Crazy Rich Asians is getting even richer, raking in the box office millions! One of its major draws is the luxe lifestyle it features. Who wouldn’t want to pay for a glimpse into one of the world’s richest communities? Singapore has one of the highest densities of millionaires in the world, and it shows. It’s hard not to be shook by the glamorous background of every scene.

Unlike many other films and TV series, C.R.A actually takes place in the real locations shown in the movie. Every scene happens in front of real landmarks and locations – everything is as real, fresh, and luxurious as the characters deserve. As one of them explains, “these people aren’t rich. They’re crazy rich.”

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, here’s the basic premise: Rachel Chu (the always lovable Constance Wu) is invited by her boyfriend Nick Young (Henry Golding) to meet his fam at a wedding in Singapore. Over the course of the trip, Rachel comes to realize that Nick is heir to a massively successful Singaporean company, with a family that wants to protect him at all costs. She rubs them the wrong way, and shenanigans ensue.

If you’re inspired to experience the wealth and glory of the film, we’ve got good news for you. You don’t need to be a Young to access the stunning spaces featured in the film. Visit, gossip, dine, party, and live out your crazy rich fantasies in the world-class destinations below.

20 20. Changi Airport

If you're into traveling the world, you'll know that Changi enjoys a very high reputation among international airports. It's been ranked best airport in the world for six years running, thanks to its lush gardens, expansive interiors, and extra amenities including gourmet restaurants and a movie theater.

In the film, Rachel and Nick land at Changi after taking their fateful flight from NYC. They flew first class on the fictional airline "Pacific Asean," which was Rachel's first clue that she had a mega-millionaire on her hands - or as she puts it from her first class seat: “So your family’s rich?” Oh, Rachel. You have no idea.

19 19. One Shenton Way

One Shenton Way is a massive apartment complex along Shenton Way in the wealthy Tanjong Pagar area of Singapore. It's got two towers and 341 individual apartments, all with access to recreational floors with pools, gardens, gyms, spas, and more. The tallest of the two towers is 50 stories high.

For perspective, this is taller than the massive and mostly-impenetrable Ice Wall in the Game of Thrones series. It's over 700 feet high, and (obviously) it's real. That makes it one of the most imposing features of Singapore's skyline, and a big part of plenty of background shots in the film. What better way to set the atmosphere of wealth, power, and sky-high status than with a residential skyscraper?

18 18. The Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is one of the places you'd stop if you took the film's Fan Tour around Singapore. This tour has been run since 2014, and all of its stops are based on places that are significant to the plot and atmosphere of the book and film. This zoo protects endangered animals from their natural born predators in Singapore. Symbolic? Maybe.

Tan Kheng Hua, who plays Rachel's mom, sang the zoo's praises when asked where viewers of the film should visit in Singapore: "This is a no-brainer. One has to go to the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari. So well done. I am so proud of these two attractions."

17 17. Merlion Park

From real lions to sculpted lions, we reach Singapore's Merlion Park. The Merlion is Singapore's official symbol; a mythical creature made of a lion's head and a fish's tail. In the film, Rachel and Nick have a big convo about their relationship within sight of a 30-foot sculpture of a merlion, which couldn't be anywhere but Merlion Park.

This park is a major tourist attraction in Singapore. It's a lovely place to relax and cool down or to have a little picnic with a great view. The Merlion statue itself can also tell you a lot about Singapore! It represents its humble fishing village beginnings and great growth into what is called "The Lion City" in Malay: Singpura.

16 16. The Autobahn Supercar Vending Machine

Yes, you read that correctly. Singapore has a vending machine that doles out luxury cars. Believe it or not, it's not even the only Supercar Vending Machine in the world! But true to the film's next-level aesthetic, it IS the world's largest.

If you visit Singapore with cash to burn, head over to this high-class technological marvel. It has 60 slots each holding one expensive sports car a piece. Its rich clientele simply walks up and purchase their car as if they're buying a bag of chips. We recommend you check it out and pretend you're in Nick's personal family garage, surrounded by Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Is sports car collecting an actual sport? These characters would be champions.

15 15. Singapore Botanic Gardens

In the film, Rachel's best friend is Peik-Lin (the rapper Awkwafina's character). Peik-Lin and Rachel have a lot of heart-to-hearts in the film, and people familiar with Singapore will notice that a portion of them take place right within the botanic gardens that Singapore is most famous for.

These gardens are so beautiful and historic that UNESCO has named them an official World Heritage Site. It's home to thousands of vibrant tropical plants set into intricate designs that visitors can walk through and around to enjoy. This is one place on our list that you can visit to literally breathe in some of the gorgeous culture showcased in the movie.

14 14. Bukit Pasoh Road

It's just as easy to be jealous of Singapore's quaintest little streets as it is to drool over their most lavish resorts. We were loving the backdrop (and the outfits) in the scene where Rachel and Peik-Lin strategize about the Young family situation.

You can enjoy the exact same charming view if you visit Bukit Pasoh Road - specifically if you grab a bite to eat at The Reading Room Cafe where this scene was shot. You can take in the sweet storefronts of the Peranakan-style heritage shophouses and boutique hotels on the strip. Release your inner Rachel Chu and visit to escape from the bigger and brighter industrial and residential areas of Singapore.

13 13. Singapore's Chinatown

Okay, so Bukit Pasoh Road has a lot to offer. Along with this same strip is Singapore's Chinatown, where characters indulge in delicious dishes at restaurants like Humpback. Singapore is known for its amazing seafood, and this is one of the many fab areas in the country to get it at its best.

Singapore's Chinatown is also a great place for fans of the movie to visit because of the cultural significance it has for Rachel's character. Her heritage is Chinese, not Singaporean or Taiwanese as Nick's family would prefer. Having her feeling chilled out and fun-loving in Chinatown might just be an intentional choice by the director. Either way it's colorful, flavorful, and a worthwhile place to visit.

12 12. Kuala Lumpur

Some of the film's exterior scenes were actually shot in Malaysia's capital city. Malaysia is relatively close to Singapore, and shares the same steamy tropical climate, which means it's an ideal place for an audience fake-out. You probably wouldn't be able to guess that many scenes were actually filmed in Malaysia unless the film's director told you.

Kuala Lumpur is listed on the film's IMDB page as one of the filming locations, too. It's one of the most stunning cities in all of Malaysia, with staggering architecture and a rich culture all its own. When you visit this city yourself, we guarantee it’ll be easier to differentiate from Singapore in person. On screen, the film had us fooled.

11 11. Newton Food Center

When Nick and Rachel arrive in Singapore, they've got one thing on their mind: food. The pair decides to makan with friends at an open air food court that we recognize as Singapore's Newton Food Center. This is one of many amazing hawker centers (kind of like big open air food courts) that draw visitors in Singapore, and Nick is quick to tell Rachel that it's the only one where street vendors actually have Michelin stars.

He's right! You can visit the Newton Food Center for Michelin-starred street food on a dime (or more). This is THE place to dig into some dripping and savory chili crab, a salty hokkien mee bowl, and all the traditional regional fare your traveling heart desires.

10 10. Tysersall Park Mansion

The biggest mansion and its surrounding gardens, fountains, and guesthouses shown in the film are said to belong to Nick's grandmother, yet another uber-wealthy relative poor Rachel has to impress. In reality, no one person or family owns that property. It is a now-abandoned manor house in the middle of Malaysia's Tyersall Park that filmmakers renovated and cleaned up for its time on-screen.

That's right. The family's massive mansion is actually kind of falling apart and needed a lot of CGI touch-ups in post-production to make it look presentable. The gardens themselves are still spectacular, however, and freely available for travelers to visit. Stop by anytime you're in Malaysia! It might make you feel richer than a Young.

9 9. Anne Siang Hill

There is nobody more admirably intimidating in than Nick's mother, Eleanor Park (played fiercely by Singaporean actress Michelle Yeoh). Her character is determined to keep Rachel and Nick from being together. She believes that Rachel is just after Nick's fortune and that the Chu family's social status isn't worth associating with.

These are nasty qualities. She's a formidable person! But we'd be lying if we weren't at least a little impressed with her confidence, passion, and style. She is a powerful woman who knows where she's going, and for some of the film, she's going along Ann Siang Hill's storefront sidewalk. Check out this part of Singapore for old colorful houses, restaurants, and high-end boutiques.

8 8. Emerald Hill

Emerald Hill is the neighborhood where the character Astrid lives (played by Gemma Chan). She's Nick's cousin, a socialite dripping in money and designer clothes. It seems fitting then that she would spend most of her time in this particular part of Singapore.

Once fully covered by a lush rainforest, Emerald Hill is now part conservation site/part luxury living in Singapore's Newton and Orchard regions. In the novel, we learn that Astrid not only lives in this prestigious neighborhood, she actually owns a row of properties within it. In real life, it's home to bank owners, lawyers, and politicians who can afford the hill's steep home ownership prices.

7 7. Raffles Hotel

It's got kind of a funny name, but Raffles Hotel is no joke. This is the place where the characters Rachel and Nick get checked into a spectacular Presidential Suite upon their arrival in Singapore. This hotel has a long history of impressing guests with its luxury amenities and decor!

It's currently under construction, but don't let that deter you from booking your own Presidential Suite reservation. It will be up and running again in 2019, giving you just enough time to plan your star-studded Singapore trip before then. Over the years this place has had no trouble attracting real celebrities as well as the film's own fictional ones, like Charlie Chaplain and Elizabeth Taylor.

6 6. Sentosa Island

This is the place in the film where Nick's friend Colin (played by Chris Pang) holds a bachelor party to celebrate his own relationship with A-list Asian model, Araminta (played by Sonoya Mizuno). Part of his bachelor party happens on a giant party boat, and the rest happens on the stunning sandy shores of Sentosa.

This island draws a lot of tourists because it's easily accessible from mainland Singapore, and offers a huge range of fun things for travelers of all ages to enjoy. Along with its beaches and crystal blue waters, it's got an aquarium, wellness spas, and even amusement parks. Visit to splash around in its water park or to just soak in the natural beauty of this real-world paradise destination.

5 5. Four Seasons Langkawi

We think Araminta one-ups Colin with her bachelorette party location. In the movie, she says it’s her family’s resort, but in reality, these stunning bachelorette scenes were filmed at the luxurious Four Seasons Langkawi.

This location is to die for. The resort sits right at the edge of a tropical rainforest a stone's throw away from Malaysia, offering spectacular views of the Andaman Sea. The film's characters aside from Rachel seem completely unphased by the utter luxury and lavishness of Langkawi, but we promise that its interiors are enough to blow you over. Naturally, it also houses a five-star spa. (How can it get much better? And we're only at number 5 on this list! We know!)

4 4. Gardens By The Bay

Pretty early on in the film, viewers are treated to the spectacular glam that is Colin and Araminta's wedding. Their reception takes place in a breathtaking outdoor location that is easily recognizable as Singapore's famous Gardens By The Bay. If it makes a good enough reception venue for a fictional billionaire and supermodel, you know it's got to be out of this world.

Gardens By The Bay is a spectacular garden installation with waterfalls, lakes, restaurants, event venues, and greenhouses all intertwined within artful public spaces. It's got domes that house thousands of the world's most interesting and diverse plant species, but perhaps most remarkable are the man-made tree sculptures topped with living greenery you'll find there.

3 3. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion in Malaysia was the setting for a pivotal scene for Eleanor and Rachel (no spoilers!) but in reality, it's a modern-day hotel. You can book yourself a room and enjoy all of its amazing traditional architecture, outdoor dining options, and guided tours that give you a taste of the building's long history.

Cheong Fatt Tze was a powerful businessman and politician who employed the finest Feng Shui masters of his day (circa the 1880s) to carefully lay each brick in his personal mansion. Its historic décor brought it close to the top of our list, but its proximity to a Buddhist temple and a Chocolate and Coffee Museum helped too. Seriously, book your room ASAP.


The actual wedding ceremony of Colin and Araminta happens at CHJMES, a heritage building in central Singapore that dates all the way back to 1852. Its vast interior spaces were first built as a Catholic convent but now serve many purposes, all of which you can enjoy while living out your luxurious adventures.

There's shopping areas,  restaurants, cafes, salons, a lovely courtyard, entertainment spaces, rental halls, and of course a Gothic-style chapel that we see featured in the film in all its extravagant glory. When Araminta steps onto the scene looking like a real-life goddess, we are completely stunned - and the scenery plays a big part in this magical moment. Experience it yourself at CHJMES.

1 1. Marina Bay Sands

You might be wondering what you're looking at. Is it a yacht balanced across three separate skyscrapers? We’re here to tell you that's exactly what it is. It's The Marina Bay Sands, the most outlandish piece of Singaporean architecture you’ll ever see.

Of course, this iconic structure has a part to play in the film. It has the world's largest and highest infinity pool, you guys! Not to mention its 5-star luxury hotel, designer shopping outlets, and museum attractions to entertain you if there's any chance of you getting bored here.

Curious about what goes down with our beloved characters at this luxury location? See the film for yourself, and let it inspire the crazy rich person in you.

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