20 Sketchy Facts About Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas is home to neon lights, the Las Vegas strip, over 150,000 hotels, and of course, casinos. People from all over the world plan their trips to Las Vegas for a chance at winning big and taking home millions.

Many visitors are aware of the schemes casinos pull to get gamblers to stay longer. The longer they stay, the more money they spend, and the more drinks and food they sell. However, no matter how many times casino-goers are warned of a casino's tricks, they can't pull themselves away from those slots or tables.

Last Vegas is one of the most visited destinations in the world with over 42 million people visiting a year. Now that's a lot of people!

So whether Las Vegas is only a plane ride or a car ride away, here are some sketchy facts to take note of before heading into one of Vegas's many casinos.

20 Casino Owners Are Easy Targets


Some of the wealthiest people in the world own casinos in Las Vegas but it comes with a price. According to The Clever, these owners become a target for some pretty bad people who want the riches these owners have. Members of these owners' families often go missing for a short while until these bad men are paid or, more typically, caught by police.

19 Are Casinos Still Run By The Mob?

Mafia Today

After World War II, The Clever states, many casinos had close ties to the mobs and some still do! It is believed that some mob gangsters have people who work for them and do their busywork for them from behind the scenes. That way, their names are not directly linked to bad activity.

18 Well, It Appears The Sunrise Casino Is


It appears that Sunrise Casino was actually denied their license due to having too many mob relationships. Travel Advisor even states that Arizona Charlies East took over the Sunrise Casino and that the men—including politicians— are being tried for their relationships with Michael Galardi, a sketchy business owner.

17 Chip Swapping Is Allowed Between Some Casinos


Typically, every casino has its own chips for gamblers to use when making bets or winning. This means that if you gambled at one casino, you can't take your chip earnings and redeem them at a casino down the street. But in Nevada, this action is oddly allowed. According to Smarter Travel, different casinos will take “foreign chips” and act like they're their own.

16 High Rollers Come With A High Price


High rollers are the people with a lot of cash and know what they're doing in terms of card games. They're willing to spend big because they're treated like royalty by the casinos and the possibility of them winning big is high. However, according to USA Todayhigh rollers typically have to spend a minimum of $300,000 for that kind of treatment.

15 A 25-Year-Old Is The Largest Winner To Date Thanks To Luck


Some people say gambling is a skill while others say it's based on pure luck. But for one 25-year-old, his earnings were all based on chance. After spending $100 on slot machines, he ended up winning $39 million in one night. Las Vegas Kids claims it's "the largest sum ever won on the Las Vegas slots."

14 There's A Black Book


Back in the day, a "little black book" was a book that held all the numbers and addresses of the people they've dated. But in Vegas, there's a different meaning. India Today states the black book is record-keeper of all the people who are banned from walking in and gambling in any Las Vegas casino.

13 A Local Jail Used To Allow Inmates To Gamble


The last thing one would expect to be in jail is a casino of any kind. However, don't put it past the state of Nevada. Ranker explained that for 35 years, a prison had a small casino inside where people being held could play games like Poker and take bets. The casino was later shut down, probably leaving inmates bored as heck.

12 Casinos Aren't Being Nice To You


You may think that casinos are being nice to you because they care. They're handing out free drinks and snacks because they want you to have a fun time in Vegas, right? Wrong. Getting free things means you have more money to spend on machines and tables and more time to focus instead of taking breaks to look for food and drinks.

11 Comp Doesn't Always Mean Complimentary

Casino Celebrities

Travel Advisor explains that "comp cards" are sent out to entice people to come and spend their nights at the casino. From free nights at a hotel to fun extras, people are more enticed to go to a casino if they're getting some kind of benefit from it (especially if they don't leave with any winnings). However, comp cards are just an easy way to get you in the door.

10 Vegas Casino ATM Fees Are No Joke


Depending on the bank branch you have, there's typically a small fee (between two and three dollars) when you use an ATM that's not your own branch. However, when you're in a bind and need some cash for the slots, using a casino ATM can set you back an additional $7.50, according to Travel Advisor

9 Gamblers Will Feel More Relaxed Than Usual


There's a rumor going around that casinos have extra oxygen flooding through the vents in a casino, making those gambling feel their best. However, many casino workers online have debunked this. One worker told Travel Advisor that the Mirage Hotel and Casino "started circulating the smell of coconut butter," to attract visitors and make them feel at ease.

8 And Lavender Will Soothe Those Who May Be Stress-Gambling

Plaza Hotel and Casino

The Mirage Hotel and Casino isn't the only hotel that circulates different scents to keep gamblers in their seats. Travel Advisor admits The Venetian Casino uses lavender and other "herbal scents" to make gamblers feel more relaxed. Almost like they're at a tropical resort instead of a window-less casino.

7 Are Casinos Using Facial Recognition?


You only need to watch Ocean's 8 once to realize that casinos are swarmed with cameras. It's one of the only ways a casino can make sure everyone is playing by the rules and there's no funny business. But what's sketchy is people on Quora are saying casinos are now using equipment with facial recognition.

6 There's No Windows For A Reason


It doesn't take long for you to notice that casinos are pretty seedy. There are plenty of noises and neon lights and yet it's dark at the same time. This is because there are no windows. Without windows, those gambling in casinos can lose track of the day—due to not being able to see the sun going down—and will stay in the casino for much longer.

5 Along With No Clocks

Best Western

Similar to not having windows, you won't see too many clocks around casinos either. Without looking up and automatically seeing the time, people are more likely to spend hours upon hours in those casino chairs. We always have the time on our phones but we don't always have time to check.

4 Casinos Try To Hide Those Who Can't Deal With Losing All Their Money And Doing Something Irreversible


According to a security officer at one Las Vegas casino, you would be amazed at how good Vegas is at covering up crimes. While Las Vegas is a city to stay up all night and have fun, some don't know when to quit. Others, sadly, spend way too much money having a good time and find themselves in trouble.

3 Certain Casinos Will Try To Fight You On Your Earnings

Las Vegas Review Journal

The last thing a person who just spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on gambling is hearing that they're not allowed to take home all their earnings. But some casinos have stipulations on prizes. According to Quorasome casinos will blame them winning on malfunctions and not fork over their earnings.

2 Casinos Bring More Harm Than Safety

SB Nation

Las Vegas may appear to be an upbeat and fun city filled with bright lights and late nights but it also has a dark reputation. According to Quoracrime has risen in Vegas in multiple ways and will only continue to worsen unless stricter laws are put in place. Vegas loses all its charm if it's not a safe space to play.

1 Feeling Lost? You Probably Are


If you've ever lost your way through a casino, you're not the only one. Due to rows and rows of slot machines, bright lights, and loud noises, it's easy for people to feel lost in casinos. Not knowing where to exit the building, many just give up and continue to gamble. Intentionally making it confusing for visitors is another small trick in Vegas's old book.

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