jet comes with a fully stocked kitchen. The couple can get anything they want to eat or drink from the kitchen while they’re thousands of feet in the air.

8 As Well As Healthy Food For The Kiddies

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B has opened up in the past about her favorite foods, and she has some guilty pleasures. But that doesn’t mean there’s only unhealthy food in the jet kitchen. There is also healthy food for the kids, as evidenced by this photo of Blue near a selection of fruit and vegetables.

7 The Jet Inspired Jay To Invest In Aviation

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Having a jet really inspired Jay’s next business venture, which was to invest in aviation. The rapper is one of the biggest investors of the brand JetSmarter, which is a members-only marketplace for private and shared charter flights. The app essentially makes booking a jet like booking an Uber.

6 Jay Also Uses It As An Office

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Because the couple is so busy, they sometimes have to work while they’re in transit to their next destination. That’s why Jay also uses his jet as an office, sometimes holding meetings in there with his associates. There’s definitely enough room on board to hold a business meeting in style!

5 The Jet Is Perfect For Entertaining Friends

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Jay sometimes invites friends on his jet for business talk, but other times, he just invites them to hang. The jet is ideal for entertaining friends thanks to the living area with the television screen, as well as the drinks that are on offer from the kitchen and bar area.

4 Of Course, The Jet Has Wi-Fi

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In today’s world, Wi-Fi is a daily necessity. So of course, the jet has Wi-Fi. It also boasts a digital entertainment system that comes complete with touch-screen controls. We can imagine that Blue Ivy and her little brother and sister have quite a bit of fun with that!

3 There’s Plenty Of Room For The Couple To Store Their Bags

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When they travel, Jay and B sometimes have quite a lot of baggage. It makes sense that their jet has plenty of room to store all their items. According to the International Business Times, they have baggage-storing compartments that always keep their belongings nice and protected during the flight.

2 It’s Clean Enough To Go Barefoot

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Without having been inside ourselves, we can guarantee that Jay and B’s jet is spotless. These two are music industry legends, so we doubt that they’d put up with anything less. B has been spotted leaving the plane without any shoes so it must be clean enough to go barefoot!

1 They Don’t Have To Go Through Traditional Check In

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The best thing about having a private jet? No check-in! B and Jay are often seen boarding their jet straight from the tarmac, which means that they don’t have to go through the traditional check-in methods that are required on commercial airlines. Imagine all the time they save!

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