Anyone who watches Keeping Up With The Kardashians knows that Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Ko. always take amazing family trips together. And while Kylie Jenner is obviously always participating in those, the 22-year-old also loves taking luxurious vacations with her best friends.

So today we thought we'd take a look at exactly how luxurious those trips in fact are — and not to spoil anything, but get ready to feel extremely jealous. Kylie's besties Anastasia Karanikolaou and Sofia Richie are always there — but so is, surprisingly, her daughter Stormi Webster.

One person who isn't invited to Kylie's trips anymore is her ex-bestie Jordyn Woods, but if you scroll till the end you'll see her in an older pic as well.

So without further ado, here are 20 stunning vacation photos of Kylie Jenner and her entourage!

20 Let's Start Off With One From Before The Whole Jordyn Woods Drama

We all know that Kylie and Jordyn Woods aren't friends anymore — as Jordyn apparently had a thing with Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy Tristan Thompson — but that's beside the point here. All we can think about is how perfect that beach they're all hanging out on looks!

19 Here's This Pic Of Kylie And Her Entourage In Front Of A Private Jet

When Kylie launched her skincare line Kylie Skin earlier this year, she decided to celebrate by taking all of her closest friends (and her daughter Stormi) on a fun trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands. Besides, what better way to promote her the line than with a bunch of Insta-famous girls!

18 Here's Kylie And Her Bestie Stassie Posing On The Turks And Caicos Islands

Anastasia Karanikolaou, also known as Stassie Baby on her social media, is one of Kylie's closest friends. According to Evening Standard, the two ladies have been close friends for over nine years, and they have matching tattoos that read 'Stormi' — the name of Kylie's daughter!

17 Honestly, Friendship Goals

Personally, we love seeing pics of Kylie and Stassie, mainly because they love dressing up in similar clothing and posing for the camera. Every single photo of them together that the two have posted on their social media so far looks like ultimate friendship goals!

16 Here's The Whole Squad Riding Horses By The Beach

Of course, every trip that Kylie Jenner and her squad go on is always full of luxurious adventures. In the pic above you can see the girls riding horses by the beach and honestly — it looks super fun! What we wouldn't do to one day get invited to one of her exclusive girl trips!

15 And Here They Are On A Private Yacht

Private jets and yachts seem to be a part of every single Kylie vacation because let's be real — these ladies are all about luxurious traveling. The photo above was, once again, taken on the Turks and Caicos Islands where the girls seemed to have the time of their lives!

14 Where Kylie And Stassie Did Plenty Of Posing For That Perfect Insta

In case you didn't realize it from the previous photo — all the girls had matching tie-dye bathing suits. And we all know that wearing matching looks means that Kylie and Stassie need to pose for that perfect Insta pic. And once again, the ladies did not disappoint!

13 After Which They Had Some Fun On The Water

Don't be fooled though — the girls might seem like they're all about relaxing on the beach or a yacht, but in reality, they're always up for a fun activity. Yup, it seems as if Kylie and Stassie are true adrenaline junkies — they seem to be having plenty of fun!

12 How Cute Are Kylie And Yris Palmer In Matching Bathing Suits?

Kylie and her squad are all about wearing matching outfits and it's almost as if that's their signature style. Personally, we're totally obsessed with these beautiful cut-out swimsuits, and while we're not sure we could pull them off — we love seeing the ladies rock them!

11 And Here's Kylie And Stassie Relaxing With A View

Name one thing that's better than sitting with a drink in your hand in front of a breathtaking view — we'll wait. Yes, as we thought, there probably aren't many things that are better, which means that we're super jealous of the whole situation you can see above!

10 Obviously The Girls Have Plenty Of Fun Nights Out While On Vacation

While most of their vacation pics are of beautiful beaches and sunny days, occasionally the girls will also share with us what their nights while on vacation look like. Judging from this pic of Kylie and Stassie — their nights look pretty glamorous. And just in case you missed it, look at their matching, super-long braids!

9 Kylie's Childhood Bestie And Scott Disick's Girlfriend Sofia Richie Is Obviously Also Always Invited

Another one of Kylie's very close friends is Sofia Richie, whom Kylie has knows since they were kids. Nowadays, Sofia is dating Kourtney Kardashian's ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Scott Disick, but it seems as if the whole family is completely fine with that. So yes, Kylie and Sofia are still close friends!

8 And All The Ladies Support Kylie's Business Ventures — Even On Vacation

As we already mentioned, the whole trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands that happened this year was a celebration of the launch of Kylie's skincare line Kylie Skin, which is exactly why all of the girls are rocking these cute pink Kylie Skin dresses.

7 Here Are Kylie And Stassie Killing It Once Again At Turks And Caicos Islands

Just when we thought their matching looks couldn't get any better, the two show us these amazing two-pieces they rocked for a night out while on vacation. Frankly, most of us would look pretty ridiculous in them, but Kylie and Stassie definitely pull them off!

6 And How Adorable Is This Pic Of Kylie And Kendall Having Fun In The Water

While Kendall often has to miss out on the trips her sister organizes (because she's a busy model and all), occasionally she does manage to go on one. And when she does, the sisters have the best time together — just look at them jumping off that yacht!

5 You Bet These Ladies Travel In Style

We don't even want to know how much one of those Louis Vuitton bags cost — let alone a whole set! But, of course, we're not surprised that Kylie Jenner has a set of them, considering that she was, after all, proclaimed the youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes Magazine.

4 And Their Kids Always Come Along

Now that Kylie is a mother, we thought that the star would perhaps slow down and not travel as much, but as you can see we were wrong. Kylie always takes little Stormi with her, and it seems as if the one-year-old enjoys traveling just as much as her mother.

3 The Ladies Always Have Plenty Of Fun In Palm Springs

Honestly, with those views who would not have a great time! We're not sure what we're more jealous of — the view of those gorgeous mountains or the size of that giant pool! Seeing how the rich and famous vacation definitely makes us envy their lifestyle!

2 By Now It's Safe To Say That Kylie And Her Squad Have The Best Vacation Pics

This list is definitely full of pics that scream 'vacation goals' and Kylie and her squad definitely know that! Every time the girls go on a trip together they make sure to get plenty of amazing pics of them taken because if it's not on social media did it ever really happen?

1 And Lastly, Here's The True Star Of This List — Stormi Webster!

To wrap things up, here's another pic of the true star of this list — Kylie's daughter Stormi Webster! The little girl already seems to be a big fan of luxurious traveling and we can't wait to see more of her as she grows up. We bet one day Stormi will be a traveling trendsetter!