Disney World may seem like the most wonderful place in the world and in most cases it is. However, there are certain things that may weird you out about Disney World after reading some things you probably never realized about the happiest place on Earth. Disney World is a great place to take your family and have a great time if you want to have a nice getaway vacation. The park is well designed, clean and most importantly safe. All of these things have the potential for a great vacation.

However, the next time you and your family book a trip to Disney World you may notice a few things that you haven't before. The park has a lot of things operating behind the scenes and it may surprise you to know some of these operations. Whether it be the fact that Disney World has a large assortment of tunnels underneath the park or the fact that the Mickey Mouse mascot has over a hundred different variations of clothing. This list won't make anyone not go to Disney World it will just make them notice things they haven't before.

20 The Graveyard Uses Real Names

This one may be a bit disturbing at first. If you walk through the graveyard of the Haunted Mansion you can see actual names on the gravestones. These aren't just made up names either, these are the names of people who helped construct the park. These are just cool easter eggs for patrons to walk by and see who helped make the park a reality. This can also be seen in windows of the buildings along Main Street. This is a neat way of crediting those who worked hard to bring the magic to life!

19 The Park Is As Big As San Francisco

Disney World may not seem that big when you first take a look at it but in terms of park sizes, it is massive. Dinsey World is approximately 40 square miles in size which are around the size of San Francisco. This is why the park takes several days to see everything much less ride and do everything there is to do. Looking at an overhead map of Disney World it is apparent that the amusement park is gigantic and way bigger than any other amusement park ever. So if you are getting ready to go get ready to walk approximately 40 miles if you want to see absolutely everything there is to see in the park.

18 It's Home To The World's Largest Wardrobe

Disney World owns the largest functioning wardrobe in the entire world. This is because each of their mascots has a large array of outfits and suits to choose from. The total number of outfits is around 1.5 million. They are likely all stored in a huge warehouse underneath Disney World where workers can choose their costumes based on the theme at the park. For example, during the summer you can catch Mickey and friends in their summer best. Speaking of Mickey he has over 130 costumes just for himself. Talk about a spoiled character!

17 Their Lost And Found Selection Is Huge

Now that we know Disney World is as large as San Francisco it may come to no surprise that the lost and found is rather large. There are a lot of guests circulating the park every day therefore many guests are bound to lose some things. Everything from lost cell phones to more important things like glasses. They can all be refound at the parks large lost and found center. Yearly averages include lost cell phones to be at 6,000 hats to be at 18,000, and over 200 pairs of sunglasses. With all of this, you will be lucky to find the item you lost through the bins of everything else everyone else lost.

16 Employees Have Their Own Secret Language

Disney World has there employees on lock with different tactics that don't ruin the magic for anyone visiting the park. Mainly this includes a language that employees must follow. It isn't a separate language per say but rather substituting different words for more casual ones. For example, employees are referred to as cast members and you can't refer to your job as work rather refer to it as 'on or off stage'. Disney has even patented their own way to pick garbage up off the ground. It is called the 'Disney Scoop'. There is also the famous 'Disney Point' in which cast members point with two fingers when giving directions so they don't offend anyone.

15 Cinderella's Castle Has A Private Suite

Cinderella's castle is possibly one of the most important parts of Disney World. However, on the inside is where the real magic happens. Many aren't aware that Cinderella has her own private suite located in the castle. Not just anyone can get in as patrons are randomly chosen to tour the princesses private quarters. If you are chosen to enter the suite then you will find a magic mirror that acts as a tv, a royal bed, and even golden tiles that make up the floor inside. This is truly a room fit for a princess such as Cinderella.

14 Specific Attractions Have Artificial Smells

Walt Disney was known for taking advantage of people's senses. During showings of Disney films in theatres, he would make sure that each film came with different scents to compliment the film. The same can be said for Disney World. Certain sections of the park will have different magical smells. Take Main Street, for example, the smell of freshly baked cookies can be smelled ever so slightly if you are walking down it. Other smells have been recorded at different parts of Disney World and it adds an extra dimension to your visit to Disney World.

13 Mickeys Are Hidden Everywhere

While Mickey Mouse himself isn't hidden around the park the iconic symbol representing Mickey Mouse and Disney as a whole is cleverly hidden in many different places of the park. These are more commonly hidden around EPCOT as that side of the park has less of the mascots. Therefore the designers of the park wanted to implement creative ways to remind visitors that they were still at a Disney owned park. Nobody knows an exact number of how many Mickey symbols are around Disney World but one person documented over a thousand.

12 The Park Has A Secret Underground World

The underground world at Disney isn't a myth and it actually exists. This is how employees of the park are able to get to one side of the park to the other easily without having to worry about traversing through crowds. It also helps with the fact that there can never be two Mickey Mouses or Donald Ducks in the same place at the same time, keeping the magic alive for the younger children. There are many restrooms, restaurants, and break rooms for the employees to enjoy during their time away from the crowds.

11 Turkey Legs Are A Staple

Many people would imagine that Disney World has your typical fairground foods. You have your corn dogs and your fries all the way to elephant ears. However, Disney World also brings over something a little strange from the local fairs. That thing is turkey legs. The turkey leg was first introduced into Disney World and since then the food has been a staple. Over 1.6 million turkey legs are bought and consumed at Disney World every year. It is so popular that they even sell merchandise with pictures of turkey legs on them!

10 Largest Employed Area In The World

This may seem like a surprise to some. Disney World has over 60,000 employees all of which need their own checks at the end of the week. Disney World is confirmed to be the world's largest single-site employer in the world. There are so many employees that at times you could see yourself running into an employee rather than another customer. There is a lot to do to keep Disney World operational. Some of these jobs include ride operation, mascot performers, and even park security. This isn't even scratching the surface of the number of jobs Disney World has created.

9 The Toughest Interviewing Process

The interview process to get hired at Disney World may be harder than you think. It may be even harder than you think for mascots to get hired. Disney has a very strict set of rules as to who can play different characters. This includes heights and sometimes even hair color. As for the performers who have to walk around in giant suits all day that also requires specialties. Firstly, it requires special training to be able to not pass out in the suit from overheating. Secondly, you have to learn your specific character's mannerisms as there is only supposed to be one of each character to keep the magic alive.

8 The Cleanest Park You Will Ever See

During the construction of Disney World, it is said that Walt Disney himself went to investigate how people threw away their trash at other amusement parks. He would time how long someone would have to hold on to their trash. Therefore, when in Disney World you will be hard pressed not to find a garbage bin near you at all times. It is also worth noting that there are no gum spots stuck to the pavement or under tables. This is because gum isn't sold at Disney Parks for this very reason. People still bring it in but it does cut down a lot of people just throwing their gum on the ground.

7 Epcot Was Supposed To Be A Full Community

Walt Disney's original idea for EPCOT isn't what EPCOT is today. EPCOT was originally supposed to be a fully functioning community. It was originally thought to be able to host up to 20,000 people and have them live happily in this large community right outside of Disney World. However, with Walt Disney's untimely passing the project was put on halt. The park designers still wanted to implement Walt's ideas for EPCOT but realized that they wouldn't be able to fully push out Walt's ideal EPCOT. Therefore this is why EPCOT exists and why it is different from Disney World.

6 The Park Holds A Presidential Seal

Did you ever think that you would see the Presidential Seal at Disney World? Well, you can by traveling to the Hall of Presidents. This building has several different attractions inside honoring all of America's presidents. If you decide to enter the Hall of Presidents there is a theatre where you can sit down and enjoy a brief film on some of the more famous presidents. Then an animatronic showing of different presidents will begin. This animatronics move and talk like their real-life counterparts. They even give some of their most famous speeches, some noble and some downright embarrassing.

5 The Magic Takes Priority

A place that holds the Magic Kingdom surely has to have magic in it right? That is correct and Disney makes sure that the magic stays alive around the clock. If it wasn't obvious by now the crew and staff are specially trained to keep the magic alive for everyone visiting. The employees are putting on a show after all and they need to keep the act up until the end of the day. This requires large amounts of cooperation and the right set of skills. If Disney World isn't staying magical then there is a problem in the formula and Disney will be quick to fix that problem.

4 Feral Cats Roam The Place

You may be visiting Disney World and happen upon what seems to be a stray cat. This may seem bizarre as Disney World holds its cleanliness in high regard. However, the cats are actually there to help keep the park clean. Disney is so worried about mice and rats becoming an issue that they have released several feral cats to deal with the problem themselves. This may seem like a strange way to handle such a common problem but if it works it doesn't need to be fixed. The feral cats are also all very friendly and will greet guests unless on the hunt.

3 It Is Not An Easy Job

The task of being an employee at Disney World may seem like it is worth it at first. Who wouldn't want to work at the happiest place in the world? Well, that saying only applies until the jobs get hard. Sometimes employees have to make large sacrifices to their job which include free time and even sometimes their jobs themselves. Since Disney holds magic to such high regard sometimes employees especially mascots must sacrifice some of their duties to keep the magic alive and put forth an effort to withhold this magic in the eyes of the guests.

2 Prices To Go To The Park Skyrocketed

If you haven't noticed already the Disney World ticket price is a little expensive. This is especially true when considering not so long ago the ticket price was over ten times less than it is now. In 1971 when the park first opened a ticket which buys access to everything in the park beside food or drink would cost each guest around $3.50. Now the average ticket costs each guest around $90. This is obviously due to several reasons. One reason is inflation which made the price of just about everything goes up since the 70's. Secondly is the park has grown tremendously since then making Disney have to charge more to get their money back.

1 They Maintain A Very Eco-Friendly Environment

Disney World prides itself on being one of the cleanest amusement parks in the world. It also toots its own horn at the fact that the park is eco-friendly. A little south of Disney World is a wildlife preserve that Disney owns. The preserve is 12,000 acres and houses many wetland habitats. Disney bought this preserve back in the 90's to make up for the fact that they stole over forty miles of land to build their parks on. We suppose this sorta makes up for that. It is better than Disney doing nothing at all.

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