There was once a time when Justin Bieber was one of the most popular singers in the world. At one point, he might have been the biggest musician in the world. He was also once one of the most controversial figures in the music world, gaining the ire of anyone above the age of 12 just for breathing. As popular as he was polarizing, Bieber was still extremely successful and wealthy as an artist back in the day during his first few years on the scene.

A lot has changed since that particular point in time in Justin Bieber's career. He's no longer as much of a controversial figure as he used to be. Not just because general audiences above the age of 12 have warmed up to him, but it's been awhile since he's been in the spotlight for getting arrested. Not to mention, he's now a future husband to be, currently engaged to his partner Hailey Baldwin. Among all of the changes in Bieber's life, one thing remains the same: he is still as rich as ever, with his net worth currently sitting at a hefty $265 million.

When we look at someone with as much money in their bank as $265 million bucks, two things spring to our mind. First and foremost, we're insanely jealous, but also, we wonder what can one do with that much money in their possession. Well, we compiled a list of some of the more notorious purchases of Justin Bieber's career just to figure out what can someone do with $265 million.


Most celebrities like to fly across the country in style. More importantly, celebrities like to fly cross country in utter isolation without having to worry about a bevy of fans approaching them in mid-flight for a selfie or a chat. Justin Bieber is one of those celebrities, which is why he kicks out so much guap to travel by private jet.

He has at times been known to fly via the Pentastar Aviation Charter, which charges between usually $1,800 to $9,000 per flight hour. In hopes of accommodating his flight needs, the fee is probably worth every penny for Justin Bieber.


Some of us may remember that just a few years ago - in 2013 to be specific - Justin Bieber used to tag along with a monkey named Mally, which was featured prominently during his Comedy Central Roast. The monkey was actually given to Bieber as a gift while in Europe, but all of the fines that he had to pay after the monkey was confiscated by the German government was more than enough money Bieber had planned to kick out for the chimp.

Because Bieber did not have the proper documentation to bring the monkey to the US, the monkey was confiscated, and he had to pay $10,700 in fines from the German authorities.

18 $80k a month for his LOS ANGELES RENTAL HOME

Although he no longer lives there nor is he rented out the spot, he did pick up this spot - which sits in the friendly Toluca Lake neighborhood in Los Angeles - back in May of 2016. The spot costs Bieber $80,000 a month to live there, but when we look at all of the lavish features that come with the house, we would all be dying to live there too, even though none of us have the money to maintain it.

It comes with its own gaming room, gym, movie screening room, a boat and dock, ten bedrooms, and sixteen bathrooms. Because, of course, no one can ever have too many bathrooms in their house.

17 HIS PRIZED MERCEDES (and custom paintjobs)

Justin Bieber has been seen riding around in plenty of high profile cars over the years, but it appears as though his most prized possession to date is the Mercedes G-Class SUV. Over the past couple years, we have seen Biebs ride this baby from city to city, and he has even painted it on more than one occasion. At one point the SUV was all black, and then all white in another, then it painted it a festive Christmas decor in time for the holidays.

The price for this SUV usually runs as high as $222,700, with upgrades included.


Looking at just how much time he spends in Hollywood and Los Angeles, sometimes we forget that Justin Bieber originally hails from Canada. He reminded us with his most recent purchase.

Bieber bought a mansion that sits in the middle of his homeland of Ontario near Puslinch Lake in Cambridge. The property stretches out at 101 acres and 9,000 square feet. It cost Bieber $5 million, which sounds like a hefty price to pay to live in Canada, but with the spot reportedly being a quiet one, it looks like the newly engaged Bieber is hoping to use the resting place as somewhere to settle down in silence with his partner.


There is an old saying that states that we should give roses to our loved ones while they are alive to show them we appreciate them now instead of waiting until waiting to do so at their funeral when they're not alive to smell them. Looks like Bieber might agree with that sentiment, considering the kind gesture he provided to his fans while he was on a London tour a couple years back.

In 2016, right before performing in front of a London crowd, Bieber went to a street vendor and bought dozens upon dozens upon dozens of roses before handing them out to his adoring fans.


Last May, one Lisa Desmond recalled roaming her local shopping mall with her young son, who happened to run into a famous face he recognized. It was Justin Bieber.

The two struck up a conversation, and Bieber joined the mother and son on their expedition through the mall. At some point, they made their way into a Foot Locker, and Bieber asked the boy to pick out any pair of shoes he wanted. After picking the pair he liked the best, Bieber kicked out $350 of his own money to pay for the boy's shoes. It's easy to make fun of Bieber sometimes, but when he does random acts of kindness like this, it's hard to hate the guy.


In 2013, Justin Bieber hosted Saturday Night Live, arguably at the time when his popularity was soaring at the highest it has ever been. With that being said, it makes sense as to why so many fans were lining up outside of NBC's 30 Rockefeller Plaza days beforehand to buy tickets to the show in order to see their idol up close and personal. They went as far as to sleep and camp out of the place to ensure they could get tickets.

To show his appreciation and awe for the dedication that his fans were displaying on that Friday afternoon, Justin Bieber bought pizza for the dozens upon dozens of people waiting in line, and delivered it to them personally.


Anyone who has ever rented an Airbnb out for the night knows that the average Airbnb is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. That is especially true for Justin Bieber. Of course, he is a celebrity, so he rents out with style, but of course, style must always have a price, and boy, that price is pricey.

While touring at the top of the summer in 2016, Bieber's bus broke down in the middle of Hamilton, Illinois. He needed a place to stay until the problem was resolved, and so he rented a swagged-out Airbnb that cost $10,000 per night. The price is high mainly because this particular AirBnb came with an arcade room, infinity pool, and a gym.


Justin Bieber has often been played as the butt of a joke in episodes of Family Guy. Most memorably, Bieber was beat up and knocked out by Peter Griffin in one episode. Despite all of the goofy ways that the show has portrayed Bieber in the past, the superstar still remains a huge fan of the show.

Such a huge fan, in fact, that he ordered himself his own special piece of Family Guy memorabilia. We're not talking about a DVD or a Stewie plush toy. Bieber bought himself a Stewie chain necklace made out of 12-carat rubies and diamonds. Bieber must really love that show and the character, considering that he spent $25,000 on the necklace.

10 $750 HAIRCUTS

Whether he keeps it at a natural brown or dyes it bleach baby blonde, his fanboys and fangirls tend to go nuts over his hair. Whether people just love how his hair is laid out and textured, or if they just love the person the hair is attached to varies from fan to fan. However, the fact remains that Bieber does a lot of work to his hair in order to ensure it remains as luscious as possible.

Apparently, that means that he has to put a lot of money into receiving his special, personal haircuts. Every time he visits a stylist, Bieber puts out a whopping $750 to have his hair pressed, laid, and cut.


We all know what it is, and we all know it from many names. Justin Bieber himself often partakes in the controversial activity, and we ain't talking about for medical purposes either.

With all of the stress, work, and drama that comes with being a world-renowned musician celebrity, Justin Bieber takes some time to clear his head and just chillax on occasion. To satisfy that craving, Bieber reportedly spends $8,000 a week on the stuff.


Like any famous person with a big chunk of change in their pockets, Justin Bieber loves all of his friends and spends a lot of money to show his friends how much he appreciates them. That goes double for his most famous friends. In fact, it seems like the richer his friend happens to be, the more money Biebs is likely to kick out for a gift.

For example, after making some music with French Montana, Bieber showed his appreciation for the opportunity by gifting French with a $150,000 chain. Oddly enough, the chain wasn't blingy enough for French, so he spent another $90,000 to add diamonds to the chain.


We are slowly approaching a point in time where grills are going out of style as we are seeing less and less celebrities donning them on the inside of their mouths, but once upon a time ago, they were all the rage. Anybody who was anybody - no matter how random the sight would be - would rock diamonds on the inside of their mouths. Even Justin Bieber had a grill not too long ago.

Not just any grill either. Biebs liked to lace his teeth with a pink sapphire grill that would cost him $15,000 to get his molars coated.


All boys love their toys, and for most boys, their favorite toy is a big bike. Not just any bike, but more specifically, a motorcycle or a motorbike. Justin Bieber is not oblivious to his love of big boy toys, and his big boy toy of choice, in particular, is the Ducati 848 EVO.

It has been a while since we have seen him sporting the bike, but he has been seen in public riding the 2013 model of the bike. With a top speed of 159 miles per hour, Bieber's Ducati cost him a little under $14,000 to ride dirty through the road.

5 YEEZY 350

Whether we love or hate Kanye West, people seem to love his shoes. The polarizing figure has found a way to produce a shoe and fashion line that has become just as profitable and popular as his own musical career. Everyone who has the riches and expenses to pick up a pair of Yeezy boots, is likely to do just that.

Last December, Justin Bieber was spotted wearing the Yeezy 350s. For the record, these shoes usually cost about $220, which is usually how much we regular folks spend on a month's bill to keep our lights, water, and cable on.


As we mentioned earlier, Justin Bieber often uses his wealth to commit random acts of kindness and good deeds for his fans. Bieber has been so generous with his wealth that we often wonder why he ever even had a reputation for being a universally disliked pop star back when he was at the height of his fame.

Perhaps the greatest example of his good deeds came in November 2015 when he entered the 901 Bar and Grill in Los Angeles, located near the University of Southern California. The then-21-year-old singer bought shots for every single person in the bar. We don't know how much he paid, but the 901 is a popular bar, so the place had to have been packed and Bieber's bar tab had to have been astronomical.


Last year, in October 2017, it was reported that Justin Bieber rented out an absolutely stunning mansion out there in Beverly Hills, California. It is a bachelor pad that stretches out a lengthy 8,600 square feet and has a bevy of swanky inclusions. Such inclusions include six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a gym, a fire pit, a home office, an indoor spa, a customized movie theater, and a giant pool.

After signing the lease on the mansion, renting out the spot costs Bieber $55,000 per month. It's also worth noting that the pad was previously used to film a commercial for Call of Duty.

2 A Relaxation PAD IN AMSTERDAM 

In October 2016, Justin Bieber had bought himself a house in Amsterdam, and perfectly fitting in with the green-friendly country, the pad is, as Jim Carey's Mask character would say, "smoking!"

The vacation bachelor pad stands at a height of three storeys high. The penthouse cost Bieber a good $22 million to buy, but when we look at the home's swaggy features, it looks like a wise investment. The pad comes equipped with three floors, four bedrooms, massive living and dining rooms, and even a luxurious suite within the bathroom. The mansion rests in the middle of the Dutch capital on one of its most expensive roads.

1 Hailey Baldwin's ENGAGEMENT RING

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber initially started dating in December 2015 before breaking up a month later. They would get back together in May of this past year, and by July, they were engaged. They recently obtained a marriage license, and have until December to get married by California law.

There has been much speculation over how much cash the musician kicked out to offer his hand in marriage to the model. The ring was designed by Jack Solow of Solow & Co.. Although Solow declined to reveal how much the ring cost, professionals have estimated the ring to have cost between $150,000, and $200,000.

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