20 Strange But True Facts About Airplane Food

It's finally time to take that vacation that you booked what feels like forever ago. You've arrived at the airport, gone through security, bought some fun magazines, and now you're boarding the plane. Your stomach starts rumbling, and you realize that the snacks you have aren't going to cut it. You want a real meal, but maybe you're only flying for an hour or two so there isn't going to be any food served. Or perhaps you've had some less than great food on a plane before, so even though you're hungry, you're a bit apprehensive.

Many people feel that food served on airplanes isn't exactly the same in a gourmet or fancy restaurant. But as it turns out, there are a lot of things that you should know about this food, and some things are pretty weird.

Read on to find out 20 strange but true facts about airplane food.

20 White Noise Will Contribute To The Food Tasting Off

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Metro.co.uk says that when you have some food on a plane, it can taste a bit off and it can seem like you're not really experiencing it the way that you would if you weren't flying.

This is actually because of the white noise that is on the plane. While this might seem really wild, it's a completely true fact.

19 The Water Isn't That Clean

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The Daily Meal says that the water on planes isn't very clean and suggests that people remember this when ordering tea or coffee.

Yikes. That's definitely not something that travelers want to hear, especially if you're really craving a hot cup of Joe. Hopefully, the airport Starbucks won't have a super long line and you can grab something before your flight.

18 The Airlines Have To Be Super Careful About Measuring Everything (Or It's Costly)

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Airlines can end up paying more money if they don't measure like crazy, so another strange fact about airplane food is that weighing every single thing that is put on a plate is super crucial.

According to Bravo TV, "American Airlines ran an audit that determined the airline could save $40,000 per year if it removed just one olive from each food tray in first class."

17 The Food Comes With More Salt And Sugar Than It Should

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You know when you've eaten a bunch of potato chips or maybe gone out with friends and had nachos plus sweet potato fries? (Sounds like the best thing ever.) You definitely feel the effects of having a lot of salt.

Well, that's how you will feel when eating on a plane. Cosmopolitan notes that the food on airplanes has more salt and sugar than it really should.

16 Flight Attendants Can't Eat The Food That People Don't

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Vocal.media says that flight attendants could be fired and get in trouble for eating food that the people on the previous flight didn't finish.

That's surprising to hear, right? It does seem strange since you would think that being able to grab some of this food would be one of the perks of the job.

15 Food From Airlines Is Sold In India At Markets

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According to Ranker, there are places in India where "you can find airplane food at very reasonable prices. Some of the contraband is sold by airline employees sneaky enough to get it off the plane."

Hmmm. Would you buy it if you saw it on the street or in a market? Probably not, right?

14 Meat Is Cooked A Little Then Completed On The Plane

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Vocal.media says that instead of cooking meat all the way through, airlines will complete the cooking of these proteins on the plane.

This is another strange but true fact about airplane food that is honestly a bit mind-boggling. As the publication explains, a "steam oven" is used and "Beef is actually cooked 30 percent and chicken only 60 percent before being served."

13 Recycling Isn't A Thing, Which Seems Strange

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So Yummy says that airlines don't recycle.... which is a weird thing to hear. This is particularly confusing since airplane food comes with a lot of containers (and a lot of plastic) so it seems like recycling would be the best thing to do. As the publication explains, "according to the International Air Transport Association, nearly 6 million tons of trash are produced yearly."

12 You Might Want To Skip The Eggs Which Are Fake

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Eggs are a super common food to eat in the morning for so many reasons. They're so quick to prepare but also so delicious.

Cheat Sheet says that the eggs on airplanes are fake... so that's another food that you might not want to eat when you're headed somewhere fabulous.

11 Once There Was Actually A Moth In Someone's Meal

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So Yummy says that one very unlucky customer actually was eating an airplane meal and found a moth. Yes. A moth. It wasn't alive, but we can't really decide if that makes it better or worse. It's probably the same either way. How could that possibly happen?! It's just too weird to imagine.

10 The Meals Were Made A Couple Of Days Ago

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News.com.au says that meals that you enjoy on the plane (although according to some of these facts, "enjoy" might be a pretty loose term) were made a few days ago.

You might not want to hear that but you might not have thought that this type of food was super fresh, either.

9 While Meals With Tons Of Sauce Can Look Gross, They'll Taste Better

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When you're choosing which meals to get on a plane, would you pick out the meal that comes totally drenched in sauce or would you think that looks way too gross?

Even if you would typically say that the latter is true, this is actually the type of food that you want to be eating when you're flying to your destination. Taste.com.au says this is because food gets so dried out.

8 Breakfast Doesn't Always Make Sense

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Someone writing for Scmp.com said that they got a chocolate cake, a croissant, and fruit on a plane once... and that was supposed to be breakfast.

It's definitely interesting to hear that breakfast can look super different depending on what flight you're taking. As we can see from the picture, even that cake doesn't look very good.

7 Pilots Don't Eat The Meals That Everyone Else Does

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Redbook says that pilots don't eat the meals that everyone else on the plane does.

Why does this rule exist? So they don't get ill from the food. Okay... but... that makes us wonder, then why is it okay that everyone else eats it? Could everyone else get ill, too?

6 Airplanes Are Dry So It's Tough To Taste Food (And Smell)

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City Lab says that it's not only tough to taste food on an airplane because it's just such an incredibly dry environment but it's hard to smell food as well.

If you've ever found that your nose seemed affected by being on a plane (and maybe you get congested or just feel that you can't smell things properly), then this is definitely why.

5 You Can Actually Taste Tomatoes More When You're Flying

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Holidayextras.co.uk says that when you're on a plane, you can taste tomatoes a lot more than usual. This sounds so weird and wild but it's another fact that is actually true.

Maybe order a meal that includes tomatoes and test it out for yourself? Or better yet, bring some fresh, delicious tomatoes and see how it goes. It could make the flight more entertaining.

4 There Are Test Runs Of The Food, Which Is Interesting To Hear

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How do the airlines know what food will work on the plane and which won't?

According to Taste.com.au, "It’s true, airline food actually hits the skies to be properly tested out." That sounds like quite the process, and it's a strange fact that we would never have guessed or even considered.

3 One Guy Ate All Kinds Of Airplane Meals And Blogged About Them

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Would someone want to try a ton of different meals served on planes? What about doing that... and also writing about it? This is actually what someone has done.

According to Ranker, Nik Loukas writes about this type of food on a blog called Inflight Feed. That would make for a really interesting read.

2 Fruit Will Be Chopped Different Ways Depending On The Airline

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When you think about airplane food, you might not automatically think of fresh produce, but there is fruit that is served onboard. And there's a strange fact about it, too.

The Daily Meal says that airlines will choose which way to chop fruit, so you might see this changing depending on where you're flying.

1 You Might Assume You Only Get One Meal But You Could Ask For More

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CN Traveler says you can totally get more food on an airplane. The publication says that you just have to inquire about it.

Of course, after hearing some of these strange but true facts about food served on planes, you might think that bringing your own snacks is the best option.

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