For a considerably small country, Denmark has got a wide array of stunning locations filled with color, charm, and character. This picturesque country has long picked up the lovely habit of taking everyone's breath away, and we can't wait to have you hooked on its natural highlights and most beautiful areas too.

Here, travelers can travel back in time and explore Denmark's treasure trove of stately homes left from the country's royal families. In addition to revealing the country's deep-rooted culture and history, the Danish museums and architecture will also catch the eye of any sightseer and architecture enthusiast.

Once you've arrived here, the stunning city of Copenhagen will instantly inspire you to pay a visit to its lovely half-timbered houses, shimmering lakes and prominent buildings sharing the traditional Renaissance style.

Now get ready to join us on our virtual journey through 20 of the most charming tourist spots in the city of Copenhagen. Together we're going to unveil the mystery behind Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens, royal residences, stunning towers and a whole lot of other spectacular places.

Drawing inspiration from Copenhagen's string of romantic castles and opulent palaces, we'd love to show you around the city's sunniest, friendliest and most colorful attractions, starting from the harbor of Nyhavn.

20 The New Harbor of Nyhavn Is Lined With Brightly Colored Houses

Admittedly, Copenhagen is the country's most relaxed city with colorful character, hospitable street-life and charming cafe culture. Wandering through the city's narrow streets would be a lovely experience, especially when you reach the new harbor of Nyhavn surrounded by colorful shore-side houses. The friendly town of Copenhagen has got that European, nautical vibe that draws foreigners like bees to honey.

This charming Scandinavian city is also quite ideal for scenic canal cruises from Ved Strand or Nyhavn. Here, you can always rent a bike and paddle your way to the new harbor. Traditionally, the entire port is just lined with ships docked along the quays.

19 The Tivoli Gardens: A Surreal Wonderland

Visiting a Disney theme park has always been an exciting thought, and it's not only like this with the kids.

Located at 3 Vesterbrogade, the surreal Tivoli Gardens & Amusement Park is jam-packed with a wealth of superb attractions for the kids, including lots of roller coasters, roundabouts, puppet theaters and pantomimes while adults can take pleasure in sipping Copenhagen's excellent coffee at a nearby cafe. The pleasure gardens stretch as far back as the 1843 and are one of the city's best tourist attractions.

Apart from all the roller coasters, halls of mirrors and cozy restaurants, the Tivoli Gardens are also home to a spectacular Moorish-styled concert hall which is particularly charming when lit up at night. Now imagine how surreal this place becomes around the Christmas holidays when the entire gardens are extravagantly decorated.

18 The Elegance of Christiansborg Palace Cannot Be Outshined

To those who're keen on exploring more dramatic buildings revealing the Late Renaissance vibes, we'd love to recommend the Danish seat of government, namely the formidable Christiansborg Palace. The imposing architecture of the palace boasts over eight centuries of history. Today this beautiful structure, situated on the tiny island of Slotsholmen, houses the Prime Minister's Office along with Copenhagen's Supreme Court.

Thankfully, most of it is open to the public since the Royal house doesn't use all sections of the building. Currently, the Danish seat of government occupies the site where a medieval fortress once stood in the exact same location.

17 The National Museum of Denmark Should Be On Any Traveler's Itinerary

One of the best and easiest ways to learn more about the grand past of a new place is by visiting the country's largest museum.

In our case, though, the National Museum of Denmark doesn't shock with massive scales and sizes, but with its extensive ethnographical displays of items collected from Greenland. Also, the museum is home to unique porcelain, and silver collections of Danish antiquities and coins, all well-preserved and maintained. The quickest way to reach this famous museum is to pay a visit to the nearby Tivoli Gardens first (which are less than 10 minutes away).

Located at 48-50 Solvgade, The National Gallery of Denmark houses the most extensive collection of Danish art and other stunning works dating as far back as the 17th century.

Among the most refined works is the Danish and Nordic art exhibition as well as the marvelous masterpieces by the Dutch Masters, Edvard Munch, and Picasso.

Natural light floods the upper floors, and it gives the famous gallery quite a pleasant ambiance. Upon entering the National Gallery of Denmark, make sure to page through the map to explore all of its exceptional collections. Outside of the gallery, you'll find a cozy cafe where you can sit back and relax for a few minutes.

15 The Round Tower (Rundetårn)

Another impressive location in the charming city of Copenhagen is this beautiful 36-meter high structure, situated at 52A Købmagergade. The observatory, built in 1642, is home to a small but unique collection of globes and telescopes, linked to a respected Danish astronomer. This impressive tower has always been a magnificent location for newcomers, and today it enjoys enormous waves of visitors who're specifically interested in reaching the viewing platform on the top of the structure. This scenic platform is accessed via a spiral ramp and boasts magnificent city views. Another pretty new element that was added to the tower is a beautiful glass floor that hovers about 25 meters above the ground. Thanks to this charming detail, visitors can peer down into the tower's core.

14 The Amalienborg Castle Is Named After Queen Sophie Amalie

This fantastic castle is named after Queen Sophie Amalie who would often have sophisticated summer retreats precisely here. The original manor comprised of four other palaces facing on the square as they were meant to serve as places of nobility but were later taken over by the Royal Family. In 1794, a fire broke out, and it nearly turned the castle into dust. Years and decades passed before the site was finally set into a place befitting the King and the entire aristocracy (being the other four palaces that surround the main building). Today the upper story of this majestic building is occupied by the royal family of Queen Margrethe II, with soldiers standing guard at the entrance.

13 The Strøget Shopping Mile For Shopping Lovers

How about going on a little shopping spree while visiting this gorgeous Danish city? Here, in the bright and vibrant city of Copenhagen, tourists will be able to blend in with the crowd and enjoy a shopping therapy at Stroget aka the city's most famous shopping district/area. Pull out a pair of comfy shoes and take a leisurely stroll from Christiansborg to the lively shopping area of Stroget, lined with cozy cafes, top-rated restaurants, and boutique shops. Keep walking along the Stroget until you reach the City Hall Square where you can plunge into a sea of affordable shopping at world-known brands like Zara and Weekday.

12 The Rosenborg Palace Is Home To Danish Crown Jewels

Besides being a strikingly beautiful location in the Danish capital, The Rosenborg Palace has been recognized as the country's most celebrated cultural treasure. This gorgeous building is located nearby the city's Round Tower and is now home to Denmark's royal regalia and crown jewels. This beautiful place, built by Christian IV, served as a royal residence until the early 17s. A few decades later, this marvelous castle was redesigned and turned into a museum whose Baroque reception room and Knights' Hall are among the best tourist attractions here. Also, the famous Rosenborg Tapestries, which once adorned the walls of the museum, are also another preferred tourist spot, which is worth the time as well.

11 The Kastellet & The Little Mermaid Are A Fabulous Sight To See

No journey through the beauty of Copenhagen would be complete without visiting the sweet Little Mermaid. Let's be honest here - you can't say goodbye to the Danish capital without exploring this iconic statue and the former Citadel of Frederikshavn, namely the Castellet. So, instead of wasting the last days of your Danish trip, why don't you just head along the waterfront from the new port to the citadel buildings?

Besides, let's not forget that the statue of the Little Mermaid - also known as the Den Lille Havfrue in Danish - symbolizes the city of Copenhagen; not to mention that this fantastic bronze sculpture tells the story of Hans Ch. Andersen's fairy tale about the sweet mermaid who left the sea life because of her love for a prince.

10 The Town Hall Square With The Dragon Fountain And Tower

Another fabulous attraction you cannot skip on your sightseeing tour is the Town Hall Square buzzing with locals and visitors all day long. The capital's Town Hall was built in the early 18s and was practically dominated by the Town Hall Square.

The building is a beautiful mix of the typical Italian Renaissance and the traditional Danish architecture from the Middle Ages. The result of this lovely blend is a gorgeous site offering spectacular views and a distinctly European feel. This elegant edifice is tastefully adorned with other notable paintings and significant sculptures. While you're still in town, do not miss the chance to explore the tower as well. Once you've reached the top of this impressive structure, you can enjoy stunning views of the entire city.

9 The Christiania Freetown And Its Beautiful Lake

Initially, Christiania started out as a hippy community about four decades ago. Although it was first planned to be some sort of a social experiment, it was turned into a beautiful tourist attraction. Today this lovely place is open to all residents and tourists, and this unique Freetown manages to lure up millions of visitors on an annual basis. Well, it may not fit the bill for everyone, but this hippy community is one of the country's biggest tourist attractions, and it's functioning pretty well. The so-called Christiania Freetown defies lots of social norms so everyone can live by their standards and rules. For instance, the park encourages its visitors to be more physically active as well.

8 Bakken - The World's Oldest Amusement Park

If you're fond of such amusement parks, then you must visit this folky variant of the Tivoli Gardens and Amusement Park, located in the northern parts of the city. The famous Bakken Theme Park is nicely packed with excellent cafes and restaurants while the kids are offered a wide variety of fun things to do. Although the park has been around since 1583, it's quite a modern and hospitable facility, well equipped with at least six roller coasters and over 30 rides, including the park's best attraction, The Ghost Train.

Apart from all these exciting rides and fun activities at the park, the Bakken Amusement Facility offers excellent train and bus links from the downtown area to the park.

7 The Copenhagen Zoo And Its Charming Residents

While you're still in town, why not go to the west of Copenhagen to explore what lies behind the walls of the Zoological Garden?

Officially known as the Zoologisk Have, the city's zoo park is one of the largest ones in Denmark and Europe. The enclosures were built to imitate the animals' natural habitat as closely as possible. The zoo park opened doors in 1859 and boasts a large number of animals, from pelicans and bird species to polar bears and seals.

As you walk through the entrance, you'll probably see the zoo park's observation tower. Among the most favorite exhibits is the zoo park's bird lake where storks and other animals are often spotted.

6 The Famous Carlsberg Breweries

There's no better way to feel the authentic Danish culture and traditions than with a visit to the Copenhagen's refined Carlsberg breweries. Besides being pretty much the heaven for beer lovers, the breweries are equally fantastic for architecture lovers as well. Outside the main Carlsberg building, there's a lovely range of marvelous warehouses and brick buildings. All of them have been redesigned and repurposed into attractive-looking places for locals and tourists. For instance, the first old brewery, which is also open to the public, is now famous for its true wealth of unique architecture, stable grounds and beautiful art collections, dating from the 19th-20th century. Exciting guided tours are offered to any tourist who wants an overview of the Carlsberg brewery too.

5 The NY Carlsberg Glyptotek Displays Paintings of The Danish Golden Age

Best known as the city's signature art museum, the world-recognized Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek honors the legendary Carl Jacobson whose personal collection has made it such a fantastic location for museum-goers and art lovers. Additionally, the museum was technically created by the respected Carl Jacobson who donated it to the beautiful city of Copenhagen.

From its spectacular interior and exterior details to the mind-blowing views from its rooftop platform, this widely famous museum also boasts unique rotating shows as well as extensive collections of Greek and Roman masterpieces. The museum has also dedicated a section to the modern art, dominated by the Danish Golden age.

4 Slotsholmen: The Core Island In The City's Main Harbor

Slotsholmen is the central core island in the city's main harbor and is filled with many historically significant buildings and structures, such as the royal residence, the Christiansborg Slot, the Supreme Court, etc.

Since the middle ages, the so-called Slotsholmen has served as the active ruling seat of Copenhagen which has also become the city's Christian Town. Other impressive buildings, which are worth exploring, are the Jewish Museum, the Royal Arsenal Museum while a quick visit to the famous Christianborg Palace could be the perfect ending to your sightseeing tour. Thanks to the full range of museums, scattered across the island, visitors can spend days just browsing through the museum's unique art collections and exhibits.

3 The Vesterbro District Is Full of Cozy Cafes And Fine Galleries

The Vesterbro district of the Danish capital is located nearby the city's central train station and offers quite a hippy feel. This considerably new modern hipster zone is quite a fun stop for travelers who can visit lots of high-class galleries and boutique shops while taking in the beauty of the city's impressive architecture. Also, the city's district is also quite famous for its friendly nightlife as well. So, if you're the type of person who'd love to taste the more vibrant and energetic side of Vesterbro and Copenhagen, then we recommend their cozy cafes, bars, and cafes. But if you're mainly interested in their clubs, where you can meet new people, then the district of Vesterbro is the perfect place for you.

2 Ørstedparken Is Perfect For Nature Lovers

As one of the most charming locations in Central Copenhagen, this lovely park is situated along the ruins of an ancient fortification. Here, visitors can walk along well-preserved trails and take in the beauty of the Orstedparken which also boasts a few large ponds right in the middle of it. Visiting the park in early spring or summer is probably the best time of the year since it's simply perfect for picnic lovers as well.

As beautiful as it is, the famous park impresses with its stunning flower gardens and grassy fields and delicious street food. In a nutshell, it's quite a charming location when you want to escape from the busy city life.

1 The Rosenborg Castle Is Full Of Royal Treasures And More!

Nestled in the King’s garden, right in the heart of Copenhagen, the majestic Rosenborg castle was constructed in the traditional Renaissance style. The stunning facade is one of the reasons why it enjoys such worldwide attention. The sandstone, on the other hands, also makes this place a lovely location for daydreamers and romantic couples. The beautiful castle used to be a royal palace until 1710. Today it's equally impressive, but it only serves as an imperial museum with an extensive collection of stunning artwork, paintings, royal crowns and other treasures. Upon entering the famous castle, visitors are instantly hooked on the magical assembly halls and royal chambers that are indeed worth the look.