Drones are useful inventions as they can be used in a variety of ways. One of these ways is to get video footage that we otherwise wouldn't be able to produce unless for the fact that we have small drones to fly high up and get great angles. With the advocation for drones behind many big YouTube personalities a few years ago the sale of drones has increased and YouTube has shown the public just how powerful these small devices are. The video footage used is movie quality and is usually filmed in full high definition with audio depending on the make and model you get.

With this, however, there have been some negative uses with these devices. Many people have had privacy issues with drones invading on their property. This has resulted in many businesses and public places banning the use of drones. However, this hasn't stopped some people from trying to get the best angle of anything below them. With the wide range that a drone can cover sometimes, it can pick up some strange and disturbing things. Some of these things include wildlife while others feature natural disasters from angles that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

20 Close Encounter With A Whale

While this is no shark attack this drone footage of what getting close to local swimmers at a beach will still make people who fear the ocean a little uncomfortable. A large whale can be seen just below three swimmers who seem unaware of the whale's presence. Whales are usually nonharmful to human beings and it seems the whale in the video has no interest in the swimmers so close to it. Luckily this wasn't a more harmful type of whale and we're sure the swimmers consider themselves lucky if the drone operator ever told the swimmers.

19 The Creepy Cornfield Clown

The creepy clown craze that took place back in 2016 still has the internet fearing for their safety. Many videos have surfaced from the clown craze and are being shared around the internet to people who have Coulrophobia (the fear of clowns). This specific footage comes from a drone operator who was flying their drone through a cornfield when it discovered an oddly colorful entity in the middle of the field. When the drone flew closer it revealed the figure to be a person dressed as a clown. The drone and the clown had a standoff before the clown took off running with the drone following the person.

18 Exploring A Ghost Ship

Ghost ships are a term used for ships that have been abandoned and are either crashed or lost at sea floating aimlessly. Some drone footage surfaced that shows an in-depth tour of a ghost ship that is floating in the middle of the ocean with no known origin. The ghost ship is creepy and obviously very old as it has a large amount of rust on it. The drone was only able to fly around the exterior of the ship as getting inside the ship would be hard to maneuver for the drone. The last thing you'd want your drone to go missing is a ghost ship in the middle of the ocean.

17 The Santa Rosa Fires

This is sadly the result of a large wildfire that lost control and took many buildings and homes with it. The fire is named after the street it started on known as Tubbs Ln. and it began on Oct. 8th and didn't stop until Oct. 31 of the same year. Almost a full month of burning the fire did extreme amounts of damage knocking over 5,000 houses and buildings. It is by far one of the worst wildfires in history and the bulk of the people who were affected were in the Santa Rosa area. It is important to remember not to underestimate the potential danger of wildfires.

16 The Vanuatu Volcano

This drone was able to capture someone in a lifetime opportunity footage of a magma pit inside a volcano. We don't need to tell you why this is a risky place to be for scientists and before drones it was hard to get great footage to study magma and volcanoes in general. This assignment saw the destruction and loss of several drones that flew too close to the sun, or to the magma in this case. However, the lost drones were worth the end product; amazing footage that many people can't replicate without risking their lives in the pit of a volcano.

15 Discovering A Ship Graveyard

This shipyard is located in Staten Island in New York and acts as a haunting ground for old ships and their crew. The place isn't just a graveyard for these ships as many rumors suspect the place to be haunted. This drone footage gives an in-depth look at the graveyard and the ships in it. The port was once used during WWII as a scrapyard for ships where the owner would salvage war-torn ships for their valuable materials. However, the influx of ships became too much for the owner and it soon became a dumping ground for old ships making it impossible to go through them all the business shut down and this is all that remains.

14 Strange Portal In The Water

A drone flying high above Lake Berryessa found this strange hole int he water that seems like a sinkhole but in the water. The hole in the water has caused confusion for many and many say that the sinkhole is a portal to another dimension. Luckily this is no such thing. The hole is simply a drain to drain some of the water when rainfall causes scarily high water levels. The effect the drain causes on a large body of water is still mysterious and fascinating to look at. The spillway spills all of the water to a nearby creek and creates a safe mechanism for water level control.

13 Destruction Of The City Of Mosul

One of the best features of drones is their ability to capture the bird's eye view of anywhere. This amazing shot comes from a drone flying high above the City of Mosul. This picture shows the ruins of The Great Mosque located in the central area of Mosul. The mosque was one of the most important parts of the cities history having been built in the 1100's. In 2017 the city was sadly assaulted by evil forces that constantly berated the city with missile strikes until all that was left was ruins. This image encapsulates just how devastating attacks on a city can be.

12 Pork For Breakfast

This drone footage shows something that many people probably never would have thought they would see in their lifetime. It shows footage of a crocodile swimming through a lake with its next meal in its mouth. Apparently, the crocodile is going to eat well as it had a whole pig in its mouth carrying it alongside it. The crocodile was likely bringing the pig back to its family to feed them for a few days. The sight was really strange for many to see and it is a miracle that the drone operator was able to capture the once in a lifetime footage to share with many online.

11 Investigating Crop Circles

Crop circles have been one of the most discussed urban legends in the world. Whether or not aliens come down to Earth to make these shapes in fields of corn or if it is just farmers rallying together to keep the rumor alive we may never know. However, what we do know is that ariel footage of crop circles is really mesmerizing and amazing to look at. One drone operator came across several small crop circles that looked strangely out of place to be done as a hoax. The drone operator believes that the crop circles are actually from real aliens but many are still skeptical.

10 Black Eyed Creatures

This drone footage comes from a drone operator who is flying their drone through an open field towards a large forested area. They are obviously chasing something as the drone is moving fast towards a lot of trees. Once the drone approaches the trees it slows to a stop to regain balance. Once the drone focuses on the forest's horizon the drone spots a creature standing in the woods. Its eyes are black and it is idly staring back at the drone. The location was also noted to have seen the strange creature there before which might be why the drone operator was there in the first place.

9 El Nino

This image was captured by use of a drone and it seems without the drone's unique capabilities this devastating photo may not have been able to be captured. This image was taken from a video that shows the collapse of this mountainside due to the constant erosion from El Nino. Finally, the cliff had enough and the drone captured the devastating collapse. Thankfully the residents of the homes affected were evacuated and no one was hurt in the incident. This video shows the power erosion can have over time and how it can affect areas that are more prone to storms.

8 Bigfoot Spotting From Above

Drone footage was uploaded to the web a while back claiming to have proof that Bigfoot actually exists. Bigfoot is one of the most famous urban legends and claims of the creature existing have been popping up on the internet for years. So what makes this drone footage different? In most Bigfoot spotting cases there is a giveaway that the footage or pictures are fake. However, in this drone footage, it is hard to tell how the footage would have been faked. It could be the age-old 'someone in a suit' prank but the way the creature moves makes it seem hard for a human to move like that especially in a large suit.

7 The Wreck That Is The Pontiac Silver Dome Stadium

The Pontiac Silver Dome Stadium was built back in the 1970's and cost around 50 million dollars to construct. Not even 50 years later the stadium now looks like this. A drone flew over the stadium in 2015 and showed what was left of the stadium. The stadium was fairly popular in its day as it hosted many famous events such as a Super Bowl and even a sold-out Elvis concert among other things. The stadium started to fall in 2002 and hasn't been the same since. The city has tried to turn the stadium into something else such as a monster truck rally or a soccer stadium but all efforts have failed. The condition has just worsened since this image was taken and it seems all hope is lost for this stadium.

6 Stuck On A Wind Turbine

This image/video may be a bit disturbing upon first look. However, when you realize that the man up high on this wind turbine is up there by choice you become less worried. A drone operator was flying his drone randomly and spotted the hatch on a wind turbine was open and decided to investigate. The operator originally thought the person on the turbine was a worker and decided to fly closer. This revealed the supposed worker to be sunbathing on the wind turbine. It is unknown if the person was actually a worker or just someone who got access to the turbine and really likes heights.

5 The Ruins Of Chernobyl

Chernobyl is by far one of the worst nuclear accidents the world has ever seen. It made a wasteland that was once Chernobyl and most of the buildings that weren't demolished are now abandoned. This picture comes from a drone operator that flew their drone in close to a building that is most likely filled with radiation. The building is abandoned and looks like it is haunted. This is just one of the many examples of the horrors contained within the Chernobyl disaster. The area affected is still dangerous to enter but with the help of drones, we can start to explore more of the devastation.

4 The Destruction Hurricane Maria Brought

Hurricane Maria was one of the worst hurricanes that ever hit Puerto Rico and this is just one example of the pure destruction that Hurricane Maria brought upon Puerto Rico. This image shows what appears to be a highway that is completely ripped apart to where it is now unusable. Parts of the concrete were flung into nearby bodies of water and power lines are downed along the highway. The photographer who took this picture with their drone commented saying the surrounding area looked as if an atomic bomb went off.

3 Proof Mermaids Exist?

An image surfaced on the internet a few years ago that may have proven the existence of mermaids. An aerial view above what appears to be the ocean shows small creatures surfacing. The drone operator claims that these creatures are small mermaids. The image is small and very blurry but you can make out the shape of a mermaid as it has been described in legends. If this proves the existence of mermaids then there could be much more to be discovered in the way of urban legends. It is said that over half of the ocean has yet to be explored. There could be humanoid mermaids swimming beneath its surface.

2 Ghost In The Theatre

This drone footage was taken in an old theatre that is rumored to be haunted. The image was taken with a drone which is a strange device to go ghost hunting with but it worked out for the better. The drone operator captured what appears to be a humanoid figure lurking on one of the balconies above the drone operator. The figure is small but the operator claims that there was no one up there. The drone also used the heat signatures to pick up anything that may have any heat and it picked up this figure. This could be proof that this old theatre is haunted and could be one of the first times a ghost was captured using a drone.

1 Tornado Aftermath

Tornados are some of the worst natural disasters that can happen inland away from oceans besides earthquakes. They are large cyclones of debris and wind that destroy anything in their path if powerful enough. The worst tornadoes typically happen in the Midwest sections of the United States. These areas present flat lands that tornadoes use to gain traction and destroy the few houses in its way. This image was taken from a drone operator who was flying above the ruins of a tornado that just ripped through a house.