20 Strangest Things TSA Confiscated At The Airport

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is also known as 'the long lines we wait in before we can fly.' And while the security lines for the airport are sometimes long and taxing (no one wants to take off their shoes, coats, and belts, only to put them back on again), we have them for a reason. And we should be thankful for it.

Without the TSA, the thousands of flights that take flight a week wouldn't be as safe as they are. It's because of the TSA's regulations that they confiscate some pretty interesting commodities. From animals that aren't in the proper cages to objects that shouldn't even be in the presence of a human being, the good people at the TSA have seen it all. Let's take a look at 20 things the TSA has confiscated that most definitely won't be on the next flight.

20 Luggage Is Not Where Cats Belong


The beauty of flying these days is we can bring our beloved pets with us. If they're registered TSA animals, they can fly with their owners. If not, they can still be properly stored in the belly of the plane with the other animals. But in this instance, Slim the cat was discovered in a checked bag and was immediately handed over to the local Humane Society.

19 Sssssss....


Do you remember that movie called Snakes on a Plane? Well, that movie came to life in a strange way. A Ball Python was found inside a stocking in someone's checked bag flying out of Miami International Airport. Even more interesting, the woman who tried smuggling this python to Barbados, hid the snake-stocking inside a computer hard drive! She obviously knew what she was doing was wrong if she went through all that effort.

18 Is There A Mr. Freddy Kruger On This Flight?


We all love a haunting movie around Halloween but that doesn't mean we can bring those movies to life. This Freddy Kruger hand was found inside someone's carry-on bag at the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. If the person put this "hand" in their checked-bag, it would have been fine. But the fact that it had razors for fingers made it unsuitable for a carry-on.

17 Here, Pretty Birdy!


As it turns out, there are more people than we'd like to admit who try to smuggle exotic animals into other countries — which is highly illegal. Here, a woman tried bringing this beautiful bird in a checked-bag. It was wrapped in socks to keep it contained, which couldn't have been too comfortable for this tiny cutie. Thankfully, the TSA confiscated the bird and questioned the woman.

16 That's One Dangerous Belt


Thanks to the technology that TSA has today, they can see even the sneakiest and tiniest of things. While the image above may look like a belt to us, there was actually a small knife hidden in the buckle. Who knows what this person was planning to do with the knife (whether it was for the plane ride or after the plane ride), but flying with a knife in your clothing is a big no-no.

15 I Don't Think Most Playstation Games Include Blades


You don't need to be a hardcore gamer to enjoy playing Playstation or Xbox.  You also don't need to be a genius to realize that most gaming consoles don't come with razor blades in them. According to the TSA, razor blades are allowed to be in checked-bags (out of harm's way) but are not allowed in carry-ons.

14 Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, That Knife Is Not For You


If you're flying somewhere special and want to bring flowers for the ride, it's absolutely acceptable. What's not acceptable is sneaking a knife within those flowers (or any other object, really). The sharp bouquet of flowers was confiscated at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and is another reminder that flowers are a great greeting gift, knives are not.

13 Why Does One Need A Bag Of Moose Poop?


We have no real answer to this. We have no idea why someone was trying to carry moose feces with them or what they were planning on doing with it. Nevertheless, it's not allowed as a carry-on. It's deemed unsafe and shouldn't spread throughout different cultures or countries. I'm sure TSA definitely had to hold their noses for this one.

12 Don't Be Crabby


Did you know you can fly with a crab, both in your carry-on and your checked bag? However, the crab needs to be properly documented and in the proper bowl/container. This crab, however, was not in the proper travel container, which was then confiscated. If you are flying with a crab in the future, TSA recommends you call to make sure you are traveling in the safest way.

11 This Is One Rice Wine You Can't Buy In The Store


Rice wine is made of fermented rice and is very popular in Asia. What's not very popular, though, is finding reptiles within rice wine... At the Ontario International Airport, a cobra and scorpion were found (dead) within the rice wine bottle. Funny enough, you can actually fly with this in a checked-bag. The only reason why this was confiscated is that it exceeded the liquid amount in the bag.

10 This Big Guy Was In A Real Pinch


Similar to crabs, lobsters can also fly on a plane if they are properly taken care of and stored. This big boy was confiscated at the Boston Logan Airport for not being properly taken care of for the flight. If the traveler did their homework, this guy could have easily flown. We doubt it's an ESA lobster but who knows anymore!

9  Cuz Baby, You're A Firework


Celebrating your nation's independence day or New Year calls for a celebration. And while fireworks are perfect for any celebration, they are not allowed to be flown with. Who knows why this person wanted fireworks in the air with them, but for whatever reason, if one of those fireworks went off, the plane would be in absolute chaos.

8 Be Beary Careful


Did anyone else know that bear repellent was a thing? We're not even sure what is in a repellent to make bears want to stay far, far away from someone but nevertheless, you cannot fly with it. Bear repellent can be stored in a person's checked-bag but not in someone's carry-on. In this instance, it's larger than the four-ounces allowed and there are active ingredients in it deeming it unsafe.

7 This Bear Was So Big It Needed A Ticket!


This bear had no sharp weapons or animals hidden inside of it, it was just very, very big. Apparently, a famous YouTube star tried flying with this bear to see if it would work, and TSA sadly flagged it. The bear was much bigger than the average carry-on, which means it needed its own ticket to be able to fly.

6 Those Eels Are Erie


It's not every day we see an eel in the wild nor do we see them on planes. These electrical species were confiscated after they were smuggled from France. They hid the eels in a bag of water within their luggage, as if that was suitable care. The two people in question were hit with a major fine and these eels were returned to their natural habitat.

5 No Need For Yard Work On A Plane


It's surprising seeing what people think is suitable to fly with! Here, a person tried to bring a chainsaw on a plane as a carry-on through the Albany International Airport. Funny enough, they're allowed in your checked-bag (if they fit) as long as there's no fuel. It's considered a "hazmat" and is not safe to fly with.

4 Look Familiar?


At first glance, the contents in the image look like a flower pot that's been smashed to pieces, but it's actually a human skull hiding within a clay pot! Found at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport, this carry-on quickly became a crime scene. Apparently, the person carrying these pots just bought them from a local shop and had no idea the skull fragments were hiding inside!

3 No Entrance

How Stuff Works

Uh, it's not every day we see a chastity belt! Those things are slim to none in this day and age, and yet a TSA agent found one. In 2012, a woman went through a TSA body scanner where they noticed she was wearing a chastity belt under her clothes. Since she didn't have the key (lol), TSA couldn't take it off her and allowed her to keep it on!

2 Snakes And Stockings


Why people even try to get things (especially animals and reptiles) through TSA is beyond me. The technology is so good these days that they can pick up on everything. Here, a person hid a rare snake within a rolled-up stocking and hoped no one noticed. But again, no snakes on a plane!

1 Puppies Need Air, Fools!


Puppies and dogs are totally allowed on planes, both above and under the plane. But in this case, a little Chihuahua was confiscated after a person tried putting it within their checked luggage. As it turns out, the owner acted as if they had no idea their dog was in the bag, but how do you not realize something like that?

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