New York City is the home of some impressive attractions, including Broadway, Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty, One World Trade Center, and many other places that attract thousands of visitors each year. People all over the world dream of moving to New York City to start a life in the United States.

However, these days it appears the great American city is not what it once was. There are nearly 300 people leaving the area each day according to some reports. Some might call these the lucky ones because there are thousands of homeless in the city that can't find the resources to get out.

20 There Are More Than 2,000 People Living Underground In New York City

There is a staggering number of homeless people in New York. Some believe more than 60,000 people are living in the city without a home. There are reports of 2,178 homeless living underground in New York, but the number could be much higher.

The mole people, as some people call them, are living under popular parts of town without the people who are walking above even knowing they are there. They travel under cover of darkness as not to be evicted from their underground homes by authorities.

18 Mole People Occupy Forgotten Sections Of The Subway Like Track 61

Numerous sections of New York's subways are abandoned. They once transported people throughout the city. However, some tracks like Track 61 are no longer in use. Instead of being cleaned out, though, they conceal old rail cars and other forgotten things deep beneath the city.

17 People Have Been Living Underground For Decades

Ever since the Great Depression, there have been many homeless people in New York City. During that difficult period, people started using the subway tunnels as a place to live. Since then, the homeless population has grown and so has the number of people living under the city.

16 The Homeless In New York Take Shelter In Abandoned Stations During Freezing Temperatures

In New York, the weather is relentless. Those who do not have homes are at the mercy of the elements during freezing nights. So, they look for shelter anywhere they can find warmth. Abandoned places are a perfect refuge.

15 The Places They Call Home Are Dangerous

The places where homeless people live are dangerous. Rodents and reptiles lurk through the tunnels. There are debris and other hazards in the dark. Plus, the darkness conceals criminals, and mole people are often the victims of attacks. Theives even steal what little they have.

14 The Tunnels Are Easily Accessible

The entrances to the subway tunnels are easily accessible by anyone who has the desire to venture into them. There are numerous entrances throughout the city. However, it is illegal to enter and going into them can result in criminal charges.

13 The Mole People Form A Community

Just like any place that numerous people live, the mole people form communities. Most of them look after each other, but there is also a kind of hierarchy. Most of them are very territorial over the section of the tunnels where they live. After all, it is their home.

12 Some Families Call The Tunnels Home

There are couples and even families that live underground. The sad part is these people risk losing their kids if authorities find out they do not have a place to live. So, the families living in the subway do their best to stay concealed.

11 The People Living Underground Have Pets

People are not the only ones living in subway tunnels under New York City. Many animals live beneath the streets. Some of the mole people even domesticate these animals and live with them. These animals keep them company in the very isolated and lonely place they call home.

10 Life Is Hard For People Living In Darkness

The mole people do anything they can to eat and obtain the things they need. It is difficult for them, though. They have to wait until it is dark to emerge from their homes. If authorities see them, they risk getting in trouble.

9 They Use Light That Shines Through Air Circulation Vents To Read

Homeless people are just like everyone else. They enjoy the same things you and I do. However, it is harder for them to do something like reading a book because they do not have electricity. So, instead, they use the light that comes in through ventilation grates.

8 There Are Sections Of The Subway That Make For A Beautiful Home For The Homeless

Some of the abandoned sections on the subway are beautiful. They feature ornate decorations and stained glass. The parts featuring windows offer natural light and appear to be cleaner than the darker sections. Honestly, these areas do not look like a horrible place to live if you are homeless.

7 Most Prefer The Dark Sections Of The Tunnels

Despite the areas of the subway that are beautiful and have natural light, the mole people prefer the dark sections. The reason is simple. The shaded parts offer them protection from transit authority personnel and police who will kick them out if they find them.

6 The City Is Trying To Clean Up The Tunnels But They Are So Large

Throughout the years, the city has made efforts to clean sections of the subway tunnels. However, the task is so vast that many abandoned areas remain untouched, especially the parts of the system that are no longer in use. As the saying goes, "out of sight, out of mind."

5 Some Mole People Choose More Public Areas To Sleep

Some of the people living underground do not venture into unknown areas. They instead choose to sleep on operating platforms in plain sight of the people bustling around them. These people sleep on public benches or even on the floor steps away from the subway trains.

4 Some Actually Sleep On The Subway

Another popular place for people living underground to sleep or spend time is riding the subway. These people get on and ride for as long as possible. With so many people getting on and off, they can usually remain unnoticed for quite a while before someone kicks them off.

3 Some Are Contributing To The Filth Of The Subway

Just like ordinary people, some of the people riding the trains for refuge are dirtier than others. Some of them throw trash around or clutter the cars with their belongings. However, you can't blame them for wanting to keep their few possessions with them.

2 They Do Anything They Can To Stay Warm

During the coldest nights, the number of people underground is much higher. Most of these people typically sleep above ground. However, during the freezing temperatures sleeping on a park bench is extremely dangerous. They wear whatever clothes they have and cover themselves with anything they can find to avoid hyperthermia.

1 The Mole People In New York's Tunnels Are A Huge Concern For The City

People living in abandoned spaces underground were forgotten for years. After being there for such a long time that it is difficult for them to figure out how to get out. So, the city now has the task of helping them find their way back into society.