20 Rules Every Passenger Needs To Follow On Cruise Ships

For a lot of people, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. That is the chance to go on a cruise ship. Going on a cruise is one of the most popular tourist spots now, and people are just waiting for their chance to get on one of these massive ships.

There is also a lot of variety when it comes to cruises now. You can go on a cruise to the Caribbean, Alaska, and even the Mediterranean. There are a ton of different cruise lines, ships, and excursions that are sure to make it the dream vacation for the whole family.

Just like any form of travel, there are certain rules that passengers have to follow in order to get on the cruise ship. Once they are one, there are certain rules they have to follow to stay on the cruise ship. Disobeying any of these rules could mean that you are removed from the ship and your vacation is cut short.

20 Must Always Carry Your Passport


It is important to note, that all cruise ships are different, but these rules are generally the same across any cruise line.

Passports are necessary to travel anywhere outside of the country you reside in. According to cruisecritic.com, if you do not have a passport on you, you are likely not getting on the ship at all.

19 Before You Even Step Foot On The Ship


If you do not follow this rule, your vacation could end before it even begins. Before you even step foot on the cruise ship, you need to have certain documentation.

According to cruisecritic.com, you need to have your cruise boarding documents and personal identification. If you do not have these, then you will likely be denied passage onto the ship.

18 Medical History Is Required


According to cruisecritic.com, when you show your boarding documentation, you will also need to complete a health questionnaire to asses your current state of health.

Cruise ships can be a host for illnesses to spread rapidly, and it is important to make sure those on the ship are in the perfect health needed for travel.

17 Single Parent Rules


A lot of families travel together, but there are instances where a mother (or father) may want to travel with their child and not the other parent.

If that is the case, it is generally OK, but you need proper documentation. According to cruisecritic.com, A parent may require a signed letter from the other parent expressing permission to take the child on the trip.

16 Can You Bring Your Baby?


Not a lot of people want to travel with their baby, but some do. They may wonder if they are allowed on a cruise with an infant.

According to cruisecritic.com, babies must usually be at least 12 months old for world cruises and 6 months old for other cruise destinations. Check with the individual cruise lines, because some do not allow children at all.

15 Restricted Areas


There are certain activities that some people like to indulge in when they are on vacation. This is fine, but they must note that there are rules around where this can happen.

According to cruisecritic.com, there are designated areas where passengers can partake in extracurricular activities. It is their responsibility to be familiar with where it is allowed and not.

14 Safety Drills Are Mandatory


Once you are on board, your vacation is about to start. However, there is one thing that is mandatory and cannot be skipped by anyone on board.

According to cruisecritic.com, every single passenger must take part in the safety drill. This is important so that everyone knows where to go in the event of an emergency.

13 Baby On Board? Maybe


There are a lot of people who like to take babymoons, or small vacations before a baby comes into their world. If they want to take a cruise, they must make sure they are able to.

According to cruisecritic.com, most (if not all) cruise lines will only let a woman on a cruise if she is in her second trimester. You usually must be 24-weeks or less when the cruise departs.

12 No Climbing On Balcony Railing


So far, most of the rules have made sense, and then there are rules that seem silly. Rules that you would think are considered common sense.

According to cruisecritic.com, you can not climb on any railing on the cruise ship. This is bound to get you into trouble, if not seriously hurt.

11 Depart Time Means Depart Time


We have seen the stories in the news time and time again, but we take it for granted. When a cruise is set to depart form an island, the time is non-negotiable.

According to cruisecritic.com, the cruise ship will not wait for anyone. Cruise ships run on a very tight schedule, and when they need to leave the port, they will leave any stranded passenger behind.

10 Watch The Age Limits


It is important to keep in mind the age limits for specific excursions and activities on the cruise ship. This may apply to any teenage children who are on board.

According to insider.com, most cruise ships have age limits to enter certain areas and pools. They have designated areas that are just for adults.

9 No Drone Flying


We live in a world of gadgets and toys, and a lot of people like to bring them on vacation to have some fun and capture some great footage.

Drones are the popular thing right now when it comes to taking great video. However, according to insider.com, drones are not allowed on most cruise ships. Passengers can bring them off-ship to islands but cannot fly them while onboard.

8 And No Hoverboard Riding


Along the same lines as drones, hoverboards are also incredibly popular. This is another hard rule that cruise ships have, and they are not allowed to be used onboard according to insider.com.

Hoverboards, scooters, and bikes are all considered a hazard, and they don’t want any collisions on the deck.

7 Leave Your Kites At Home


Depending on how you feel about it, cruise ships can have one big downfall, they can be windy. Being on the water can bring strong wind gusts.

This may seem like the perfect weather for flying a kite, but this is another rule that can get you in big trouble on a cruise ship. According to insider.com, there are no kites allowed on the ship deck at any time.

6 Beverages Are Iffy


A lot of people look forward to an adult beverage while on a cruise ship, but there are rules surrounding this as well. Cruise ships want you to spend your money on the ship, instead of bringing your own onto the ship.

According to insider.com, most cruise ships will not let you bring your own drinks on to the ship. It is important to check the individual liner's policy on this.

5 Hair Tools May Be A Hazard


When on a cruise, there are going to be moments when you want to look your best. This means that you pack all your hair tools to get that glamorous up-do look.

According to insider.com, if a cruise ship deems a hair tool as a fire hazard, they will not let it on board and will confiscate it upon boarding.

4 No Jeans


When packing for a cruise, it is important to remember not to pack too many pairs of jeans. That is because they may not be allowed on the cruise ship, according to insider.com.

Most cruise ships have a dress code while on their ship. At the very least, there is a dress code when it comes to what to wear to dinner every night.

3 No Camouflage


It is important to remember that when you go on a cruise, you are also traveling to different islands with different customs.

According to insider.com, it is best not to pack any camouflage clothing when you are going on a cruise. In a lot of island countries, camouflage is reserved for the military and you can get you in big trouble for wearing it.

2 No Socializing With The Crew


Crew members on the ship are paid to be friendly to you, however, do not be trying to make any real connections.

According to insider.com, the crew is prohibited from forming any type of friendship or relationship with any passenger. They are to stay strictly professional, and passengers are expected to behave the same way.

1 No Hand Shaking


According to insider.com, there are policies on a lot of cruise ships that prohibit anyone from shaking the hands of the captain of the ship.

That is because they want to help avoid the spread of viruses and illnesses that could render the captain ill. This also usually spreads to all the crew as well.

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