20 Shady Things About Khao San Road (Backpackers In Thailand Need To Stop Ignoring)

If one thing is for certain about Bangkok, it is that the place attracts a lot of tourists. It is easy to see why this is true since there are so many cool things to do and fun sights to see in that area. According to thecrazytourist.com, Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. People from all over the world travel to this place on a regular basis.

One of the coolest sights to see is something many people refer to as the reclining buddha, which is located in Wat Pho. Thailand is also famous for Khao San Road. Lots of people visit that area, despite the fact that sketchy things happen there. Here are some of the worst things that travelers ignore about it.

20 The Place Has A Reputation For A Reason


The place is fun to visit, or at least that is how most people view it. According to tavelfish.org, some people also know this as a place where some of the sketchiest, most questionable people of Thailand go to. That’s why it’s important to try to stay safe in that area.

19 Visitors Need To Keep Their Things Close To Them At All Times


There are lots of people who will try to steal from travelers when they visit Khao San Road, according to travelfish.org. That is why visitors must make sure that they always keep a close eye on the objects that they bring with them during their visits. They could get taken.

18 There Are Lots Of Stories Of Travelers In Risky Situations


Those who wish to visit this place should not leave their food or drinks unattended, but that is something people need to think about no matter where they are. According to travelfish.org, there have been occasions when visitors have been in bad situations because they didn’t think about this.

17 Visitors Need To Be Wary Of Who They Spend Time With While They’re There


Those who travel to Khao San Road need to watch out for strangers who seem to be acting like their best friend. According to travelfish.org, a person like this could wait until someone is not in the right state of mind, and then try to do something terrible to them.

16 Travel Scams Definitely Happen There


Those who are new to the area might fall victim to some serious scams if they are not careful when they visit Khao San Road. According to globespots.com, there are many scams that visitors could become a part of. This is a fun place to visit, but one must be careful.

15 Sketchy People Try To Give Some Guests A Ride


Travelers need to avoid the pushy tuk-tuk drivers that will likely be waiting on them to leave Khao San Road, according to travelfish.org. Instead, they should walk away from that area, and try to find a driver elsewhere. There are also safety precautions to take in that scenario as well.

14 Some Of The Bus Drivers Are Also Not That Great


Those who drive buses in that area are not any safer than the pushy tuk-tuk drivers, according to travelfish.org. Many thefts have been reported from those who have traveled on these buses. Not all of the buses in the area are unsafe for tourists, but many of them are.

13 This Area Gets A Lot Of Visitors, Which Can Be Dangerous


Areas that have a lot of visitors can get a great deal of negative attention, which means that tourists need to be very alert when they are visiting those places. Khao San Road is extremely popular, which means it could attract some very dangerous people to it, according to travelfish.org.

12 Not All Businesses Close When They Are Supposed To


According to tripsavvy.com, there are some businesses in that area that do not close when they are legally supposed to. This means that some people who aren’t in the right state of mind are out during late hours, which could be a rather dangerous situation, which isn’t good for them.

11 Some Of The People In That Area Charge Tourists Too Much Money


Those who wish to travel to Khao San Road need to be aware of the fact that people might try to charge them a bit too much money. This is something that seems to be a fairly common occurrence. According to tripsavvy.com, lots of people just want travelers’ baht.

10 The Police Don’t Help Tourists Much


There is a police station located on Khao San Road, which is great since so many people are harmed there. But according to tripsavvy.com, they are not actually very helpful when it comes to foreigners. When one needs help, they tend to send them to a different type of police.

9 There Are Many Questionable Things That Happen In This Area


According to onestep4ward.com, some things happen there that are typically considered to be illegal in lots of places. This is not a very good place for families to visit since this is the case. Plus, lots of the people who visit there tend to run into strangers who get pushy.

8 Ping Pong Shows Are Popular There


Ping pong shows have nothing to do with the game of the same name. For those that don’t know, a ping pong show is something that is not safe for families to attend, but lots of adults tend to enjoy them. They are very popular in Thailand, according to foodfuntravel.com.

7 It Is A Lot More Popular Than It Used To Be


Khao San Road seems to be attracting more people as time passes. Perhaps that is why it is losing some of the appeal it once had. According to timetravelturtle.com, the place just isn’t the same as it used to be since there are some areas that are catering the travelers.

6 One Person Had A Really Scary Experience There


Thailand is one awesome place, but there are some strange things that happen there, especially when it comes to Khao San Road. According to lonelyplanet.com, one traveler had a truly unnerving and terrible experience there when they tried to help someone out. Khao San Road can be a dangerous spot.

5 Some Of The Sales People Are A Bit Aggressive With Visitors


Travelling is fun, but it is a lot less fun when there are overly aggressive salespeople involved. According to tripadvisor.com, some of the people who have been to Khao San Road have had some complaints about how pushy the salespeople are. That can some make trips very unpleasant.

4 It Is Really Not That Exciting


According to tripadvisor.com, there are actually some people who do not think that Khao San Road is a very fun place to visit. Despite the fact that this area is a popular spot for parties, some people have also claimed that they had a boring experience there, which is surprising.

3 They Do Not Care If Some People Are Offended By Their Treatment Of Animals


According to tripadvisor.com, not everyone is a fan of the fact that people on Khao San Road make meals out of animals and insects. But that’s something that does not seem to bother the locals, since they have not stopped doing it. Many people go there to try that stuff.

2 Not Everyone Loves The Loud Music


This is one of those places that really comes to life at night, which means that loud music can often be heard during in the late hours of the evening. According to tripadvisor.com, there are some people who aren’t the biggest fan of this. Loud music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

1 Some People Believe It Lacks The Culture Thailand Has


According to tripadvisor.com, some of the people who have taken the time to visit Khao San Road believe that it does not share much of the same culture that the rest of Thailand does. This is disappointing for any travelers looking to learn about that culture by visiting that location.

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