20 Sketchy Photos Of Food On Planes And Cruises

Now that those bags are packed and the plane or cruise tickets are booked, it's time to head for the airport! Once security lines are passed and it's time to board the plane or vessel, passengers can't wait to sit back, watch an in-air movie, and eat whatever food the airline or ship gives them.

If travelers have dietary restrictions, they can easily call the air or cruise line and ask for food that meets their lifestyle. This is also an easy way to see what food they'll be served and if they'd even want it. Other passengers, however, simply leave it up to chance and eat whatever is handed to them.

According to these 20 passengers, eating while traveling wasn't all it's cracked up to be. Making pasta sounds pretty simple (and yummy) but the pasta and other dishes served on these airlines and cruises were anything but from Nona's kitchen.

20 This Passenger Bugged Out


There's nothing like spending hundreds of dollars on a flight and a meal, only to find out there's a dead moth hiding under the food you've been eating! It just makes you wonder what else was hiding in your meal that you didn't notice. What if this moth laid eggs... Okay, brb, crying.

19 Flying High With Flies


Similar to the dead moth above (side note: can insects even survive 30,000 feet above the ground?), this passenger found a dead fly in their salad. Flies are pretty common and can be found just about anywhere, but they definitely don't belong in our plates.

18 Ciao!


It doesn't take much to create a pasta dish. All you really need are cooked noodles, pasta sauce, and cheese if desired. But for whatever reason, this pasta dish looks more like vomit than Italian cuisine. I may be crazy for saying this but I think cafeterias have better food than this.

17 What Is This?

The Sun

There's nothing like spending thousands of dollars on a cruise ship only to be served this for room service. That layer of cheese on whatever dish that's supposed to be is borderline offensive. It looks like someone placed their napkin on top of their meal instead of that being cheese.

16 This Definitely Isn't Subway

The Sun

Subway's meatball sandwich is surprisingly good for being a pre-made sandwich. But you can't compare the sub in the picture to a fresh sub that isn't wrapped in plastic. With four sad meatballs and maybe a teaspoon of tomato sauce, this sub has to be the saddest one in the world.

15 Oh, Thank God!

The Sun

One can only hope the food they're eating is sterile. However, I don't think we need a sticker reminding us of this. If anything, seeing a sticker that says "sterilized" makes us think most things in the cabin aren't sterile but, luckily, the one thing we're consuming is.

14 Believe It Or Not, This Is Pasta And Sauce


When you spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for an experience, you low-key expect to be wined and dined. The last thing you expect is to be served sad, wet noodles in a Styrofoam container with a sauce that looks like it should be in a bathroom instead of on a dish.

13 Breakfast Is Served


Scrambled eggs and hashbrowns are one of the most beloved breakfasts in North America. Whether you're heading to McDonald's for it or making it at home, this meal is quick and easy. But uh, whatever happened above is not what the typical breakfast looks like. This meal (if that's what you want to call it), looks greasy and angry.

12 Vegetable Mash And Figs?


Figs... veggie mash... rice... not one part of this meal sounds appetizing. Even if this meal is a classic in someone's culture, there's no way it typically looks as disappointing as this. Rice is one of the easiest things to make and even this rice looks like it hates what it's become.

11 You Call That Dessert?


The meal above looks like a class meal most people are served on airlines. It doesn't look like restaurant quality but you're 30,000 feet above ground, what do you expect? While the rice and whatever is next to it looks upsetting, it's the dessert in the top left corner of the tray that grabbed our attention. What exactly is that? Yogurt? Ice cream?

10 An Airline's Spin On Takeout Food


Is there anything easier than ordering takeout? You always get a lot of food for cheap and it's always tasty. And while I didn't think it was possible, I think this airline just proved that not all takeout food is delicious... This dish has slowly turned into soup. I can only imagine how many people spilled or dropped noodles on themselves or on the plane's tray.

9 What. Is. This


Is this porridge with some kind of meatball? Or is it watered down rice with two sad balls of meat? It's tough to tell what we're looking at, which had to have been even more difficult to chew down. Just imagine slurping this. I can already taste the zero flavor.

8 Porridge, Anyone?


When I think of porridge, I think of it garnished with almond milk and berries. I don't tend to correlate it with peas and whatever else is mixed in this dish... It looks so watery, so flavor-less. This is one of those meals I wouldn't even want to smell, let alone eat. And the meal on the right... Well, that's just a lot of cheese and... ketchup?

7 Is This What They Feed Vegetarians?


Thankfully, us vegetarians and vegans have come a long way in the past 10 years. We now have so many pre-packaged meals to grab and eat on the go and recipes that are so good even meat-eaters love them. However, whoever thought a vegetarian would enjoy this cucumber and cheese sandwich was very mistaken.

6 Good Morning!


Oh, my word... There's nothing that will make you lose your appetite quicker than seeing a sad hot dog laying in the middle of your omelet. Whoever thought it was acceptable to combine such items has a problem. Yes, a hot dog is similar to a sausage but it's also very different... Not many people would eat a hot dog the first thing in the morning.

5 Is This Guacamole?


I don't even know where to begin with this one. Is this a spicy dip? Is this soup? You know it's questionable when you don't even know what you're eating. It's one thing if you're a Michelin Star restaurant serving ingredients you've never heard of, but something tells us this isn't a Michelin Star restaurant. This is just a very sad meal.

4 This Seems Like A Solid Ratio

Shaun's Cracked Compass

It's hard not to love a breakfast sandwich. Whether you're eating eggs and cheese or avocado toast, breakfast sandwiches bring us life. But whoever gave this person this breakfast sandwich should be incarcerated. That's the smallest egg white I've ever seen. It's so small I don't even think you can call it an egg.

3 You Call That A Muffin?


I was told the *food* in the picture is a muffin, but which one? Is the sad dumpling-looking thing on the right a blueberry muffin or is it the questionable cake on the left? The only place these so-called muffins belong in is the garbage, not someone's belly.

2 An Airline's Take On Cheesy Pasta


Again, it's not hard to mess up pasta. It takes maybe eight minutes to cook pasta and a couple more minutes to make the cheese turn to velvet. But in the meal above, that cheese is barely melted. It's like a chunky mess. The sauce isn't even equally mixed in, which is very unappetizing.

1 Bon Appetit!


Ladies and gentlemen, we have probably one of the most repulsive meals on this list. Look at those two sad bell-peppers on the right and those watery green beans on the left.  What's worse is the massive sausage in the middle of the plate. Who on earth needs that big of a sausage in one sitting?

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