Plummeting towards the abyss like a speeding jet, with gravity and wind play tug-of-war on your bones and muscles, while every fiber in your body screams with uncontrolled exhilaration and helpless terror, only to have synthetic wings - like a heavy boulder dropping on your chest - saving you from hitting the bottom of the abyss; that’s just a glimpse we can give you into what skydiving feels like.

For some reason, humans have the natural craving to fly; watching the feathered creatures winging their way to the translucent sky above is one of the strongest reasons we always wanted to take flight. We owe it to André-Jacques Garnerin, who leapt down from the height of 3,200 feet above Paris and registered himself as the first-ever person to make a parachute jump. A century later, Leslie Irvin took a leap of faith with a powered parachute.

The extreme sport is fodder for adventure savants. When they are up there, all they can feel is their racing thoughts slowing down and all they can focus on is their hearts beating to every gale of wind.

Whether you’re a professional skydiver finding the perfect drop zones, a beginner in parachuting, or a novice, you can use this list of 20 skydiving spots around the world we have composed for your adventurous spirit. Wrapped in a jumpsuit, you can do special stunts in the skies above these locations with your favorite people or solo.

As a cautionary note, we would like to remind you to employ and follow expert supervision at all times.

20 Seville, Spain - Unleash the inner daredevil

Besides the folksy Flamenco, death-defying bullfights, and sunny beaches, Spain is also known for its drop zones. Seville, capital city of Spain’s Andalusia, has a skydiving center that hosts tandem skydiving from its venue.

Seville offers one of the finest skydiving experiences in the entire Europe. From Accelerated Free-Fall (AFF) to tandem skydiving from 13,000 feet, the luscious region facilitates a range of gravity-aided skydiving activities under expert multilingual instructors, who can read your pulse, soothe your senses, and bring out the daredevil in you.

When you are in Spain, head to Seville’s drop zone and get a bird’s-eye view of the Mediterranean countryside from 13,000 feet.

19 Denarau Island, Fiji - the sapphire waters will 'wow' you

Denarau Island in the Fiji archipelago boasts a range of travel options including gorgeously vast resorts, luxury suits and appetizing cuisines. The serene windy atmosphere graced by sapphire waters below makes it not only ideal for an exotic vacation with your loved ones but also exceptional for skydiving and parachuting. The idea of falling from above the island itself causes your nerves to explode with adrenaline.

In Fiji, you can skydive and jump tandem and AFF from 12,000 feet above. The captivating panoramic view of the beautiful sun-kissed archipelago, fringing coral reefs, white beaches, and the forces of gravity and wind pulling you on either sides are something you cannot miss.

18 Marche, Italy - pasta for lunch, skydive for dessert 

Buildings of Classical Roman, Renaissance, Baroque, and Neoclassical architectural styles come to mind when one thinks of Italy. And who can forget the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Engineering and architecture, however, aren’t all there is to the seat of the erstwhile Roman Empire. The Romans are an adventurous people who love extreme sports. For instance, Italy’s Marche region hosts skydiving expeditions that let you can jump in Tandem from a height of 12,000 feet.

Be a part of Italy’s thriving culture of adventure by taking a free-fall at Marche! Once up, you will witness vast agricultural fields and an endless ocean.

17 Cape Town, South Africa - breathtaking views of mountain peaks

Scenic beauty, tranquil beaches, a laid back atmosphere and beautiful wine lands - South Africa never disappoints the backpacker. You can get a better view of all the natural beauty from a higher elevation, too. Cape Town in South Africa offers adventurers the opportunity to fall freely from the sky.

The Rainbow Nation of South Africa has become famous for tourism and adventure sports, especially skydiving and surfing, and Cape Town gives a unique Tandem skydiving experience at Mother City Skydiving drop zone. You can dive from 9,000 to 13,000 feet and watch breathtaking views of mountain peaks, the city, and the Atlantic Seaboard.

16 Cornwall, UK - the ultimate adrenaline rush

When it comes to skydiving, Cornwall in UK is one of the finest. The place is known to be a safe yet valiant venue for this sport. Expert trainers and high-safety standards make Cornwall a highly enjoyable skydiving spot. It offers complete range of skydiving experiences including tandem skydiving, static line parachute jumping, and accelerated free-fall.

Located in one of the most picturesque locales in UK, skydiving above Cornwall will give you the ultimate adrenaline rush. Plunge from the sky above Cornwall, capture the splendid views of the Atlantic, and have an everlasting skydiving experience at Cornwall’s drop zone.

15 Pacific Coast, California, USA - Oh hello, pacific ocean

If you skydive above the Pacific Coast in California, USA, you will get to see scenic flights over the Imperial Beach and can watch Mexico from afar during your free-fall. The skilled and certified staff will make your jump exciting and safe. However, skydiving above Pacific Coast is more insane, treacherous, and adventurous when compared to others. Adding to it, you will discover some of the most beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.

It can be a wonderful experience for seasoned adventurers as they can venture on their own with little supervision. If you are a first-timer, though, you will be guided by expert trainers before you glide above the Californian coast.

14 Quebec, Canada - up to 18,000 feet!

For skydiving enthusiasts, Canada has a couple of drop zones to jump from in Montreal, Quebec. You can go tandem skydiving or parachuting, or even solo-jumping from a height of up to 18,000 feet at Montreal’s many skydiving centers. Experts will be supporting skydivers at all times for a safe experience.

Watch the craggy and colorful coastlines, the awe-inspiring visuals, the stunning lakes (Canada has 3 million of them!), and much more. The nervous pre-jump jitters, the feeling of accelerating uncontrollably, spinning and gliding, and watching the beautiful tapestry of Quebec’s nature will stay in your memory forever.

13 Space Coast, Florida - even beginners can take the leap

How does experiencing the thrill of falling into an abyss and with the Coastline and the Atlantic at the horizon sound like? If it sounds something that you should have on your bucket list, then you need to go to Florida.

The jaw-dropping panoramic views of the shoreline of the Atlantic, 11,000 to 15,000 feet up, will blow your mind. Even if you are a beginner, you can skydive at the Space Coast without a second thought.

Shoot your first jumping experience on camera and in your memory with breathtaking views of clouds, sky, and the ocean at Space Coast.

12 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - the most exciting 40 seconds of your life

People who have done it claim that Rio De Janeiro offers one of the most thrilling and spine-tingling experiences in skydiving. If you do take a leap of faith from above Rio, you will experience the longest and most exciting 40 seconds of your life.

During this adrenaline-pumped activity, you will feel things you have never felt before; you will fly, spin, and fall amid the greatest works of mother nature. If you are convinced, then see first-hand why people prefer Rio for skydiving.

The city has quite a few drop zones and skydiving centres, enough to give you a life-changing adventure.

11 Mount Everest, Nepal - These views are truly unbeatable

Gliding above cities is one thing; but doing it between the snowy peaks of the world’s tallest mountain range is a whole different beast. We are talking about skydiving above Mount Everest in Nepal. The glacial peaks, the blue sky, and vast expanse of brown soil will stun you.

Skydiving over Mount Everest is expensive; but, the experience is worth the money as you get to parachute over some of the largest peaks in the world and watch three countries at the horizon. If extreme adventure is on your mind and you have enough money to burn, skydiving Everest is what we would suggest.

10 Queenstown, New Zealand - the adventure capital of the world

Widely known as the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown is the perfect drop zone for adrenaline junkies who like to fly. The place will drown you in its mesmerizing natural terrains as you take a scenic flight before a mind-numbing free-fall.

We recommend Queenstown’s tandem skydiving over other forms of the sport, as you can jump from up to 15,000 feet with a fleet of people. The experience will send jitters down your spine.

Discover a unique Alpine setting, boundless skies, and a spectacular mountain backdrop in Queenstown. Do it alone or with a group, and enjoy the dive above Queenstown.

9 Namib Desert, Namibia - Where the desert meets the sea

The place where the Namib Desert meets the sea is one of the most dramatic sceneries you will see when you go skydiving in Namibia. The country is gifted with some of the tallest and most stunning dunes in the world, colored mauve and vivid orange. Flying in the sky, watching the sand and the sea interact is a delight to the eye.

Watch the beauty of Namib unfold in front of your eyes from the skies above the desert. Adept trainers will accompany you through this exhilarating experience to help you calm your nerves and let you enjoy the dive.

8 Bled, Slovenia -  the most wallet-friendly adventure destination

Bled, a picturesque resort set along a glacial lake in Slovenia, is the most wallet-friendly adventure-sports destination you will find on the planet. The place is tailored for skydiving with some of the most exotic sceneries on your way down from the sky.

Accelerating towards the ground, you can get a unique view of Lake Bled in the Julian Alps and the beautiful island in its heart. The astonishing aerial view of Slovenia will melt your heart.

Bled is the perfect place to conquer your fear of flight (if you have it) by treating yourself with vivid hues of the glacial town, and gliding over the steep valleys, rivers, and lakes of Slovenia.

7 Oahu, Hawaii - one of the world’s most beautiful drop zones 

Flying above the clouds, sailing on the winds, gliding down the blue skies is the most thrilling adventures one can get at Oahu in the tropical Island paradise of Hawaii, USA. Hawaii has some of the world’s most beautiful drop zones for thrill-seekers.

The painted skies, emerald waters, and bodiless airs will give you jerks flying. If you have already been to or heard of it, then the unmatched skydiving experience will only make you want to start living in Oahu. Choose your altitude, dive above the treacherous waters, and embrace your fears.

Experienced instructors guide you in every step of your skydiving.

6 Pattaya, Thailand - Get in touch with your soul, 13,000ft up

A colorful, jubilant town on the Eastern seaboard of Thailand, the world-famous Pattaya is a great place for tourism and adventure. From wonderful beaches along the Gulf of Thailand to appetizing eateries, martial arts, marketplaces, and monuments, Thailand has a lot to offer. It also offers some of the most soulful skydiving experiences in the world.

Surrendering to gravity, falling endlessly into the eternal beauty of Thailand is an experience hard to define with words. The skydiving centers of Pattaya offer exceptional services with global standards. You can do a tandem or freefall from 9,000 to 13,500 feet.

5 North Wollongong Beach, Australia - Melt away your fears with beauty 

Australia is a dream destination for skydivers. Flying over the shallow pools, wading greeneries, and the sublime coast of Wollongong beach is a magical treat you will cherish for the rest of life. North Wollongong is truly an exhilarating destination for the skydiving enthusiasts.

Tethered to a professional skydiver, you can do a tandem leap from up to 15,000 feet. Push yourself to the end, beat your fears, and take a leap of faith at North Wollongong Beach in Australia.

Capture the sensational beach and the Grand Pacific drive, and the ultimate thrill of skydiving. Those who have experienced it say that the beauty of Wollongong melts away even the fear beginners feel while taking their first dive.

4 Snohomish, Washington - I believe I can Fly...

Nestled between jagged snow-capped mountains, the Snohomish county in Washington is an ideal place for skydivers. Once you are up there, you will lose yourself in the nature and splendour of the town. Whether you are a seasoned skydiver or a rookie, Snohomish will give you a thrill you have never felt before.

Snohomish’s skydiving instructors and trainers are adept at pacifying your drop-zone fright and help you have a great experience. They will ensure your plummet towards the Earth is exhilarating yet safe and memorable. The glorious view above Snohomish will make you wish the county were a bottomless pit.

3 Palm Jumeirah, Dubai - Glide above World Icons

UAE’s Dubai has infrastructure, such as its Burj Khalifa, that grips the world in awe. To give you a falcon’s view of its outlandish high-rise buildings and monuments, the futuristic city offers one of the best skydiving drop zones. Its architectural miracle, Palm Jumeirah, is best suited for tandem skydiving.

The drop zones in Palm Jumeirah have some of the most iconic views that will give heavy dose of fun and thrill for skydiving junkies.

The breathtaking skydive above the City of Gold has several rewards for you in store: the artificial archipelago of Palm Jumeirah, the sapphire waters, and famous structures such as Dubai Marina, World Islands, Burj Khalifa, and Burj AI Arab.

2 Interlaken, Switzerland - Stare in awe at the unbeatable nature

The view of gigantic massifs covered with snow, icy-blue lakes, translucent glaciers, and the incredible Alps is a marvelous experience that is possible only if you nosedive thousands of feet above Switzerland. Take a selfie in the clouds or capture the thrilling experience in a video.

From static line to accelerated free fall, you can try a wide range of flying options. Experienced professionals will instruct you on skydiving and partner with you during the sport to ensure your safety throughout the flight. Get a crystal clear view of the gorgeous tapestry of terrains and enjoy your skydive at Interlaken, Switzerland.

1 Fox Glacier, New Zealand - I think i see myself!

Skydiving in the serene and visually-pleasing landscapes of the Fox Glacier is the most heart-pounding, adrenaline-fuelled experience you can have in the Southern Hemisphere. Painted by alpine glaciers and waterfalls, the Pacific island-nation’s glacier will soothe your mind despite the steep fall. It offers some of the best drop zones with expert instructors.

Quench your thirst for adventure, soar high like a bird, face your fears, and build the confidence that you always wanted to have. Plummeting towards Fox Glacier, you can view the mirror-like lakes and valleys. See if you can find your own reflection in the mirror lake!

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