20 Shady Places In Mexico We'd Never Set Foot In

The country of Mexico has a lot to offer adventurous travelers. The warm and sunny place boasts plenty of five-star hotels and resorts that will cater to your every need and serve you cocktails as you bask away on the warm and sandy beaches.

Mexico is also full of vibrant culture. Its cities are bustling areas of history, music and food, and genuine warmth. The country has large metropolitan areas as well as jungles and rainforests, mountains and beaches.

What is there not to like about Mexico?

Well, there are some obvious drawbacks to visiting the often unstable country. Here are at least twenty reasons we won't be boarding a plane headed for the land to our south anytime soon.

These parts of Mexico are ones we would never step foot in.

20 Neza, Mexico, Home Of The Super Slum

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1.2 million people live in Neza, Mexico, which is considered to be a super slum located east of Mexico City. Poverty and crime are prevalent here, although in recent years, things have been slightly better for the people of Neza, and it is starting to resemble a typical suburb. We still are not willingly visiting this place.

19 Belen Cemetary Might Be Haunted

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Generally speaking, hanging out in cemeteries is not something we would do for fun, especially on a tropical vacation. Legend has it a vampire is buried there, and a tree grew from its remains. The story is once the tree dies, the vampire will return. Not taking our chances.

18 Island Of Dolls Will Give Visitors Nightmares

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Nope. Nope. All the nopes. We don't care what is going on over at the Island of Dolls; we want no part of it. This stretch of space along Lake Xochimilco is thought to be laden with spirits. The haunted place's former inhabitant collected doll parts to ward off spirits, and now it is a significant tourist attraction.

17 Hospicio Cabanas Has A Spooky History

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Sure it is an architectural gem located in Guadalajara, but Hospicio Cabanas is also thought to be haunted. Over the years, the building has been used as an orphanage, an asylum, and military barracks. Locals are full of spooky stories about the place, and the tales are enough for us to turn and run away.

16 Renacimiento Neighborhood In Acapulco, Mexico Is A Pass

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Acapulco was once the tourist mecca of Mexico, along with places like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, but not anymore. Renacimiento, a ten-minute drive from Acapulco's beaches, looks as if a full-blown war has just ensured. Grafitti lines the vacant building wall, and criminals run the city. Acapulco is an Acapulc-no.

15 The Beaches Of Puerto Vallarta

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Per lonelyplanet.com, The Mexican city of Puerto Vallarta claims the title for the dirtiest beach in the country.  Besides being extremely contaminated, to the point where swimming is questionable, people have reported these Mexican beaches to be congested and rocky. Even with a less-than-stellar reputation, people still flock to this vacation spot in droves.

14 Also Papagayo Beach, Acapulco, Guerrero

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The levels of contaminants on this beach are 198 out of 200. Per themazatlanpost.com, this beach is at the contaminant limit, and should it go over, the waters at this beach will be deemed unswimmable. You all already know about the surrounding areas of Acapulco, so it is no surprise that the beaches are also a bust.

13 Mexico City Is Full Of Pollution

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There are plenty of reasons travelers choose to hit up Mexico City when visiting the country, but there are also several reasons to skip this destination. This ample, overly populated space has some of the worst traffic in the entire country! Per cbsnews.com, drivers here lose 58 hours of their time to traffic congestion.

12 Colima, Mexico Is Far Too Dangerous

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According to celebstoner.com, Colima, Mexico is just too dangerous a state to visit. This place has a current Level 4 travel advisory, and that is not good. For comparison sake, war-torn Syria also has a Level 4 rating. The gang activity and violent crime are too high here, so pass on Colima.

11 Sinaloa, Mexico Is A Cartel Hotspot

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Sinaloa is known more for its organized crime than for its beautiful scenery. It is a shame, too, because without the dangers of gang violence, this would be a stunning space to explore. Unfortunately, cartels run deep here, so this is not somewhere anyone is going to travel to (at least willingly) for some rest and relaxation.

10 Posada del Sol Hotel: More Than Structural Beauty

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The Posada del Sol Hotel was once a true work of art, and for many people, beauty continues to lives within its derelict walls. People can still enter the dilapidated building and wander around, but many leave gifts are an alter to avoid spirits haunting them. No thanks. Give us beaches and Rum, not ghosts and hauntings.

9 Chiapas, Mexico Is Incredibly Poor

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If you are looking for a vacation full of sparkling infinity pools and five-star hotels, Chiapas is not going to make the cut. Skip Chiapas, unless, of course, you are going to help the poverty-stricken residents. Per worldatlas.com, Chiapas is the most impoverished state in the entire country, with a 74% poverty rate.

8 Rainforests Of Quintana Roo Are So Spooky

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The locals tell stories about the jungles of Quintana Roo being the home of a mysterious creature. This creature is said to imitate human voices and lure people away from their destination, deep into the lush treachery. We don't care how majestic the scenery here is; we are not getting anywhere near it.

7 House Of Mummies, Guanajuato Is Unnerving

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Museums are pretty cool places to hang out at when you are on vacation, but this particular museum is one we think we will stay away from. It's not full of art and collectibles; it's full of mummies. As if mummies aren't unnerving enough, these ones are said to whisper and weep.

6 Mexican Jungles Hold More Than Nature's Beauty

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Mexico's jungles are something out of another world; they can wow visitors, and also scare the pants off them. Mexican jungles are packed full of dangerous snakes, bugs, and even jaguars. And if that isn't enough to ward travelers off, the illegal activities that take place deep in the jungles probably are.

5 Mazatlán, Mexico Has A Bad Rap

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This area has become so dangerous and unsettled, thanks to illegal activity and organized crime, that a travel advisory has been put in place for Mazatlán, Mexico. Per usatoday.com, travel is not encouraged for any reason. The location is full of culture, festivals, and wonder, but none of that is worth compromising your safety.

4 Claudia Mijangos House, Querétaro Gives Us Chills

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This is the former home of a woman who performed unspeakable acts. Neighbors swear they see and hear the voices of the children who lost their lives behind these walls, and frankly, we don't want to find out how accurate those tales are. We will take your word for it, and also take our vacation somewhere else.

3 Chihuahua, Mexico Is Not Place For Vacationers

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The name is cute, but the actual place is not nearly as darling. Because of the number of people who lose their lives there each year, Chihuahua is considered to be one of the more dangerous places in all of Mexico. Recently, Chihuahua has garnished negative attention for recent violence against innocent people. We won't be taking our chances here.

2 Espinazo del Diablo Will Give You Weak Knees

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This long, winding and dangerous road isn't called The Devil's Backbone for nothing. Even in the best of weather conditions, people risk their safety traveling along this road. Hundreds of people have perished trying to navigate the switchbacks and hairpins. We don't care how long the detour is, we are taking it.

1 Lock Your Doors On Highway 101

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The famous and dangerous highway 101 passes through Tamaulipas. Those who choose to take the roadway might encounter organized gangs, bandits, and everything in between. Kidnappings and carjackings are common along Highway 101, and armed convoys often accompany travelers. Why would you ever drive down this road?!

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