20 Strange Photos Captured On Airplane Runways

Airplane runways are usually all business due to safety concerns. Believe it or not, though, airports are a popular place for special events that draw tons of people. They also attract unwanted visitors at times, and with so much traffic, they are susceptible to surprises.

Airport personnel has plenty of crazy stories. For the most part, they try to keep these things under wraps, so they do not scare passengers, though. However, sometimes, photographers or travelers are lucky enough to snap a funny photo of the otherwise strict setting.

Everyone seems to love seeing things that are out of the ordinary. So, we put together a list of the strangest photos taken on airport runways. From crazy landings to uninvited quests, this list has it all. You won't believe some of the things that happen just minutes before your plane takes off. Take a look for yourself.

20 Cows Pulling Planes for Charity

via St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Planes are usually seen traveling down the runway at nearly 200 mph, except when Chick-fil-a cows are pulling them. Surprisingly, these events are pretty standard, and they support a good cause. Charities and special organizations around the world participate in these plane-pulling competitions to raise money.

19 Fashion on the Runway

via The Glossy Magazine

This fun photoshoot for a prom clothing line brings a whole new meaning to runway fashion. The setting is fantastic, and the outfits are great, but the photographer's ability to capture the models looking like they are actually about to take off is genuinely remarkable.

18 Sunbathing Seal

via USA Today

A sunbathing seal is a huge problem for a plane trying to land or take off. Warming up on the runway might not seem very smart, but this seal found one of the best places to catch some rays. The dark-colored asphalt gets warmer than most areas.

17 Delayed Flight

via Livestly

These businessmen must have an important meeting to attend. They are just waiting to board their plane. On second thought, waiting for your aircraft is not all that strange. However, it is not every day you see people lined up on the runway to board a plane that hasn't arrived.

16 Rush Hour on the Runway

via Frank Spee @ Flickr

Airports are known for having delayed flights, but traffic jams are a little less ordinary. Air traffic control must have had their hands full this day. These planes are lined up waiting for an open runway to make their departure, and a passenger was able to catch it on camera.

15 Doggone Fun at St. Louis International Airport

via DevonTT @ Flickr

This Airport is right next to a dog park, which is great for people traveling with pets. However, there is a fence between the two properties. So, you have to drive to the park if you want to allow your furbaby to let loose after a long flight.

14 Dog on Duty

via USA Today

While it looks like this dog is having fun, he is actually on duty. Birds are a big problem at airports. They can cause major issues when planes are landing and taking off. So, as strange as it seems, airports employ dogs to keep runways clear.

13 Moose on a Mission

via Eielson Airforce Base

There is a moose on the loose at Eielson Airforce Base in Fairbanks, Alaska. The base is just southeast of Moose Creek, Alaska, and moose sightings are common here at certain times of the year. In fact, military personnel members even learn how to handle moose encounters.

12 Jet Engine Photo Op

via presleybeane.com

It is not every day you see a group of women posing in a jet engine. However, these four decided to take the opportunity at a Special Olympics event. Seeing them piled inside the massive piece of machinery gives you an idea of just how big these engines are.

11 Lonely Lost Luggage

via Idealog

It is no wonder lost bags are a huge issue when you travel. Look at this lone bag. It is unlikely this person will ever retrieve the contents of their suitcase, at least not for a while. Hopefully, they planned on doing some shopping while they vacationed.

10 Determined To Get Onboard

via The Mirror

A half-naked man is seen running down the runway in this photo. It almost looks like he was trying to catch his flight. However, officials say he was trespassing on the property before he jumped on the wing of an aircraft. Police arrested him on charges related to the event.

9 Walking Down the Runway

via Triple Humer Limos

Most bridal parties walk down the aisle. This group opted for a larger venue, though. There are so many great things about having your wedding at the airport. The pictures are one of a kind, and as soon as you say "I do," you can take off on your honeymoon.

8 The Belly of the Beast

via Pinterest

The Boeing Dreamlifter is like the mother of all aircraft or at least a stork. When manufacturers complete a new plane, they load all the parts in the Dreamlifter. Upon arriving at the given destination, the giant hauler is unhinged, and the parts emerge ready for assembly.

7 Red Carpet Runway

via Newsweek

This photo is not a throwback from the 1950s when flying was a glamorous occasion, and travelers flew in their most elegant clothes. These airport employees aren't preparing for ordinary passengers, either. They are rolling out the red carpet in preparation for the arrival of Nigerian diplomats.

6 Double Runway Rainbows

via Delta

Open spaces are perfect for taking photos of rainbows. However, it is not very often you see two complete rainbows, especially over the runway. The unusual location makes for a spectacular picture and a great way to start a trip. Thanks to Delta Airlines for sharing.

5 Beachfront Flight

via Wikipedia

Watching planes land right above you is pretty cool, but signs along the beach actually warn spectators to stay away from the airport fence. Apparently, the force of the planes taking off can be quite powerful and result in injury or worse.

4 Piper the Runway Patrol Dog

via Daily Detroit

This proud pup worked at the Traverse City Airport in Michigan alongside his owner, airport operations manager, Brian Edwards. During his career, he chased off numerous mammals and more than 8,000 birds to keep passengers safe.

3 Planes and Trains

via Unusual Places

When you think of runways, you do not typically think of trains. However, the engineers that designed this layout thought it was a good idea to build the airport right through the existing train tracks. We only hope air traffic control is paying attention to the train schedule.

2 Running on the Runway

via Budapest Business Journal

So, this picture looks crazy. Hundreds of people running at the airport is not something you see often. These events are quite common around the world, and they tend to draw pretty large crowds, as you can see. After all, it is a pretty great location for a marathon.

1 Floating Runway

via TripSavvy

In Japan, planes take off on a floating, or should we say sinking, island. That is right; this airport is on an artificial island that is getting closer and closer to sea level with every passing year. And, if that isn't scary enough, it is not level either.

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