20 Shady Things About Costco (Everyone Just Ignores)

Costco will always be bustling with shoppers looking for amazing deals and discounts on just about anything. However, this gigantic warehouse can intimidate even a regular who shops here and at times, it can get confusing finding the items you truly need. Ever think that something suspicious may be going on here?

There are some shady things about Costco that would shock many shoppers. For example, the store strategically places certain items further in the back so shoppers will end up loading up their cart as they make their way down the aisles. And, if a shopper is feeling confused, don't fret, Costco intended for this to happen with their ever-changing layouts.

Whether it comes to saving more or even needing that coveted membership card, here are 20 shady things about Costco everyone ignores but should start paying close attention to.

20 You Don't Actually Need A Membership

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According to Best Products, you can go into a Costco without a membership to use the pharmacy and optician, but to shop for everything else, you'll need your own card. However, if you have a friend or family member that has their own membership, they can always take two guests along with them at any time, meaning you really don't need one.

19 Costco Relocates Items So Customers Can Grab More While Looking Around


According to Mental Floss, the company "regularly relocates necessities like toiletries, light bulbs, and other frequently-replenished items so the customer has to begin to search- or 'treasure hunt'- for them." This may seem frustrating for shoppers, but it's all been deliberately done to make you buy more while you search for your items.

18 You Can Purchase Your Very Own Coffin

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Costco can surprisingly help shoppers through a loss by offering coffins and caskets for as low as $950, according to Reader's Digest. These prices are considered a steal compared to actual prices of coffins which can go in the thousands. The store will also ship the coffin of your choosing to one of 36 states it currently delivers to.

17 Costco's Diamond Engagement Rings Don't Come With GIA Reports


Costco carries a variety of diamond engagement rings and according to Best Products, they even offer a 10-carat diamond ring made of platinum for a whopping $419,999.99. However, buyers should be aware of making a large purchase like a diamond ring from Costco since it's been reported that not all rings carry a GIA report.

16 Don't Bother Buying A Couch Or Mattress If You Don't Own A Truck

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According to Clark.com, one setback about buying furniture in-store at Costco is that the warehouse club does not deliver. When you buy a piece of furniture or a set at the store, they'll just move the items aside for you. So, if you don't own a truck, you better find a friend that does.

15 Purchasing More Than One Gift Card Actually Saves You Money


Most gift cards at Costco are already discounted, but if shoppers purchase more than one, they'll get even bigger savings. For example, you can buy four $25 movieticket.com gift cards for $74.99, or you can get four $15 Krispy Kreme gift cards for $44.99, reported Reader's Digest.

14 The Store Layout Is Intended To Confuse Customers

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You'll notice that Costco doesn't have signs letting shoppers know which items are in what aisle. This is all part of their strategic plan for you to buy more. Items can be relocated from where you last remembered them and have you discovering new areas of the store.

13 Look For Price Tag Codes For Clearance Items

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Costco shopping aficionados know that certain prices can signal a good deal. According to Reader's Digest, a price ending in .97 means the item is on clearance, so shoppers are getting an even better deal. Price tags ending with .00 or .88 mean the manager decided to cut the price because the item is the last one in stock or it doesn't have a box.

12 People Giving Out Samples Don't Actually Work There

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You are better off looking for an item yourself than asking the person who is handling the free samples at Costco. According to Insider, the people giving out free samples work for a completely different company and are probably just as confused as you are when shopping there.

11 There Are Rumors That Kirkland Vodka Is Actually Grey Goose


There were rumors that Kirkland Signature brand vodka was actually Grey Goose, but these rumors turned out to be false. However, Kirkland Signature liquor and beer offers great quality for the amount you're paying compared to the top name brands found at a liquor store.

10 Costco Deliberately Puts Its Famous Rotisserie Chicken In The Back So You'll End Up Grabbing More Stuff On Your Way Out

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Costco is famous for their $4.99 rotisserie chicken, so the store has strategically placed them in the back so that shoppers will go through the whole warehouse before grabbing their beloved roasted chicken. This means shoppers will probably end up picking a few items up along the way and spending more, according to Insider.

9 The Store Strategically Puts The Best Deals Deeper In The Store

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According to Reader's Digest, understanding your location in a Costco is key. "Almost always, the best deals are found deeper in the store. This is especially true of the heart of the store's layout, frequently called "center court" by Costco employees. Start at the center, and work your way back.'"

8 There's A Secret Word If You Want To Save On Meat

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Family Handyman states that an interesting tip when buying meat is to request a "chub of beef." This means that you'll end up getting a tube of ground beef, sealed in plastic, rather than the foam box with a clear plastic covering. The packaging will be less expensive when buying your meat.

7 A Great Selling Product Will Always Be Found In The Same Spot

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The best-selling item at Costco is toilet paper and from the item alone, the company made $400 million in sales back in 2015, according to Best Products. Shoppers can probably find this item at its usual location and any other best sellers at the same spot as well.

6 What You See Is What You Get

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Costco is a huge warehouse and what you see as you walk down the aisles is what you get. This means that there isn't a "back" of the store where employees can find an item that isn't on the shelves, so don't bother asking. Everything you see is what they have, unless the store restocks the next day.

5 There's A Reason Why Their Pizza Comes Out So Quickly

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Costco is actually one of the largest pizza chains in the United States, being behind Cicis and Chuck E. Cheese, according to Best Products. Costco's pizza always seem to be hot and ready and that's because of a sauce robot that distributes pizza sauce quickly and effectively, making your pizza come out fast.

4 You Don't Need A Membership To Buy Booze

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Depending on where you live, non-members are able to purchase alcohol any time they please. If there is a separate door for the liquor store, anyone can just walk in. However, shoppers can also ask for a Temporary Alcohol Shopping Pass at the customer service desk if there isn't a door at your Costco.

3 More Discounts Are Actually Online

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Costco already has tons of discounts, but if you shop online, you might just find better deals. There are many online-only offers on their website including savings on kitchen appliances and furniture. Shoppers will also enjoy browsing online if they aren't a fan of navigating this megastore.

2 Their In House Brand, Kirkland Signature, Uses The Same Manufacturers As Name Brand Products

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According to one employee, "buy Kirkland - it's cheaper and the same product as the name brand." Even though an item has the Kirkland label, it doesn't mean they aren't as good as name brands. For example, Kirkland Signature Batteries are actually made from Duracell and Kirkland Signature Tuna is supplied by Bumble Bee Foods!

1 There Is A Reason Why Costco Employees Want You To Skip The Signature Chicken Bake At The Food Court

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Customers and employees alike are very fond of Costco's food court. However, one item that workers tend to avoid is the store's signature chicken bake for health reasons. According to one employee, one chicken bake has over 1000 calories thanks to its crispy dough, cheese, chicken, bacon and Caesar dressing with a coating of Parmesan cheese.

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