What comes to mind when you think of Armenia? Well, if you ask us, Armenia certainly evokes images of crimson sunrises, magnificent mountains, drowning in misty clouds, and down-to-earth locals. Realistically, the beauty of Armenia doesn't lie in the bright city lights, nor does it share the majesty and modernness of most European metropolitan cities. But even though this diverse and unique country cannot beat the grandeur, elegance, and delicateness of Paris or Rome, it's got an impressively vibrant and resilient culture, laced with epic historical episodes as well.

Few countries and nations can offer Armenia's ancient and intricate history, and that's the beauty of it. This destination is merely meant to impress the historians while taking the explorers into a whole new world of hazy landscapes, awe-inspiring hills, and unique buildings.

But before you start daydreaming about it, let us tell you something else about Armenia. This otherwise beautiful country is quite the challenge when it comes to first-time travelers - the infrastructure is slightly rough, and most of the locals don't speak English. But outside of these details, you will soon realize that traveling to Armenia is such a rewarding experience. Don't you believe us? Well, then you've got the right to ask for a second opinion, and this happens to be the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Now go ahead and get inspired by Armenia’s diverse landscapes and unique locations that quickly proved to be Kardashian-worthy.

20 The Lovely Victory Park In Yerevan

Armenia happens to be favored by none other than the stunning Kim Kardashian. The proof? Well, that's an easy one for sure. Most of you may not have realized it until now, but Kim Kardashian and her siblings are linked to this unique place. They've got ancestors from this part of the world, so this explains why Kim and Kanye decided to baptize their charming daughter, North West, at an Armenian church in Jerusalem.

Wearing her signature curve-hugging outfit in nude colors, the beautiful and famous Kim Kardashian has recently visited the famous Victory Park in Yerevan - the city's largest park situated just at the top of Cascade.

19 The Statue of Mother Armenia

Located in the city’s Victory Park, The Mother Armenia monument is a 23-meter high statue that overlooks the beautiful capital of Armenia. The construction of this impressive monument and J. Stalin's sculpture began in the middle 90s.

A few years later, after J. St.’s departure, the statue was removed and eventually replaced by today’s famous monument of Mother Armenia, built by a local architect, named Rafael Isr. Today The Mother Armenia monument stands almost 50 meters tall and is one of the city’s best city tourist attractions. Surprisingly, it even enjoyed the glamorous attention of the wildly famous Kim Kardashian and her siblings.

18 The Marriott Hotel of Yerevan

Situated nearby Yerevan's Republic Square, Marriott happens to be one of the most luxurious places in the charming capital of Yerevan. This lavish property boasts stunning exterior that comes with arched windows while the traditional rose-and-white tufa stones only make it a surreal vacation spot. Apparently, it has also proved to be good enough for folks like Kim Kardashian, her sisters, little daughter North West, and beau Kanye West.

Well, you just can't expect that celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would book a less glamorous suite, can you?

17 Taking A Break At The Lebanon Tavern

Alright - it's true that such city taverns are probably the last place where you may expect to see celebrities. But believe it or not, the so-called Lebanon Tavern in Yerevan has got enough charm to sweep anyone off their feet, even if this person happens to be Kim, Kanye or her siblings. During their vacation in the lovely capital of Armenia, Kim, Khloe, and their two cousins were seen savoring delicious tradition meals at the Lebanon Tavern while dancing the night away. These guys didn't even forget to capture the moment with a string of charming photos.

16 The Dolmama Restaurant

Another top-rated restaurant in Yerevan which also enjoyed the glamorous attention of the clan is Dolmama. This restaurant has long been known as one of the best-reviewed eateries in the city of Yerevan; therefore, we can only suggest that Kim and her siblings also enjoyed it.  But besides being a highly-respected restaurant, Dolmama boasts a gorgeous outdoor courtyard and a cozy, almost romantic interior, making it quite perfect to pop some sparkly champagne and savor some Armenian dishes.

From authentic Lebanese and international delicacies, complemented with excellent service, exquisite food quality and inviting ambiance, Dolmama is starting to sound like your new favorite dining establishment in Yerevan as well.

15 Megerian Carpet Museum

Learn more about the carpet-making process at the impressive Megerian Carpet Museum, which was first open in 1917. This private, family-run museum boasts hundreds of antique and modern handmade rugs carpets, all of which are of premium quality.

Upon entering the unique carpet museum, visitors may even get the chance to witness the carpet-making process and the weavers working on their beautiful and intricate patterns.

As one of the most famous carpet companies in Armenia, Megerian Carpets Museum doesn’t forget to treat its international visitors with special attention, many traditional dishes, and amazing Armenian music performances. No wonder why Kim and her buddies adore this country and its lovely museums where they can browse through hundreds of fabulous handmade rugs and carpets.

14 The Beautiful Swan Lake, Yerevan

Primarily known as the Swan Lake, Karapi Lich may be a considerably small human-made lake, but it offers such an ambient atmosphere and charming views that will totally deserve your attention. This beautiful lake sits right across from the city's opera house, and there's an interesting history behind its curious name. Interestingly, this Swan Lake - or also known as Karapi Lich - pays homage to two gorgeous swans that lived in the lake until one day when they suddenly disappeared and never returned. Well, if you ask us, maybe they had sensed the arrival of Yeezy and got scared.

13 The Town of Gyumri Brings Back Some Old Memories

Next on Kim's travel-bucket list was the charming town of Gyumri, Armenia. During their short, but memorable visit here, the Kardashians used their promotional clout to bring more attention to the Armenian country - the nation of Kim’s late father, Robert Kardashian.

Standing right there, amid the decaying ruins of a sheet-metal house without a roof and essential amenities, Kim’s family must have missed their posh Hollywood mansions and estates. But ironically, her ancestors, who first fled the country almost a century ago, also lived in such a tiny, roofless house. Indeed, Kim’s Armenian trip must have been quite an emotional journey, and it cannot be replaced by any other luxury beach resort or Hollywood mansion.

12 The Genocide Museum In Yerevan

Built in the late 90s, the Armenian Genocide memorial complex is, in fact, the country's official memorial which pays tribute to the victims of the genocide. Every year thousands of Armenians come here at the official Genocide Museum in Yerevan to pay their respects and commemorate those who lost their lives in the Armenian genocide. The museum sits on the hill of Tsitsernakaberd, as it welcomes anyone who wants to lay fresh flowers out of respect for the victims. Over the years, many religious figures, politicians and even famous musicians, artists, and celebrities, like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, have also visited the museum with such a historically significant past.

11 Garni Temple, Yerevan

Now that Kim has taken her little daughter to a large number of stunning places around the world, it was about time they also explored the vibrant city of Yerevan. Well, it may not be as glamorous as the Big Apple, but the downtown area is nicely strewn with cozy cafes, high-class restaurants, elegant squares, and 19-century buildings. Speaking of such impressive locations, there's no better way to explore Armenia's culture and history than with a visit to the Garni Temple. Interestingly, this impressive Hellenic-style temple was built in the 1st century AD by an Armenian king who dedicated it to the Goddess of the Sun.

10 The Ancient Geghard Monastery

This medieval chapel, located in the Armenian province of Kotayk, was built somewhere in the early years of the 12th century; however, the monastery is even believed to be much older than that. This impressive complex is set into the beautiful Armenian landscape and is home to a few churches and tombs, partially carved out of the mountain located just across from it. Most of these medieval structures were cut into the rock, which perfectly illustrates the beauty of the traditional Armenian architecture from the old days. The complex, which was once visited by the Kardashian clan as well, is nestled amid towering cliffs while offering quite an easy access to the Azat Valley as well.

9 Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin

Bes known for its rich history and symbolic significance to the locals, The Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin is the actual place where S. Grigor Lusavorich built Mayr Tachar – the first Mother Church of Armenia. Actually, this building is the Vatican of the Armenian Apostolic Church, and it’s believed to be the place where Lusavorich had a divine vision about the future of the world. But besides being a deeply appreciated place of worship for all Christians in Armenia, the compound’s range of museums and chapels also excites travelers with its impressive architecture and serenity.

8 Erebuni Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve

Best known as the top archaeological site in Yerevan, the world-famous Erebuni Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve dates as far back as 782 BC, which is almost three decades before the official establishment of Rome, Italy. But apart from being quite an ancient, yet lesser-known location in Armenia, this place gives us quite an excellent insight into the ordinary lives of some of the greatest kings in the country. Upon entering this impressive archaeological site, visitors will soon reach a Soviet-era museum, located just right at the foot of the hill. Palace excavations, silver drinking horns, and other curious items and artifacts are still very well maintained inside the famous museum.

7 Cafesjian Arts Center

To those who’re easily fascinated by fine garden galleries and vast art spaces, we’d love to suggest a one-day trip to the beautiful Cafesjian's Art Center. The building, which was initially included in A. Tamanyan’s plan to modernize the Armenian capital, boasts two gorgeous external garden galleries and a total of five exhibition halls. Note that both of them are accessed via an internal elevator running until 8 pm. From there, Armenia's enthusiastic visitors can easily reach the platforms where the most impressive art collections of modern sculpture and furniture are displayed.

Housed in an endless flight of stone steps, which later became known as “The Cascade,” this impressive art center is, without a doubt, the city’s biggest cultural attraction.

6 The Symbolic G.U.M Market

Armenia is such a lovely fountain of culture that cannot wait to show you its rich displays of fresh and dried fruits at this covered market, known as the G.U.M Market. This lovely, vibrant place fills the air with the delicious aroma of peaches, cherries, apricots, and so many other mouth-watering foods. In winter, the most popular purchases at the G.U.M market are the syrup-coated nuts, known as sujukh, finely cured ham and gigantic blocks of delicious cheese. Frankly, we don't need any more reasons to visit this delightful marketplace in Armenia but what about you?

5 Yerevan Brandy Factory

Strolling along the charming streets of Armenia’s capital is an excellent opportunity to explore the city’s stolid architecture and ancient past. Today the typical Soviet-inspired architecture is softened by the richness of beautiful blossoming gardens, recreation areas, and charming public squares.

Admittedly, the city becomes a little less fabulous outside of the downtown area, especially when winter rolls along; however, the cold and uninviting weather encourages travelers off the squares and right into the city’s best taverns and distilleries, such as the Yerevan Brandy Company. This fortress-like distillery sits on a hill overlooking the Hrazdan Gorge and boasts full barrels of brandy stretching as far back as the 19th century. Well, this sounds like an excellent way to soften even the coldest winter days, doesn’t it?

4 The Impressive Blue Mosque

How about exploring this blue mosque in Armenia’s capital city? Well, we’re sure that you’ll love its fantastic tiled dome, modest interior and beautiful gardens with flower beds and fountains. This impressive, yet super modest mosque has been around since the 17th century.

A few decades later, this blue mosque was reconstructed with the help of the Iranians and is now the only functioning mosque in the city of Yerevan. But if you really want to visit it, you should dress appropriately. In fact, even Kim Kardashian had to put on a headscarf before exploring Armenia's best places of worship. All in all, women are supposed to cover their bare shoulders and wear a headscarf, especially before entering the special prayer hall.

3 Norarar Pordzarakan Arvesti Kentovon

While you’re still around, we recommend that you stop by the well-appointed art complex and gallery, known as the Norarar Pordzarakan Arvesti Kentovon. The Armenian art center displays extensive collections of the country’s contemporary legacy. The art center also houses Yervand Kochar’s impressive 1959 figure dubbed “Melancholy.” Additionally, Norarar Pordzarakan Arvesti Kentovon is deeply appreciated for the numerous avant-garde concerts and events that are held in the vast auditorium. So, if you’re lucky enough, you may even get the chance to enjoy superb performances and bump into huge celebrities there. How exciting!

2 The Republic Square

In summer, locals love sauntering along Yerevan’s busy streets and blending in with the crowd around the famous musical fountain on the main square. The designer of the old square is Alexander Tamanyan who considered it the central point of the city’s urban planning. The construction of the Republic Square began in the early 90s and continued until 1958.  Originally named after Vladimir Lenin, the city’s main square changed its name in the late 90s. By the time of its completion, most of the today’s Russian-inspired edifices were already finished.

1 St. Lusavorich's Cathedral

Best known as one of the most impressive cathedrals in Armenia, Surp Grigor Lusavorich Cathedral sits atop a hill and comprises of three churches, namely: the ancient Chapel of St Tiridates "The King," and the Chapel of St Ashkhen "The Queen," and the Apostolic Church of Armenia. These two royal figures were fond of St. Gregory’s decision to convert Armenia to Christianity. This spectacular complex was initially built to celebrate 1700 years of Christianity in the country; however, it also seems that it’s getting more and more appreciated and visited by international travelers as well. The cathedral offers minimalistic decoration, thousands of seats for the visitors and no candles at all. Well, this may be atypical for most Orthodox churches, but it certainly makes this one super unique and interesting.

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