20 Ridiculous Things People Have Actually Tried When Crossing The Border

Crossing the border to any foreign country is something a lot of people do, and they do not always do it for the same reasons. Some of them are looking for a better life in a new place, and some of them probably just want to see different areas of the world.

Nevertheless, there are lots of things everyone should know before they try to do something like this. For example, people who are 16 years old (or older) need to have a passport before they cross the border to get to Canada, according to pineapplevoyage.com. There are other requirements and laws about walking into a new country, too.

Another interesting fact is that lots of people do some strange things when they’re crossing a border. Here are some of the weirdest things some of them have done.

20 Wheels Became Pretty Important For One Person


When one person decided that they were going to try to get into another country, they thought it would be a good idea to bring in something questionable. According to brainjet.com, this person decided they would try hiding that thing in the wheels of their car, but it didn’t work.

19 Someone Was Caught Bringing Birds


One man wanted to bring birds into the United States. According to ocregister.com, he tried to get them in by strapping them to himself. There were 14 birds, and he was caught. The man ended up spending time behind bars. To be more specific, he was there for 4 months.

18 Somebody Replaced Cantaloupe Seeds With Something


A lot of people try to get some seriously questionable things across the border sometimes. According to brainjet.com, someone once replaced cantaloupe seeds with something that should not have been there. That’s pretty clever, but they were still caught.

17 Some Have Tried To Bring Cash From The United States


It is not weird for one to bring money with them when they visit another country. But things looked a bit weird when one person tried to bring money into the United States hidden inside a book, according to ocregister.com.

16 Sometimes Candy Isn’t What It Looks Like


Candy seems like it would be a fairly innocent thing for travelers to bring with them when they come to a new country. But it’s not as simple as that. According to brainjet.com, some people have been known to make illegal things look like delicious candy. Some people are sneaky.

15 Someone Hid Meat In A Puzzle Box


Lots of people bring meat with them when they cross the border. Some of them hide it in interesting ways. In 2009, someone tried to bring in meat by hiding inside of a box that a puzzle belonged in, according to ocregister.com. Of course, the meat was taken from them.

14 One Person Wanted To Bring Their Gecko


According to brainjet.com, there was at least one occasion that involved someone trying to bring a gecko along when they wanted to cross the border. That sounds dangerous, but at least they thought of the creature's health. They put it in a box that had holes so it could breathe.

13 In 2010, Some Snails Were Confiscated


A few years ago, someone tried to bring some snails when they decided to cross the border, according to ocregister.com. Apparently, the snails were giant African land snails. Sometimes those snails are added into certain dishes. They were confiscated because they might have carried a disease from a certain area.

12 Croissants Were Used To Hide Money


Croissants are pretty good, so it is hard to blame someone who wants to bring them along whenever they are travelling somewhere. But according to brainjet.com, someone actually was caught using them to hide money when they crossed the border, which is why they got in a little bit of trouble.

11 One Traveler Brought Antelope Horns


Lots of people like to keep some animal horns, since they look kind of cool. But according to ocregister.com, that is something that has been confiscated. A few years ago, there was a traveler who was caught trying to bring Antelope horns to an airport that was located in Florida.

10 Food Gets Brought Over All The Time


Food is great, and it is something everyone needs to have each day. So, it is not very hard to see why some people love to take it wherever they go. But, lots of food gets confiscated at the border, according to brainjet.com. It’s easy to hide things in food.

9 Palm Hats Get Brought Over All The Time


According to ocregister.com, palm hats get confiscated a lot. That is because they are made out of plants, which means that they can carry some unsafe things. This is something that many travelers do not know, and they bring them across the border a lot, which does not end well.

8 Some Have Smuggled Cheese


Cheese is delicious, but it looks a bit weird when someone has 92 pounds of the stuff on them. According to cbp.com, a woman was caught with this much cheese. She ended up having to pay a large fine because of it. Paying a fine because of cheese is strange.

7 One Woman Tried To Bring A Bug With Her


It’s never a good idea to bring living things across the border, but that didn’t stop one woman from trying to sneak a beetle past border agents with one of them. It seems that she tried to fool them by putting a broach on the small insect, according to ocregister.com.

6 Someone Once Tried To Bring A Marmoset From Peru


A man from Peru once tried to bring a furry friend along with him when a went to a new country. According to ocregister.com, he tried to hide a small monkey underneath the hat that he was wearing. But, some other people near him caught on to what was happening.

5 Some People Used A Picture To Hide Something


According to brainjet.com, there are some people who have tried to use photographs to hide things that are illegal, or just things they shouldn’t have in general, which is why photos get checked at the border.

4 Items Made Of Animal Bones Are Sometimes Brought Over


Lots of people from all around the world love to bring animal bones over to other countries. But the problem is that these are things that can bring diseases with them, which is why they are not allowed. This is something people get caught with a lot, according to ocregister.com.

3 Potatoes Can Be Pretty Useful


According to brainjet.com, it was not hard to tell when someone tried to bring a potato full of questionable things when they wanted to cross the border. The potato had lots of stuff inside of it. Nothing that was inside of that potato was something that is healthy for anyone.

2 Toys Have Been Used For Certain Things


There are border patrol dogs, and they are really good at finding certain things since dogs are known for having sensitive noses. According to youtube.com, one of them smelled something really odd, and the scent came from a toy dog, which is funny since it was found by a dog.

1 One Person Wanted To Bring Some Clams


A few years ago, one man tried to hide something really important by placing it inside of clams. According to washingtonpost.com, the man had a lot of clams, which made it pretty obvious that something was up. These things usually do not end well for the people who try them.

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