Do you often get itchy feet? Well, if you're a travel enthusiast, who loves exploring the unknown just as much as we do, then you're welcome on board the plane. Seriously, few things in life can be more liberating and refreshing than traveling to distant and mysterious places, and that's the real beauty of it. Well, it's also true that we all tend to spend most of the time thinking about the luggage and all these travel essentials that we must take with us instead of planning our top 10 activities there.

But oh well, that's probably nothing compared to the most common travel mistakes that most couples make, such as overpacking or even having an over-ambitious itinerary.

Interestingly, such moments may not only cost you an arm and a leg, but they can also put a strain on your relationship. Think about it -  how many times did you have to talk your partner out of taking all of these unnecessary items and clothes? Now you get it, don't you? So, before both of you get in such situations, we kindly suggest that you take a look at our top 20 most common travel mistakes. Hopefully, you won't have to deal with any of them during your first trip together.

20 No, You Don't Need A Ton of Luggage

Well, of course, it's tempting to pack all of your beautiful clothes and accessories for every possible occasion, but the chance is that you'll hardly get enough time to wear them, especially on a short vacation. Besides, you've got no idea how difficult is to haul all of your stuff around. On top of all, you may even have to deal with a luggage fee for unintentionally exceeding the weight limit. Take it from us - the last thing you need is to overpack for your first trip together. Instead, take out the least comfy and practical stuff, so you won't have to sacrifice your charming fashion style.

19 You Forgot To Check Your Cell Phone Plan

Alright, it's really essential to know what exactly your cell phone plan covers and what doesn't. You've probably heard about data roaming fees before, right? Well, then make sure to check your cell phone plan especially when traveling abroad. Otherwise, both of you may wind up paying massive amounts of data roaming fees, and we're pretty sure that neither of you would like that to happen. But even though you might have forgotten to take care of that before the date of the flight, turn off your data before you board the plane, and leave it in an airplane mode; however, if having roaming data at your fingertips is of paramount importance to you, then consider switching to an international plan.

18 Not Enough Time In Between Flights

Admittedly, flight conditions are often way too unpredictable. Therefore you and your beau should always think ahead of time. What if, heaven forbid, one of the flights got delayed? Well, then both of you would surely want to channel all of your strength to rush through an unknown airport to make your connecting flight. And sorry to break your heart again, but you've got a slim chance of making it on time. So, if you ask us, you'd better start working and polishing your plan B, just in case something goes south at the airport.

17 What's With The Local Currency?

Well, that's just another silly mistake that not only most couples make, but it's like the most common issue at the airport. People are always tired by their vacation planning that the thought of grabbing some local currency eludes them. But gladly, there's still something they can do about it. As soon as they leave the airport, travelers will need some local money to get from place A to place B, and the chance is that they'll probably use car rides. In such a scenario, it would be best to grab some cash from the airport's ATM since it gives considerably better exchange rates.

16 You Also Forgot To Inform Your Credit Company Of Your Traveling Plans

Do not let this happen and here's why: most credit card companies aren't really fond of such foreign transactions, so the chance of having them flagged is bigger than you can ever imagine. But frankly, we totally understand them. After all, the credit company is obliged to protect your funds, so it may even freeze your account since it cannot be sure whether it's you or somebody else at the ATM, trying to withdraw some money. So, if you don't want to get in trouble while exploring other lands, we suggest that you inform your credit company of your vacation at least a few days before the trip. By the way, while you're at it, do not forget to ask them about the different transaction fees when traveling abroad. Believe us - you'd love to know more about that as well.

15 Not Having Travel Insurance

Alright, you're about to board the plane, and it suddenly dawns on you that you've got no travel insurance at all. Frankly, you're not obliged to buy one for that matter; however, what if something happened to you or your partner while exploring the beauty of Paris or Egypt? No, that hardly sounds like the best travel experience of your life.

To prevent it from happening, you should make sure that you've got travel insurance every time the word "holiday" pops into your head. Otherwise, you never really know what may happen while you're hundreds or thousands of miles away.

14 What About The Visa Requirements?

You'll surely need to do some research before the day of the flight arrives. But before this thought could bring drops of sweat to your forehead, let us tell you that it's actually quite easy to get this one done as well. Just don't leave such important things off your to-do list, and everything will work out just fine. There are many places where you can learn more about a country's visa requirements, so take it seriously and start prepping all the documentation you need. Note that being turned away at an airport's foreign checkpoint may really be the end of your trip. So, unless you want to disappoint your partner, find out what you need to do to get that visa ahead of time.

13 Not Being Realistic About The Itinerary

Having too many activities going on on your itinerary is not only time-consuming, but it'll merely put a strain on your relationship. Who wants to visit over dozens of new places in just one day? That's neither healthy nor exciting at all.  Here's a proper way to do it: think about the areas that you and your partner will be most likely interested in visiting so neither of you should feel as if you've sacrificed your own list of must-visit places. Also, you should absolutely consider the time you'll need to get from your hotel to those locations.

12 You Know Nothing About The Reservation Details

You paid no attention to the reservation and other important travel details, and now you've got to rummage through all of your bags to find the thing that you need. Well, that's undoubtedly an unnecessary hassle, one that you could've taken care of ahead of time. Besides, what if you lost this piece of paper before you even got the chance to make another copy? So, instead of putting yourself and your significant other in trouble, do not keep your itinerary and other essential travel details stuffed in your luggage. If you can, make sure that you've got an electronic copy on your cell phone or at least keep this documentation in the pocket of your jacket.

11 You Don't Think That Theft Is A Real Thing At The Airport

Please, do not say that you rarely stand guard over your bags and all of your belongings right there at the check-in. Well, it's true that everybody's got things to do before the plane takes off, but it doesn't mean that your bags and valuables are totally safe.  There are all kinds of people, so thefts are a real thing, especially at the airports and in-between flights. So, if you allow yourself the luxury to fall asleep while waiting to board the plane, you may even wake up without some of your stuff. Indeed, theft is, without a doubt, the last thing you and your beau want to cope with on your way to this super romantic destination.

10 Do Not Stress Over New Changes In The Plan

Frankly, it's perfectly fine to be afraid to alter your plans because of money issues or weather conditions. After all, you've just landed in an entirely new and unfamiliar place, so you can even attribute your fears to the inherent instinct of survival; however, if things get out of hand, you've got no other option but to be flexible, and think about what exactly you can do to fix it. But you've got to be quick at that too. Also, do not forget to do your research regarding the time it takes to get from place A to place B, and while you're at it, consider the travel method as well.

9 You Don't Want To Ask People For Help/Advice

Okay, you've just landed at the airport, and now you've got to find a way to get to the hotel. Well, you can ask somebody (preferably a local) for quick directions to the place you need to get to. But if you ask us, you'd best ask more than just one person since everybody's got a different and pretty unique way of explaining the same thing. So, just in case, you didn't understand or forgot what person A said, then you've got to trust person B. But either way, it's always a much better idea to search for an answer in two different places instead of just blindly trusting a total stranger.

8 Don't Be Too Focused On The Guidebook

It's virtually the same with guidebooks. Indeed, they should be helpful to a certain extent, there's no doubt about it, but there's still too much work left to do. Do not blindly follow the directions there when you can directly interact with other people around you. Trust the locals, they know better, so you can put the travel guide aside now. There's definitely a lot more to a new location than what is in any tourist guide, no matter the volume or the details.

Additionally, you can also follow your gut when exploring new places and tourist zones. Maybe you're already one of those people that are really good with directions, so don't worry, you'll be alright.

7 Not Setting Up A Realistic Budget

Sometimes it's really hard to resist the urge to go to the trade center and return home with a few more bags of fine purchases; not to mention that you're very likely to spend all of your cash on posh clothes, accessories, and other fashionable items. Do not get us wrong, though. We get it, but you've got to be more budget-wise, especially when you're traveling abroad. Furthermore, you should think of your budget as an invisible door leading you towards an unforgettable and super authentic journey, not as a depressing restriction. Now that you've understood it thoroughly, pen down your trip ideas on a piece of paper, stick to a realistic budget, and leave a room for some unexpected expenses as well.

6 Not Backing Up Your Photos

We can't even begin to imagine how heartbroken you'd be if something happened to all of your adorable and scenic pictures you took on that romantic vacation. Well, that would certainly be a disaster. So, unless you really want it to happen, which would be super weird, you should be backing up pictures every time you grab the camera to catch a moment. Also, it's not impossible to lose your camera either.  You see, backing up such personal data on a USB drive or hosting them online on various sites, like Flickr, will minimize the risk of losing your precious photos which are, in fact,  your memories from this place.

5 Arriving At The Wrong Terminal

Well, this one is actually quite funny. But if we must take it more seriously, arriving at the wrong airport may really make you feel like a total loser. But realistically, what's done is done, so take a deep breath and see what you can do about it without stressing over it that much. You won't fix the issue by blaming yourself or your beau for what has just happened, will you? Besides, traveling to shiny metropolises can be quite complicated at times. Such trips mean lots of confusion and headache. But even if you really arrived at the wrong terminal, and you've got another flight to catch, do not waste more time and ask somebody to help you out asap.

4 Not Following The Cultural Etiquette

Not being a culture-wise couple may really make you look like a person with no moral standards whatsoever, and that's a fact. Who would love to be around a culturally insensitive person anyway, right? Well, we guess that the answer is quite obvious.

To prevent it from happening, we'd suggest that you try to understand the cultural etiquette of the place you'll be exploring the next few days. Otherwise, you may accidentally offend somebody, and you won't even know the reason for it.

Having an open mind will surely make a good impression on the locals, not to mention that you'll be better at blending in with the crowd.

3 Thinking That Your 5-star Hotel Is Totally Safe

Keeping all of your cash in your deluxe room while you're out doesn't really make any sense to us.

Only the fact that you're staying at such a luxury place could pose a potential threat to your personal belongings. You've heard of hotel thefts before, haven't you?

So, instead of waiting to be robbed of your flashy items and cash, do not make the silly mistake to keep them in one place. After all, you never know the person cleaning your room. Therefore, just keep this in mind before stuffing all your money in your backpack or inside the drawer.

2 Partying All Night Long

Enjoying too many drinks in an entirely new city or country could only mean trouble. Alright, we understand that you're totally in love with your significant other, so you can't wait to celebrate your relationship, but drink in moderation instead of taking it way too far. You can always find different ways to have fun, and none of it has to include getting wasted at the local nightclub. Besides, when you're light-headed, you're going to be an even easier target for all the thieves out there. Worse still, ordering another beer or whiskey could also mean wasting all of your money, and you'd surely regret that in the morning.

1 Getting Mad At The Locals/The Country

That's unacceptable and here's why. First of all, having unrealistic expectations about what this place's going to be like can disappoint you when you get there. However, this doesn't mean that you should be mad at the foreign country for not being able to live up to your expectations. Even though something didn't go as planned initially, it shouldn't mean that your trip is over. Well, you can certainly express your thoughts about it, but always remember that you're not in your comfort zone, but in an unfamiliar place where you're nobody but a guest. So, before you publicly express your frustrations, you'd best consider the possible consequences of that.