Traveling the world and immersing yourself in other cultures is something that appeals to a lot of people, but many have not ever thought of traveling alone. Women have embraced the solo trek or adventure, taking more and more trips on their own. They are enjoying the luxury of seeing different countries on their own terms and their own schedules. They have discovered how enjoyable it is to be able to plan an entire trip with their own ideas in mind, without having to compromise or cater to anyone else's decisions. But, there is a risk that women face when travelling alone, so choosing a destination becomes even more important. When you start planning your independent journey, start with checking out the reports on your dream destinations to make sure you'll get to enjoy it. There are quite a few places all over the world that are considered extremely safe and tourist-friendly. By finding these and booking your trip in one of them, you'll be able to relax and take in the sights and culture without feeling like you have to look over your shoulder or be on guard every second. These cities will invite you in to enjoy them as you unwind on your exclusive and solitary retreat.

We're going to journey through a list of twenty of the safest places in the world for women to travel alone. After you see this list, you might be ready to pack your bag and book your next trip soon.

20 Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is an amazing, picturesque city that invites travelers from all over the world. It has earned its reputation as a major destination, especially for solo female trekkers. With the friendly people and the incredible scenery, you'll enjoy spending your time exploring this city and immersing yourself in the rich and historic culture that will truly draw you in. It caters well to the independent traveler with a wide array of restaurants and other places to visit. Like any other city, there are things to watch for like pickpockets, but overall, the city itself is considered one of the safest to travel alone. Once you arrive, you'll quickly understand why Barcelona is considered one of the friendliest, gorgeous and inviting cities to visit in Spain.

19 Rome, Italy

Rome is a city known for its extraordinary beauty and world class accommodation. It is a modern city that still embraces its history and culture. The city itself is perfectly designed for solo travelers with plenty of cafes and restaurants. Local bars are also wonderful for people watching. Most reports of anything negative are simply occasional incidents of overt attention that rarely last long. Pickpockets and thieves may also prey on people that can be identified as tourists. But these don't happen in Rome much more than anywhere else. By being aware of your surroundings and carrying yourself with confidence, you'll be able to thoroughly enjoy visiting Rome. After seeing this historic and inspirational city, you may find that you want to travel alone more often.

18 Reykjavik, Iceland

This unbelievable destination is quickly becoming one of the most sought after for women travelers. When you arrive in this stunning city, you will have a huge variety of activities to choose from that will make your trip one to remember. Whether you are looking for a great nightlife and shopping or would rather just have a quieter, laid back trip, Reykjavik will offer a vacation that you will never forget. With the awe-inspiring scenery and friendly people, Iceland will capture your heart and your spirit. The city itself is easy to navigate and with a City Card, you'll have an easy time fitting in all the sights for one low price and at your own schedule. With a low crime rate, easy city navigation and a friendly population, Reykjavik is a great place to visit.

17 Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne may not be the first city that comes to mind when you think about traveling alone to Australia. But, the city itself shows why it should be. Melbourne is an eclectic and vibrant city that offers a range of activities that will appeal to just about every type of traveler. With museums and theaters, spas, restaurants and bars, you'll be able to truly enjoy the culture that Melbourne shares with its tourists. The city's public transportation makes it one of the easiest places to get around by yourself. You'll also have plenty of hotels, hostels and other accommodations; you'll be able to find a perfect place to relax. As you're planning a solo adventure, consider adding Melbourne to your list of fantastic destinations for women.

16 Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is a city of contrasts. Its turbulent and long history is still visible in its architecture, with cobblestone streets in parts of Old Town that lead up to the more modern areas of the city. This beautiful and vibrant city is known for being friendly and welcoming to all visitors. It has a great public transportation system, plenty of hotels and restaurants and a wide variety of activities that will appeal to most visitors. As a solo traveler, you will find it easy to get around this amazing city. Most of the historical sites are within walking distance and the locals are known for being helpful if you get lost. No matter if you are a history buff looking for a tour of this spectacular destination or a nature enthusiast that wants to spend the day hiking and kayaking, you'll find something special in Edinburgh.

15 Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway has gained a reputation as one of the most cultured and diverse cities in Europe. With an eclectic population and a strong cultural identity, Bergen is an amazing place to visit. The city has a large student population, so it has a busy bar scene and night life. It also has beautiful museums and art galleries that will appeal to the more artistic visitors. The city itself is considered a safe place to visit. Norwegians are often considered a bit aloof, but are known to be very cordial and helpful to visitors when they need help. The city is known for its food. With its location between the fjords, it's a perfect place for seafood with a Nordic flare. With an active nightlife, good quality food and hotels and a friendly citizenry, you'll be able to enjoy this gorgeous city without any major worries.

14 Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a colorful, eclectic and upbeat city that should fall on any list for amazing destinations. With Michelin star restaurants, bars and other local hangouts, you'll find plenty of places to enjoy the active lifestyle of this gorgeous town. But don't forget to check out the historic buildings and pedestrian shopping zones that can be found throughout the city. Copenhagen is known for being safe for visitors, but like any other European city, you just have to be aware of your surroundings. Copenhageners are fantastic to tourists. They are known for being friendly and helpful to people who are visiting their city. With a basic awareness of what is going on around you, a trip to this incredible city will leave you with amazing memories.

13 Singapore

Singapore is a gorgeous island city-state of the coast of Malaysia and is a phenomenal place for women to visit on solo trips. Singapore embraces modernism but retains its culture and history as well. Singapore is such a diverse stop that you'll find something to do no matter what type of activity you're interested in. There are shops and restaurants that will appeal to a wide range of tastes. The zoo and the gardens are also phenomenal places to visit. Singapore is a very safe place to visit. They have very strict laws, so as long as you're aware of them, you should see very little crime. With the rich culture, stunning architecture and almost endless activities, you'll add Singapore to your list of destinations to remember.

12 Jaipur, India

For those that want a trip that is off the beaten path and that offers a look at a completely different culture, the pink city of Jaipur is one that should top the list. The city is a picturesque jewel of a city to visit. This ancient town still lives and breathes its history and culture. You can still see the stunning architecture that got its start as a fort in the twelfth century. The open marketplaces offer an incredible array of things to see and purchase, just be prepared to barter and walk away if the the vendors get too pushy. One of the few things that you need to watch for is the pushiness. Learn to be firm with them. With the city boasting its gorgeous rosy hue, take advantage of the rooftop restaurants and enjoy amazing food with great views. Jaipur has a lot to offer, just be aware of the culture differences, dress modestly and carry yourself with confidence. As long as you do, Jaipur could win your heart.

11 Helsinki, Finand

Helsinki is a city rich in history and culture and was listed as one of Europe's Cities of Culture in 2000. It is still considered an amazing place to visit. Located on the Gulf of Finland, this coastal capital city offers an amazing amount of activities for a solo traveler. It offers wide streets, plenty of parks and the harbor all within easy walking distance. In good weather, the market square provides a spectacular shopping experience with everything from food to flowers. You'll also be able to take in the historic architecture. The hotels and restaurants offer phenomenal service for visitors. Like any other city that caters to tourists, some issues of pick-pocketing and card skimming at ATM locations can be reported. The same advice applies here that applies in other European destinations. Just stay aware of your surroundings and be careful with your belongings.

10 Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a true jewel of a city. With its amazing combination of history and culture as well as its modern aesthetic and vibe, Hong Kong is a destination that speaks to a wide variety of people. With a diverse culture that carries tones from Cantonese, Shanghainese, British, Indian and Jewish backgrounds. This amazing variety has created a society with an abundance of celebrations, festivals and holidays. When you travel to this location, chances are you'll find one or two going on. The city itself is a culinary wonderland with over 14,000 restaurants with a huge variety of options. There is also always somewhere to stay with over 250 hotels and 74,000 rooms available. With Hong Kong having a more conservative culture, be aware of how you dress and approach people. But with a bit of vigilance and common sense, you will be captivated by Hong Kong.

9 Bali, Indonesia

Bali will capture your heart and imagination as you travel in this exquisite Indonesian city. With a deep and ancient culture, Bali's Hindu roots show in every aspect of the city. Most of the tourist areas speak English and are set up to accommodate. If you are looking to enjoy the historical side of the city, you will never have to look far to see the temples and touches of the religion. Bali has become known for parties, but you can also find quiet, peaceful places hidden away as you take in the gorgeous scenery. Bali provides an impressive number of restaurants and hotels to allow you to find the right place for you. With the Hindu influence, it is recommended that you dress a bit more conservatively, respect the rules of visiting the temples and have a basic understanding of the cultural differences. If you go with an understanding that you are in a different country and respect its culture, you'll enjoy all Bali has to offer.

8 Munich, Germany

Munich is a gorgeous Bavarian city that has a wealth of history and culture that the citizens share with the millions of tourists that travel there. Munich is known for its beer and parties, especially Oktoberfest, but the city has much more to offer. With a lively nightlife, amazing entertainment, world class restaurants and shopping, there are plenty of options to keep you busy while visiting. Bavarian culture may surprise some, so learning some of the basics about punctuality, greetings and acceptable social behavior may help you feel more comfortable. Munich boasts a great public transportation system, wonderful hotels and restaurants and a polite citizenry. If you take the time to understand the etiquette, Munich will amaze you with its historic buildings, wonderful art and music scene and fun filled nightlife.

7 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is an incredible city that offers charm and hospitality to visitors. This ancient city has come from a small settlement to an amazing modern capital city of Slovenia over the centuries but has managed to maintain a small village feeling. Ljubljana is considered one of Europe's greenest and most livable cities. When you travel to this amazing location, you will instantly see the combination of German, Italian and Austrian, as well as other influences in the buildings and culture. The city boasts an extremely low crime rate and is easy to get around in. Modern hotels and restaurants are easy to locate and the public transit system is good. Ljubljana offers amazing architecture, as well as a variety of cultural activities. This hidden gem of Europe would gladly welcome you in as a visitor.

6 Bern, Switzerland

When you walk through Bern, you may feel that you have stepped back in time. With its cobblestone streets and medieval buildings, it makes sense. This small city offers an amazing view of Switzerland's history and culture. The city is extremely friendly to tourists, but be aware that it is expensive to travel in. Hotels, food and transportation can be pricey, but with some preparation, you can make it affordable. Bern offers an incredible haven for history buffs with a large amount of museums and historical sites. You could also enjoy the day at Bear Park or the Botanical Gardens. The city also offers great options for shopping, dining and relaxing. No matter what you are looking for, Bern has something to offer. Be aware of your surroundings and don't carry anything extra that might attract pick-pockets or other thieves.

5 Dublin, Ireland

When you say the name Dublin, thoughts of fun bars, cheerful people and great music probably come to mind. All of these are well earned, but there is much more to Dublin. The entire city itself is a picturesque and social city that welcomes travelers with good food, good drinks and good craic. The Irish are known for their friendliness and banter. You won't ever have to look far for company. Take in the sound of the local music at some of the pubs. Music is central to the Irish culture. Enjoy some of the amazing food and drinks as well. If you are more interested in touring the local countryside, Dublin will not disappoint. Located on the coast of the Irish sea, Dublin offers an incredible array of scenery. You can take a short train ride to the coast and tour the Howth Coastal Walk to see the wild beauty of Ireland or walk the streets of the city itself to enjoy how beautiful the buildings and surroundings are. Be aware of unmarked cabs and transport as they can be scammers. Also, don't travel intoxicated and keep an eye on your belongings.

4 Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a city of incredible beauty and a relaxed atmosphere. It embraces environmentalism and friendliness. The city is known for appealing to both outdoorsy adventurers as well as the more artsy type of people. The art scene in Seattle is a huge part of the draw to this city. Music, art and theater are easily found all over the city with a large number of theaters, museums and live venues. Seattle is a safe place to visit for a solo female traveler as long as you stay in well populated areas and pay attention to your surroundings. Don't flash money around and keep an eye on your belongings. Although there are reports of homelessness and panhandling, being firm with them seems to stop the issues. You'll get a chance to try some great food in any number of award winning restaurants.

3 Portland, Oregon

Portland is known for its eclectic, and let's face it, weird vibe. Its quirkiness is one of the reasons so many people want to travel there. Once you reach the city, you'll discover that there is much more to it. Portland is a great combination of fun and unique small businesses and more traditional places as well. You'll also find a well established art scene. If you're more interested in a nature based trip, Portland is within driving distance of incredible places like Mt Hood and Wilumette River, outdoor enthusiasts will have plenty of opportunities to bike, hike and kayak in some of the most gorgeous scenery on the west coast. You'll find plenty of places to eat, stay and shop as well as hike and boat. Despite the abundance of things to do and a very active lifestyle, Portland is a safe place to visit. It has a fairly low crime rate and an established police force that makes the city a great place to visit.

2 San Francisco, California

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay, this amazing city will bring you in and welcome you. San Francisco. The city is a vibrant, cultural place that offers restaurants, shopping, theater, music and much more for any type of visitor. You'll be able to find plenty to do. Check out any number of museums, including the wax museum, or walk the gorgeous staircase of the city. You could also hike the hills overlooking the bay or take a ferry to Alcatraz Island. No matter what you're looking for, you'll find something. San Francisco also offers a great selection of hotels and restaurants all easily accessible by public transportation. The city is comprised of a variety of neighborhoods, so stay aware of your surroundings. Being observant, staying away from areas that don't feel secure and walking away from potential harassment will allow you to enjoy the vibe and culture this city provides.

1 New York, New York

New York City is a name that conjures thoughts of theater, Broadway, restaurants and an active nightlife. It's a city that brings in people from all over the world to experience the vibe that can be felt everywhere. From bohemian to chic, you'll find something that suits you. Most people who travel there take in Broadway and Time Square. Be vigilant in those areas as they are known for being high tourist areas and could attract pick-pockets or muggers. There are great options ranging from hostels to luxury hotels that will provide a perfect place to relax as you take in the sights. New York is well known for amazing restaurants of every type of cuisine. All these can be reached by a world class transit system. New York is a bustling beehive of activity, so it's very easy to become turned around or lost. Being vigilant, planning out your paths early and staying out of higher crime areas will let you enjoy the spectacular ambiance of New York City.

Traveling alone may seem scary at first, but doing your research about your location can help. Knowing the history and climate of the cities you want to visit, as well as planning ahead gives you the ability to create a trip that will provide endless memories. Any of these destinations would provide a spectacular place to experience a solo adventure.