20 Rules Every Flight Attendant Has To Follow On The Plane

Being a flight attendant seems like such a glamorous job. You get to travel all over the world, and even better, you get paid to do it. It is a job that comes with many perks, and sometimes, that is all a person sees when they are studying a job application.

However, just like any other job, there are a set of rules and guidelines that a person must follow if they want to make it in the skies. Being a flight attendant is all about safety, training and customer service. It is vital that the passengers are taken care of. Flights can be anywhere from a few hours to days long, and it all falls on the flight attendants to make sure everyone is happy and safe.

Pilots get a lot of credit for flying the plane and making sure it reaches its destination, however, the flight attendants are the true unsung heroes of the sky. Would you have what it takes to make it as a flight attendant? Before you sign up, let's look at 20 rules that flight attendants have to follow.

20 Just The Right Size


Many people may see this as discrimination, but there is a good reason why a flight attendant has to be just the right size for the job.

According to cheatsheet.com, flight attendants can’t be too short because they need to be able to store passenger’s luggage. They also can not be too tall; it may interfere with their duties.

19 Be Able To Move Quickly


Much like to rule on how tall or short they can be, they also must be in relatively good shape. This, again, this may seem like discrimination, but it is for a very important reason.

According to cheatsheet.com, flight attendants must be able to move quickly about the cabin. This is in case of any emergencies that may happen. They also can not block any of the aisles in case of an evacuation.

18 No Extracurricular Activities


Everyone knows that someone’s personal life and their work life are two separate things. However, if you want to be a flight attendant then you must be able to go without any bad habits you may have previously had.

According to cheatsheet.com, a person applying for a position must be bad habit free for 6-months prior to starting.

17 No Tats …


This rule has loopholes, but it is pretty standard. According to cheatsheet.com, a person applying to be a flight attendant can not have any tattoos that are visible when they are in uniform.

That means that a tattoo on your tailbone wouldn’t be a problem, but any on your arms or legs would be a problem. If it can’t be covered, it is not allowed.

16 … Or Acne


Acne is sometimes unavoidable, but if you want to be a flight attendant than you better get on some treatment right away.

According to cheatsheet.com, those who want to be flight attendants need to keep their skin under control. A lot of being a flight attendant is looking appealing and blemish free.

15 Rules On Hair


The uniform for a flight attendant goes well beyond the clothes and shows they wear. They also must style their hair a certain way.

According to cheatsheet.com, there are a lot of airlines that have rules on how a flight attendant’s hair can be. It can not be too full or have too many curls. They are going for a neat and tidy look.

14 Can Not Be Married


This may be an old rule, and while they are working on changing it, there are still a lot of airlines who follow this rule.

According to cheatsheet.com, there are still quite a few airlines that require their flight attendants to not be married. This usually applies to what they consider ‘inexperienced’ crew members.

13 Beverages Must Be Purchased On Plane


If you are thinking that you can sneak some beverages onboard the plane and your flight attendant will just look the other way, then you are wrong.

According to cheatsheet.com, the rules are very strict on beverages being brought on the plane. Flight attendants will not look the other way and will confiscate it and insist you buy beverages on the flight.

12 Hands Off The Medical Cart


Not every plane is going to magically have a doctor on board, so it is important that there are enough medical supplies on board.

According to cheatsheet.com, the flight attendants are not allowed to use anything in the medical kits unless they have been completely trained. If no one is trained, they have to wait until a doctor is on board or hope that one is.

11 Rules On Makeup


Much like the rules on how they wear they hair, there are also strict rules on how they can apply their makeup as well.

According to cheatsheet.com, a lot of airlines require flight attendants to wear red lipstick and liner and can not have any extreme colours in it.

10 No Stopping In The Airport Lounge


There is usually some down time between flights for the flight attendants, but they are not free to use that time however they see fit.

According to cheatsheet.com, flight attendants can not partake in any beverages while they are in uniform. They must always appear professional and like they are on the clock.

9 Men And Facial Hair


More and more men are becoming flight attendants, and they have their own specific rules that they must follow as well.

According to cheatsheet.com, men can not have facial hair that is too out of control. There are certain measurements that a man must follow when it comes to how long their beard it.

8 They Must Know How To Swim


Now, there is no such thing as a water landing, it is simply a fancy term or crashing into the water. This does not happen often, but it can.

For that reason, a flight attendant must know how to swim, according to cheatsheet.com. A flight attendant will be no help to passengers if they can not keep themselves afloat in the water.

7 Earring Ban


There are many people out there who like to express themselves with body jewelry. If that is you, you better be prepared to take them out to become a flight attendant.

According to cheatsheet.com, flight attendants are normally only allowed to wear one pair of earrings at a time. Even those earrings must be small and dainty, think discreet.

6 Must Be Able To Lift Heavy Objects


Better get those muscles in shape, because to be a flight attendant, you must be able to lift heavy objects.

According to cheatsheet.com, it is important that flight attendants be able to help passengers store their luggage in the overhead compartments. If they can not lift heavy luggage bags, they won’t really be of any use.

5 Will Turn Down Tips


It may seem customary to want to tip your flight attendant, after all they are the ones bringing you your drinks and making sure you are being taken care of.

However, according to rd.com, they can not accept tips. That is because a big part of their job is also ensuring your safety, so they can not be seen taking money from people onboard the plane.

4 No Tongue Piercings


This rule seems like it would be a given. If you can only wear one pair of earrings at a time, there wouldn’t be any allowance for any other facial piercings.

According to cosmopolitan.com, just like tattoos, a flight attendant can not have a tongue piercing. At least while she is working. It must come out when she puts on that uniform.

3 They Even Monitor The Watches


If you haven’t caught on yet, everything about being a flight attendant is very plain. From hair and makeup, right down to the jewelry you wear.

According to cosmopolitan.com, any watches that a flight attendant wants to wear when she is working must be a discreet design that is made from a very specific material.

2 No More Than 4 Rings On The Hands


Airlines will even monitor the number of rings that a woman wears on her hands, and where she has them.

According to cosmopolitan.com, a woman (or man) can not wear more than 4 rings at a time. Not only that, but they can only have 2 on each hand. We are sure they must be simple and discreet as well.

1 Posture Is Important


Posture is important for everyone’s health, but it is vital if you want to be a flight attendant.

According to cosmopolitan.com, flight attendants while in uniform can not slouch, cross or fold arms. They also can not walk or stand with their hands in their pockets. It is all about the image you are portraying when you are wearing the airlines uniform.

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