Waterfalls are an amazing sight to behold. If you have ever been to Niagra Falls you know that this is true. They are one of Mother Nature's greatest inventions and are always great to stare at and get lost in. Waterfalls are all over the world and range in different sizes. There are large waterfalls that branch into a bunch of smaller waterfalls and there are waterfalls that are simply a small stream of water falling off of a cliff. Either way, waterfalls everywhere can be enjoyed and seen as wonders of nature. Where there lies beauty, there also lies danger. Waterfalls can be dangerous if they aren't handled carefully. Chances are you won't be on a waterfall when visiting it especially if it is Niagra Falls but there is a chance that you could come across a waterfall unexpectantly. There are even some waterfalls in the world where you can go right up to the edge and look off.

This is obviously dangerous but it also gives us a new perspective into the look of a waterfall. There are many images of people looking at a waterfall from afar but how many images are there of people staring down a waterfall. Regardless of the angle, you capture a waterfall its beauty can be enjoyed by all. Waterfalls make for great tourist attractions and are worth checking out if you are vacationing near one.

20 Blue Nile Falls, Ethiopia

The Blue Nile Falls in Ethiopia are large falls that drape over a rather large cliff. The area is known to have a lot of mist that comes from the waterfall and there is sometimes so much of it that it looks as if there is fog in the air.

The steam from the waterfalls is often referred to as the "great smoke".

The waterfall itself is connected to the blue and white Nile rivers. The drop from the waterfall is around 140 ft. and the waterfall stretches to be around 1,312 feet wide. There is also amazing looking foliage around the waterfall to bring it all together.

19 Wallaman Falls, Australia

The Wallaman Falls are unlike any other falls in the world. The main waterfall drops from a mountainous cliff all the way to a small body of water below. The large drop makes the travel time for the water great making the end result of the waterfall amazing.

The Wallaman Falls is in the same area as the Warrgamaygan Aboriginal people's lands when they first discovered this part of Australia.

The total height of the drop is said to be 879 feet. That is definitely a record-breaking height. The land around the waterfall is said to be very sacred and the overall experience will leave you feeling good inside.

18 Yellowstone Falls, USA

Yellowstone National Park in of itself is impressive from its many hiking trails to the wildlife living inside of it. However, the Yellowstone Falls is possibly the best part of Yellowstone National Park.

The Yellowstone Falls is made up of two large waterfalls both of which pass through the park in great ways.

One of the waterfalls is considered to be the largest volume waterfall in the Rocky Mountains. The Yellowstone National Park is the perfect place to get out and enjoy nature and this waterfall just adds to that experience as a whole.

17 Gulfoss, Iceland

There are many amazing waterfalls located in Iceland and Gulfoss is definitely up there with the best. The Gulfoss waterfall travels from the Hvítá river and stretches 105 feet.

It is one of the best tourist spots in the Golden Circle which is a tourist spot along the south coast of Iceland known as Reykjavik.

There are also a few national parks near Gulfoss falls and they are just as amazing. The Gulfoss falls are a great place to visit for a day to take in the falls then take a hike through the nearby Pingvellir National Park.

16 Tat Ton National Park Waterfall, Thailand

The Tat Ton Waterfall is the crown jewel of the Tat Ton National Park located in the middle of Thailand. There are many waterfalls in the area but the Tat Ton Waterfall is by far the most beautiful.

Since the waterfall is located in the middle of a national park that means that there are many trails to be found throughout the park.

If you like to hike this is definitely a cool place to visit and the Tat Ton Waterfall is a great place to end your hike. There is even a historical shrine located in the park called the Chaopho Tat Ton shrine!

15 Krka National Park Waterfalls, Croatia

As with many on this list already the Krka Waterfalls are located in a national park. These falls are located in the Krka National Park in southern Croatia. The Krka waterfalls are made up of more than just one waterfall.

There are seven total waterfalls that make up the Krka falls.

One of the waterfalls known as Skradinski Buk has a small body of water at the bottom of the falls in which people can swim in. It is a nice small watering hole with calm, beautiful, and clear water. There are, of course, hiking trails throughout the park and even a tiny monastery.

14 Terme Di Saturnia, Italy

While these can probably be considered hot springs more so than waterfalls, there are some small waterfalls present near the springs. The Terme Di Saturnia located in Italy is made up of small pools of water where visitors can swim in.

The small pools of water are said to have supernatural properties that calm the human spirit.

The Terme Di Saturnia is located in the small town of Saturnia in southern Tuscany. The water gets to a comfortable 99.5°F and it feels like you can have your own hot tub outside. If you smell something strange it is the sulfur that makes up the small pools. Not a deal breaker but something to keep in mind.

13 Plitvice Lakes National Park Waterfalls, Croatia

Another national park with another amazing waterfall again located in Croatia.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park holds an astounding waterfall standing at 255 feet.

The falls look amazing and it is with the help of the mountains and forests that surround the large falls. The area around the falls has around 16 different lakes. There are many different waterfalls in this national park and each one of them is beautiful in their own way. If you are a fan of lakes and waterfalls this is the perfect place to visit. Not to mention it bolsters a lot of wildlife.

12 Bigar Waterfall, Romania

This is quite possibly the strangest waterfall on this list if not the strongest in the world. The Bigar Waterfall located in Romania is a strange alien looking waterfall. The waterfalls over a large cone of moss and other vegetation to make a large mountainous waterfall. The Bigar Waterfall is located in the Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park and is a quiet place despite the eye drawing nature of the waterfall. The park even offers to lodge in case you want to escape to the great outdoors and really witness this strange waterfall in person.

11 Mulafossur, the Faroe Islands

The Mulafossur Waterfall is located on the Faroe Islands and present natural beauty like we've never seen. The falls reach over large rocky cliffs that lead to the ocean where the waterfall pours into. The Faroe Islands are located in between Scotland and Iceland and from pictures you can tell that something as beautiful as the Mulafoussur waterfall could only belong to a place as pretty as Scotland and Iceland. The Faroe Islands look like they could be a set in a fantasy movie with how green their hills are and how blue the ocean is.

10 Nohkalikai Falls, India

The Nohkalikai Falls are located in Meghalaya which is located in Eastern India. It is known as one of the rainiest places in the world. The waterfalls drop off a huge cliff and the falls reach upwards of 1,100 feet. The falls are surrounded by luscious patches of greenery which include forests and the occasional field. The area below the falls is almost an entirely different place. There are small villages located near the bottom of the falls and there are even small bridges made to help cross over the falls for viewing. The waterfall definitely fits in with all the green surrounding it making it look even prettier.

9 Yumbilla Falls, Peru

The Yumbilla Falls located in Peru is one of the most unique falls in the world. For one they are the most difficult falls to access and some of the most dangerous.

The Yumbilla Falls is considered to be the fifth largest waterfall in the world and that is saying something.

The total distance to the ground is 3,000 feet. The area below the falls is a bustling jungle full of green everywhere you look. The journey is long to get to the falls and requires a total of three hours to get there. Two hours from a town called Cuispes, then another hour on foot.

8 Vettisfossen, Norway

The Vettisfossen Waterfall is one of Norway's largest waterfalls standing at 902 feet in the air. Located in the central region of the country, this waterfall can only be reached through an hour hike to the lower end of Utladalen Valley, a beautiful place within itself. The waterfall itself is encased by two cliffs making it hidden away from anyone unknowing of its existence. The area surrounding it looks like a scene from Game Of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. The way the green vegetation mixes with the cold and brooding waterfall makes for a beautiful scene.

7 Yosemite Falls, the USA

The Yosemite Falls is one of the greatest waterfalls in the US. It is located in Yosemite National Park in Nevada. The Yosemite National Park is an amazing accomplishment by mother nature on its own but adding in the Yosemite Falls Yosemite National Park is a must go. The Yosemite Fall is so large that it is divided into three sections the first section being the biggest. The first/highest one is considered one of the tallest waterfalls in the world and extends to be 1,430 feet. The lower two parts of the waterfall almost equal that.

6 Pliva Waterfall, Bosnia, And Herzegovina

For many of the waterfalls on the list, you have to hike several miles to get to them or get to a town that will take you to them. However, that is not the case for Pliva Waterfall which is located in the middle of a small town named Jajce located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. While the waterfall itself isn't topping any height records standing only at 50 feet the waterfall is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. This is probably partly due to the nice town that lays upon its backdrop. Some of the buildings in this town even date back to the 1400's.

5 Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

The country of Iceland is stock full of waterfalls despite its size. One of the more impressive waterfalls in the country is known as Seljalandsfoss located in south Iceland. The total height of the waterfall is only around 200 feet.

However, what makes this waterfall so unique is the fact that you can see every side of the waterfall.

The grass around the waterfall is a very saturated green and the blue skies combined with the blue water collecting at the base of the waterfall makes for a pretty sight. The area is also secluded enough to where it feels like you are visiting another planet.

4 Multnomah Falls, the USA

Unlike most waterfalls on this list, the Multnomah Falls are located only a few miles from civilization. In fact, the Multnomah Falls is located right between the towns of Corbett and Dodson in the state of Oregon. The falls reach up to 620 feet and there is a small wooden bridge that goes over a part of the falls which will give a picture perfect view. The trees that surround the area also add to the beauty and it makes it even better when it is autumn when the colors of the leaves change to make the scene even more pretty.

3 Havasu Falls, the USA

This is another one of those waterfalls that you have to hike for what seems like an eternity to get to. The total hike to reach the Havasu Falls is a little more than 4 hours if you are walking at a decent pace. The Havasu Falls is located in the Grand Canyon and is part of the Havasupai Indian reservation which consists of five waterfalls in total. Since it is a protected reservation you need a permit to hike on it. They do provide lodging for anyone who doesn't want to make the four-hour hike to the waterfall.

2 Iguazú Falls, Brazil, And Argentina

This is quite possibly the most impressive waterfall on the list! Save the best for last!

The Iguazú Falls borders both Brazil and Argentina and is considered the largest waterfall system in the world.

It is no surprise that it has earned that title when looking at the pictures of the Iguazú Falls. The falls have a very unique shape to them as they look similar to that of staircases where the water falls down each step until they reach the bottom. There are many different waterfalls in this large waterfall system and each one of them contains their own beauty.

1 Rhine Falls, Switzerland

The Rhine Falls are quite popular in Europe and are known to be the largest falls in Europe. The waterfall originated during the last ice age and it has been roaring ever since. Rhine Falls has a unique area of viewing for people who want to live life on the edge a bit more (literally). There is a small rock island in the middle of the waterfall where you can get a unique perspective on the waterfall. If you stand on the small island it is said that you can feel the water shaking the ground beneath you. Rhine Falls are not waterfalls to be messed with as they are the largest and therefore the most dangerous falls in Europe.

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