19 Sketchy Facts About The Now Defunct Hooters Airline

Hooters is a pretty popular restaurant, but no one actually thought the business was going to be a popular one when it was originally created.

In fact, according to twistedfood.co.uk, the people who originally came up with the idea for it thought of it as more of a joke, which is why it officially got established on April 11983. For those do not know, that is April Fool’s Day, which is a time when lots of people are involved in fun pranks.

The restaurant certainly has made a huge impact on the food industry, but that’s not the only industry the company has been involved in. They also had an airline, and it was called Hooters Air. Here are some interesting facts about it.

19 Not A Lot Of People Knew About It At First


One would think that an airline that is connected to one of the most popular chain restaurants around would be quite a success. But according to businessinsider.com, the fact that it was a very short-lived business venture for them kept many others from finding out about it or remembering it.

18 The Tickets Were Cheap


According to avgeekery.com, the tickets Hooters Air sold were cheap. But that’s not always good. Sometimes when something is cheap, that means that there is very little quality to it, which could have meant that the trips with that airline were not that great. Cheap things aren’t always quality things.

17 The Airline Only Flew To A Few Locations


Many successful airlines fly all over the world. But according to businessinsider.com, that wasn’t the case for this airline. That may have played a role in why the airline wasn’t that successful, since it only flew to a couple of spots. Perhaps that would’ve changed if it had lasted longer.

16 One Of The Owners Of Hooters Bought Out An Airline


A person who was very involved with Hooters decided to buy out a company so that they could have a successful airline. According to businessinsider.com, that company was called Pace Airlines. After they were bought out, the planes were decorated with the Hooters logo, as well as the signature colors.

15 There Was At Least One Thing That Was A Bit Misleading


One might think that the flight attendants on the plane looked like Hooters Girls, but that is not the case here. The flight attendants were not Hooters Girls at all, according to businessinsider.com. They were all trained for that kind of work, so this actually makes a lot of sense.

14 Every Flight Had To Have At Least Two Hooters Girls On It


The flight attendants might not have been people who worked at the Hooters restaurants, but that doesn’t mean that there were not any Hooters Girls on their flights at all. According to businessinsider.com, every one of the Hooters Air flights had to have a couple of Hooters Girls on it.

13 The Women Who Worked For The Chain Were Not Able To Do Their Usual Job While On The Planes


The Hooters Girls may not have been serving up any refreshments while they were working on those airplanes, but that does not mean that they were not on the clock. According to businessinsider.com, the girls had to do things with the guests, such as ask them some fun trivia questions.

12 Even The Flight Attendants Had To Dress A Certain Way


Flight attendants have strict rules to follow, especially when it comes to their clothing. According to businessinsider.com, the Hooters Air flight attendants had to wear some outfits that had the color orange on them. But they still looked very professional since they didn’t have to dress like the Hooters Girls.

11 Some Of The Employees Were Not Trained To Work On Airplanes At All


Most people think everyone who works on an airplane is trained for it, but that was not the case for Hooters Air. According to businessinsider.com, the flight attendants were trained to do things on planes, but the Hooters Girls were not, and that’s why they couldn’t do much during flights.

10 The Hooters Girls Who Were On These Planes Worked Extremely Long Hours


Even though the Hooters Girls who worked for this airline did not necessarily do a lot, they didn’t get to spend much time at home with their families. According to mypeacefm.com, there were many times when they worked from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m., which is a pretty long time.

9 The Company Also Started Facing Some Steep Competition


Another thing that kept the company from becoming the success that it could’ve been is the fact that other companies were giving them competition. According to avgeekery.com, one of those airlines was Southwest Airlines, since their tickets were cheap at the time. Hooters Air couldn’t keep up with other companies.

8 Hooters Air Started To Have A Hard Time Buying Things It Needed


The company began to have a really difficult time affording the things that are essential to airplanes, such as fuel. According to businessinsider.com, that is one of the many reasons why the airline eventually failed and didn’t become the success it could have been.

7 Some Of The Customers Got A Bit Too Inappropriate


One might imagine that some customers tend to get inappropriate with Hooters Girls, and they are not wrong. According to businessinsider.com, this was something that many of the Hooters Girls had to deal with when they were on a Hooters Air flight, but no one seemed to mind it much.

6 The Airline Cost The Company Millions Of Dollars


This whole thing seemed like an incredible adventure for those who were involved with the restaurant, and it really was. However, it was an adventure that cost the company a lot of money in the end. According to mypeace.fm, the company ended up losing $40 million because of this failure.

5 A Business They Were Associated With Also Failed


Apparently, other businesses that were associated with this airline have had a pretty rough time as well. After Hooters Air failed, Pace Airlines also ceased to operate, according to avgeeker.com. But, Pace did last a few more years before everything came to a stop. This airline company ended in 2009.

4 The Airline Only Lasted For A Few Years, Despite The Fact That People Liked It


Despite the fact that it clearly ended up costing everyone lots of money, there weren’t many people who did not like Hooters Air. It seems as though everyone who used that airline had a good time, including the employees. But according to mypeace.fm, it was only around for three years.

3 The Hooters Girls Were Only There To Provide Entertainment For The Passengers


The Hooters Girls played an important role on Hooters Air, but they also didn’t have to do much other than have fun with the passengers. According to businessinsider.com, they were basically only there for everyone else’s entertainment. But they also checked on passengers to make sure they didn’t need anything.

2 The Company Had A Connection To Boeing, A Company That Has Been Surrounded By Controversy


While the company was still being operated, they used airplanes that were made by Boeing. The big problem is that that company has faced some serious trouble, according to corp-research.org. It seems that flying on one of their planes can be a little bit risky sometimes since they’ve had issues.

1 Bob Brooks Didn’t Have Anything Nice To Say About The Airline Industry


Bob Brooks, who played a very important role in this whole thing, did not have anything particularly nice to say about the world of flying after this airline failed, according to aviationpros.com. “The flying industry is a terrible mess,” said Brooks.

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