20 Sad Photos Of Planes That Were Abandoned

There are sometimes images that we see that get stuck in our head. They may be shocking, scary or just interesting. They say that pictures speak a thousand words, and that has proven to be true time after time.

We see pictures and we wonder about the story behind them. We wonder what happened? What were the circumstances that led up to the events the pictures captured. Sometimes, we let our imaginations run wild and we make up stories about what could possibly have happened.

Airplanes are majestic things. They are huge, and they have the ability to soar through the air at thousands of miles above the ground. They take you from exotic place to exotic place.

Occasionally, something happens that forces these planes to the ground. These are tragedies, and they leave behind a huge mess that needs to be cleaned up. Sometimes, the planes are just left there. They are abandoned with little to no explanation as to why. Time goes on and these photos haunt us with the what ifs.

20 Lost In The Grass


Sometimes, planes are left for so long that nature starts to take its course. The natural trees, land and grass start to grow around them.

It is as if the earth is claiming the planes for itself. We assume over time that these planes will disintegrate into nothing, and no one will ever know that they existed.

19 Completely Forgotten


While some may see a plane as just a thing. A creation by man that can not possibly ever hold any sentimental meaning to anyone.

However, it is not just the abandoned plane that makes these pictures so haunting, it is the story behind them. How did it end up there and why has no one come back to clean up the pieces?

18 A Desert Secret


Planes can be abandoned for many reasons. They could have landed there for some reason, and the pilot just couldn't get it back in the air.

Or the plane could have crashed and was never recognized at the time it happened. All they know is that someone stumbled across an abandoned plane one day.

17 Did Someone Just Walk Away?


Can you imagine just taking a leisurely stroll one day and coming across a plane? Sometimes, we know that planes are big, but we don't realize how big until we are right next to it.

It would be both a haunting and fascinating discovery. Especially if you got the nerve to try and go inside.

16 A Majestic Sight


We mentioned earlier that it is sometimes hard to imagine just how big an airplane is. Especially ones that are passenger planes, the ones we are used to seeing flying through the sky.

This is a great scale photo that shows a woman standing underneath a passenger plane that has been abandoned.

15 Time Is Taking It


This plane is clearly not a standard passenger plane, and it may even be a war plane used in a time of fight.

This plane has also either been here for a long time or it succumbed to a tragedy that we would rather not imagine. Sadly, it's history may never be known.

14 The Story It Could Tell


There is not only a whole entire plane in this picture, but there appears to be a part of another plane and scattered mechanics laying all around.

Planes are made specifically to stay in the air. According to bestlifeonline.com, a plane can stay in the air for 5 hours after an engine goes out.

13 Loss Among The Carnage


This appears to be another military-style plane that was left in the middle of carnage. If a plane could tell us a story, we would like to listen to what this plane had to say.

Most planes have more than one pilot for a reason, and that is because on a long flight, they will take turns getting a nap in to keep up their energy.

12 The Sun Is Going Gown


This picture is so simple, yet so interesting. This is another passenger plane that has been abandoned in the middle of a field.

With the setting sun behind it, the picture gets even more intriguing and haunting. We have to wonder why no one came and cleaned up the plane after it was just left there?

11 A Haunting Image


Here is an abandoned plane that is just outside the city. With the tall buildings behind it, we have to wonder what happened to make this plane come down.

The plane doesn't look like it is too beat up, so it is hard to imagine that it was in a crash of any kind. It simply looks like it landed here and everyone just walked away from it.

10 A Canvas For Artists


When anything is abandoned for some time, people are bound to go exploring. They may try and get in the abandoned plane and look around. See what treasures that they can find.

Some may see it as a blank canvas. They may take to street art and decide to decorate the abandoned plane to try and make it more appealing.

9 It’s Been There For Some Time


This is obviously a plane that has been abandoned for a while. There is no sign of anyone who has come back for it.

The plane itself is showing signs of aging, and the nature around it is starting to grow up and around the plane. We wonder where this plane was going?

8 Returning To Nature


Another military-style plane appears to be trapped in a tree. This one shows clear signs of being a crash of some sort.

If this plane has been there since the war times, it is not hard to imagine how this plane came to this fate. A lot of planes were probably taken out of the air to be left at their earthly grave.

7 Lost At Sea …


When planes crash, they don't always land in trees or on land. There are times when they crash land in the water. Which is what likely happened to this plane.

There are a lot of people who praise pilots who are able to land a plane on the water. In fact, there is no such thing as a water landing, it is simply crashing into the water.

6 … And At Ice


Just as planes can crash into land and water, they can also crash into ice and snow. This plane was obviously traveling somewhere cold when something happened to bring it down.

A passenger on this plane, if survived, would not be able to stay with the plane. They would need to try and find help before they froze.

5 It Belongs To The Earth Now


Sometimes, planes crash in places that just don't have the resources to clean up the wreckage.

Even if the plane did not crash in a tragic way, they may not be able to cart the plane away. They leave it there and let it become home to all the different kinds of wildlife around.

4 A Look From Inside


Up until now all of our pictures have been from the outside of planes, and it is about time we look at one from the inside of the plane.

This military-style plane was abandoned and someone was able to grab a picture of the cockpit where we see that time and rust is slowly eating away at it.

3 Imagine Seeing This On A Hike


This is another plane that seems to be lodged on a mountain-side somewhere. I can not imagine being on a hike and innocently coming across this.

We also wonder if any of these abandoned planes had their black boxes retrieved. Black boxes are devices on a plane that can tell people exactly what happened in the event of a crash.

2 The Stories It Could Tell


Not only is this plane abandoned, it is also upside down. A small plane that has been left and forgotten. Its stories to never be told to anyone.

An interesting fact about planes is that the dirtiest part of a plane is not the bathroom. According to bestlifeonline.com, the dirtiest place on a passenger plane is the lap tray.

1 An Airplane Graveyard


This is not just one or even two abandoned planes. This is a whole slew of them. It appears to not only be abandoned planes, but an abandoned airport.

What happened to make everyone just walk up and leave all of these planes? Did the airport run out of money? Either way, this would be a wonderful place to visit and take a walk around.

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