20 Rules The Royal Family Has To Follow When They Travel The World

The Royal Family does not have to live the same way the rest of society does. They have a different set of rules to follow, and that is pretty much true for every single part of their lives.

According to mommyish.com, every part of a Royal Family member’s life is basically mapped out for them. This is especially true when it comes to how they act when they are out and about. There is no such thing as being too careful when it comes to the people that are a part of this very famous family.

They have lots of rules to follow when they are traveling. Here are just a few of the strict rules the Royal Family must abide by when they’re traveling.

20 Not Everyone Needs A Passport


Almost everyone needs a passport in order to travel to another country. But the keyword in that sentence is “almost” since there is at least one person who does not need one at all. That would be the Queen, since she technically gives them out, according to hotlifestylenews.com.

19 Every Royal Person Has To Pack A Dark Outfit


People usually wear black to certain events, and that is why every member of the Royal Family must pack a black outfit when they are traveling. According to hotlifestylenews.com, this is not something that can be negotiated. It must always happen whenever any of them are preparing to travel somewhere.

18 Two Heirs Cannot Travel Together


According to hotlifestylenews.com, there will never be a time when two heirs are seen traveling together. That is because family matters a lot to these people, and they don’t want to be in a spot where they lose two of them. That’s why two heirs cannot travel with each other.

17 Nobody Is Supposed To Finish A Meal Before The Queen Does


Table manners are a big deal with the Royal Family. According to hotlifestylenews.com, no one is permitted to finish eating before the Queen has finished her meal. That is true whether they are visiting a certain place, or simply enjoying a meal at home. Everyone must wait for the Queen.

16 Shellfish Is Banned


The Royal Family members aren’t allowed to be adventurous with their food, and that is even true when they are traveling around the world. According to hotlifenews.com, the famous family is not allowed to eat certain things, and one of them is shellfish. They can’t eat really spicy food, either.

15 They Always Try To Stick With The Same Airline


The Royal Family always appears to be proud of where they are from, and they want to show it. That is why they are so loyal to British Airways when they have to fly somewhere, according to hotlifestylenews.com. But, William and Harry deviated from this rule just a bit before.

14 They Have To Dress A Certain Way


Everybody dresses down from time to time, but it does not seem that the members of the Royal Family are allowed to do that. According to mommyish.com, they have a dress code to follow. They always have to look like they are well put together. They always look very stylish.

13 High Heels Are Needed For Some Of Them


There is a bit of a checklist each member of this family must follow when they are deciding what they will wear while on trips. According to mommyish.com, one thing that some of them must bring is a couple of pairs of high heels. The shoes have to be a certain color.

12 They Aren’t Allowed To Show Affection


There are not many people who have seen the members of the Royal Family show affection to one another, and there is a great reason for that. According to tiphero.com, this is simply something that the family can’t do in public. They must look professional and regal at all times.

11 If The Kids Are There, A Nanny Must Also Travel With Them


If the Royal Family brings children along on a trip, they have to bring the nanny as well. According to care.com, nannies who work for this family must always know what the kids are up to, and they must not talk about what happens behind closed doors at their home.

10 Some Of Them Bring Their Own Beverages


According to express.co.uk, there is at least one member of the Royal Family who brings a beverage with them every time they travel, so it has kind of become an unspoken rule for that person to do it each time a trip is going to happen. That person is Prince Charles.

9 They Accept All The Gifts People Give Them


The Royal Family gets a lot of gifts from their fans. But according to popsugar.com, that does not automatically mean that any gift a person sends them is going to be something they keep and hold close to their hearts. Also, the Queen decides which ones are to be kept.

8 The Family Has To Follow Certain Procedures Every Time They Go To A Different Country


The Royal Family does not always have it easy when it comes to traveling. They have to follow the same immigration rules that everyone else has to follow, according to hotlifestylenews.com. They aren’t very relatable, but many people know what this is like. Immigration is a big deal for everyone.

7 Bodyguards Have To Be With Them


Being a bodyguard for the Royal Family is a very big deal. According to hotlifestylenews.com, the family must always be accompanied by their bodyguards whenever they are out and about. Something really terrible could happen if they don’t, and it is not a risk that the family needs to take.

6 The Royal Family Limits The Time They Spend With Those Who Are Not Royals


According to hotlifestylenews.com, the members of the Royal Family don’t usually spend a lot of time around people who aren’t also a royal themselves. But this doesn’t mean they won’t have a chat with the people who are fans of theirs. There are numerous images of them talking to fans.

5 Coats Are Very Important


According to mommyish.com, those who are members of the Royal Family are made to keep their coats on at all times when they’re traveling. They even have to do this when they’re not traveling. They can’t take it off unless someone tells them to, which must be annoying at times.

4 The Family Must Have Two Of Each Outfit They Pack


According to mommyish.com, all members of the Royal Family have to bring two of the same outfit with them whenever they’re traveling. That is because wardrobe emergencies are a real thing, the Royal Family must always look nice. The Queen is very strict when it comes to following this rule.

3 Pregnant Royals Must Not Travel


Lots of women have been instructed not to travel anywhere during the last few weeks of their pregnancies. But it’s a bit different for moms in the Royal Family. They must not travel at all when they’re expecting. This is only loosely enforced, but it’s still important, according to mommyish.com.

2 They Don’t Give Out Autographs


This is not a rule that every member of the Royal Family has followed. Since Meghan Markle used to be an actress, she once broke this rule by signing an autograph for someone, which was probably done out of habit. It’s something they usually avoid, according to mommyish.com.

1 Fans Won’t Get A Selfie With Them


There are some people in the Royal Family that will take a selfie or two with their fans, but this is not something the family typically does. According to mommyish.com, the Queen is just not a big fan of it herself, so they try to avoid it quite a bit.

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