20 Sketchy Facts About United Airlines

According to simpleflying.com, United Airlines is one of the oldest airlines in the United States. That means that they have had plenty of time to generate some publicity.

Some of that publicity is good, but a lot of it is not.

Nevertheless, the well-known company has certainly changed the world of aviation.

And, United Airlines is considered to be one of the most popular airlines in the entire world, which means that the company has somehow still been able to get people to use it, despite the fact that they have been involved in a lot of questionable things that have not been good for business.

Here are some of the sketchiest facts about the popular airline that most people seem to be ignoring.

20 Their Customer Service Could Use Some Improvements


The customer service department at United Airlines needs some serious work. According to telegraph.co.uk, they have sent some incredibly insincere letters to customers that were not happy with the experience they had while using United Airlines. They actually have a history of doing things like that, which is not good.

19 The Company Charges People For A Lot More Than Just Their Tickets


Many airlines charge people more than just the price of their tickets. According to telegraph.co.uk, the one that earns the most from extra charges is United Airlines. Others include Alaska Air, Qantas, EasyJet, Ryanair, Southwest, and Lufthansa Group. People who fly with them are charged for more than just tickets.

18 The Airline Does Not Think Much Of Facial Hair


Many airlines have requirements for their flight attendants to follow, and United Airlines is no different. According to telegraph.co.uk, they do not like any of them to have much facial hair. But they do allow them to have very small mustaches. Keeping a smooth face is best for their employees.

17 They Have Some Strict Rules On Fingernails


Facial hair isn’t the only thing the airline is strict about. Those who have long nails might want to give them a quick trim if they want to work with United Airlines. According to telegraph.co.uk, fingernails have to be a certain length, and they need to be even as well.

16 Someone Wrote A Song About The Famous Airline


According to amazon.com, one guy wrote an extremely unflattering song about the airline after they broke his guitar. Dave Carroll became famous after he turned to music to talk about the experience he had with the airline company. One million people watched the video within four days of it being released.

15 They Don’t Waste Much Time When It Comes To Boarding Their Passengers


The airline seats its passengers by column, instead of by row, which is what some airlines do. This means that they actually move rather quickly. According to telegraph.co.uk, there is evidence that suggests that the company seats its passengers 35% faster than some other popular airlines do, which is awesome.

14 A Lot Of Passengers Have Been Put In Danger


Riding in an airplane is something that can be rather dangerous, and it is not very surprising that some people have been seriously harmed by doing it. According to telegraph.co.uk, over one thousand men and women have been put in harm's way when they chose to fly with United Airlines.

13 They Have Connections With Boeing


Many of the planes that are used by United Airlines are made by Boeing, which probably does not exactly make the passengers feel very safe. According to corp-research.org, Boeing has been involved in a number of very serious problems over the years. They could use some serious improvements as well.

12 There Is One Place Where This Airline Does Not Fly


According to telegraph.co.uk, there is one destination that United Airlines won’t fly to. Those who wish to fly to Africa will have to choose a different airline to go with, since that is one area that they do not go to. A couple of flights there were scrapped long ago.

11 The Flight Attendants Have To Watch Their Weight


According to flightattendanttraininghq.com, United Airlines is one airline that likes to try to keep some serious control over what their flight attendants look like. One of the requirements someone would have to follow if they wanted to be a flight attendant with them is keeping a low (but healthy) weight.

10 The Company Forces Their Flight Attendants To Sell Credit Cards


According to inc.com, the company has done some things that made their employees quite unhappy. One of those things was making them push each customer to get a credit card. Sales is a field that flight attendants do not really get into, so them being a bit upset is understandable.

9 One Passenger Was Removed From One Of Their Flights


According to theguardian.com, the airline made the news for the wrong reasons in recent years. One of those reasons was the fact that one of their passengers was forcefully dragged off of the airplane that he was on. This was something that got the attention of a lot of people.

8 They Have Had A Few Incidents Involving Pets


According to businessinsider.com, the airline once accidentally flew a dog to Japan. The problem was that the animal was supposed to go to a different location. Another dog was harmed. United Airlines does not have a good history when it comes to furry creatures. Hopefully, their pet care has changed.

7 They Once Made Their Employees Very Unhappy


Those who work for the company have been unhappy with them on many occasions. According to businessinsider.com, one of those times was when the company messed with the bonuses that some people were supposed to receive. They wasted no time in telling the company exactly what they thought about it.

6 One Rabbit Did Not Have A Great Experience With United Airlines


Dogs are not the only pets who have received some terrible treatment while flying with United Airlines. According to businessinsider.com, a rabbit’s health was not very good after it flew with them. The rabbit went to the vet beforehand, and he was said to be very healthy at the time.

5 One Toddler Lost Their Seat


According to businessinsider.com, the company made one mother hold her child for a few hours while a flight was in progress simply because they did something they should not have done. The airline let someone who was on standby use the young child’s seat. The child’s pass wasn’t scanned right.

4 One Child Didn’t Feel Very Good During One Of Their Flight Delays


One young child had to go to the hospital after they had to wait for a couple of hours on a flight that had been delayed. According to businessinsider.com, the baby was overheated, which is what caused the issue. The child’s mother was understandably very upset over the whole thing.

3 There Was Drama Between A Customer And An Employee


According to businessinsider.com, there was a bit of a dispute between a customer and one of the employees that worked for United Airlines at the time. This had something to do with a really big bag that the customer had, and it got worse when the customer started recording it.

2 Some Women Were Not Allowed To Wear Leggings


United Airlines wouldn’t let some women fly on their plane simply because they were wearing leggings. According to businessinsider.com, they had to abide by certain rules because they were using flight attendant benefits, so they needed to follow a dress code. Someone they knew was the flight attendant in question.

1 A United Airlines Employee Pushed Someone


According to businessinsider.com, someone who worked for the company pushed another person to the ground. The fact that that person was a bit on the older side does not make the situation any better. The airline ended up getting into legal trouble over it, which is not a big surprise.

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