It is always an adventure to go to a hotel. Whether it be in a tropical country, or in a town just a couple hours away from where you live. It is nice to go somewhere that is not your home. They also usually have amazing amenities that guests can take advantage of. Who doesn’t like having food brought to their room?

They also usually have a pool that guests can use, whether inside or out. Some hotels even have waterparks that guests can take advantage of. One thing to always remember when you are at a hotel is that it is not your home. There are certain etiquette rules that everyone should follow.

When it comes to the pool, these rules can usually mean a lot more than just keeping it clean and tidy. A lot of the times, these rules are centered around keeping everyone safe. Water can be fun, but it can also be dangerous.

20 Go To The Bathroom

This should seem like a given, but you should never go to the bathroom in the hotel pool. Not only is it gross, but it can also be dangerous.

According to, when chlorine and uric acid (urine) can produce something called trichloramine and cyanogen chloride. These can cause breathing problems and burning in the skin and eyes.

19 Always Shower First

This is something a lot of people skip, but they shouldn’t. It is always important to shower before entering any public body of water.

According to, a person’s body is covered in dead skin cells, oil, loose hair, lotions, hair products, and other stuff. Showering before getting in the water can remove some of these saving your skin from further harm.

18 Leave The Mimosas In The Restaurant…

It is not uncommon to want an adult beverage when by a hotel pool, you are probably on vacation after all. However, you should never have it in a glass container.

According to, a dropped glass that shatters can be a big problem. Not only are there going to be glass shards on the deck where people walk barefoot, but pieces of glass are very hard to detect in water.

17 … And The Bagels

While it may seem harmless, bringing a snack to the poolside can have a lot of negative impacts.

According to, food that is dropped in the pool will instantly contaminate the whole pool ruining everyone’s day. It can also clog the filter, which can be a costly problem.

16 Neglect To Watch Their Children

Again, this one seems like it speaks for itself, but there are still a lot of people out there who leave children unattended by the pool.

According to, parents can sometimes rely too much on floatation devices and lifeguards to watch their children, but they shouldn’t. It only takes one minute for tragedy to happen.

15 Go Alone

According to, one of the biggest things people do when they go to the pool is that they go alone.

It may seem great to have the pool all to yourself, but it is not entirely safe. There is always the chance you could have an accident and bump your head and fall into the pool. This would be a big problem if no one was there to help you.

14 They Claim Chairs

The next few things that people should not do at a hotel pool have a lot more to do with etiquette than anything else.

According to, you should never lay claim to a hotel pool chair unless you are sitting in it. That means do not put a towel or anything on the chair and run an errand. It is incredibly rude to save a chair if you are not using it.

13 Talk On The Phone For Too Long

It is important to remember that you are not at home and that you are in public. No one can stop anyone from talking on the phone, but it is how you do it that is important.

According to, it is proper etiquette to keep phone calls quiet. There is not a lot of reasons one would need to be screaming into their phone while at a hotel pool.

12 If The Pool Is Outside, Watch The Beverages

Like we have said, a lot of people are at hotel pools because they are on vacation. There are certain things that go hand-in-hand with it. An adult beverage is usually very refreshing when by the pool.

According to, it is important to be careful with how much you are consuming. If the pool is outside and it is a hot day it is an easy way to get dehydrated.

11 Watch The Music

Just like with the phone, it is important to make sure that any music is not playing loud enough to bother anyone.

According to, the issue is about personal music. Even if there is a DJ there, it is important to keep your own music (which includes kids on tablets) quiet enough to not bother other people.

10 Complain About Kids

It is inevitable, if you are at a hotel, there are bound to be children there. There is one thing you don’ want to be at the hotel pool, according to, and that is the person who complained about the kids.

If you have kids, then you may want to try taking them to the pool earlier in the day before it gets too busy.

9 Change Your Towel Every 5 Seconds

Hotels are great at providing towels for guests, and it can be easy to just grab a new one every time you need one, but you shouldn’t.

According to, it is not too eco-friendly to keep getting new towels. The better thing to do is to save your towel for the whole day you will be there. The hotel staff will appreciate it and may bring your drinks faster.

8 Ignore The Dive Instructions

We are moving away from the etiquette section and have gone back to safety at the pool. There are safety rules at the pool for a reason, and the one you should never ignore is the diving rule.

According to, diving into water that is too shallow can be extremely dangerous. It could result in head injuries, paralysis or it could even be fatal.

7 “Pretend” To Drown

Pretending to drown is never something that should be done, whether there is a lifeguard there or not.

According to, if there is a lifeguard on duty, pretending to drown distracts them from looking out for swimmers who are actually in trouble. You also may find yourself in a ‘boy who cried wolf’ situation.

6 Roughhousing Is Not Cool

Everyone just wants to have fun, but there is a limit to how much fun someone can have at the pool without putting someone in danger.

According to, it is never a good idea to roughhouse around the pool. It is never a good idea to hold someone under water, for example, even if it is just in good fun.

5 Neither Is Pushing (Act Like An Adult)

We always see it happening in movies and on YouTube, the funny pranks of pushing people into the water. This is not something that should be done.

According to, pushing people into the pool could have serious consequences. A person could hit their head, or they could inhale some water. It is a lot more serious than a harmless prank.

4 Shouldn’t Need To Be Said … But, No Running

It is something that our mothers used to tell us all the time, and it turns out it is very real. There should never be any running around the pool.

According to, pool decks tend to be extremely slippery and it is easy to fall. This could mean someone hits their head and falls into the pool. If there is no lifeguard on duty it could mean big trouble.

3 If You Are Tired, Go Back To Your Room

A good day of swimming and relaxing can make you very tired. As tempting as it may be, do not sleep at the pool, especially if it is outside.

According to, a lot of people can be tempted to take a little nap by the pool or even on the water on a raft. This is the quickest way to get a very painful sunburn.

2 You Can’t Charge Your iPad There!

No one goes anywhere now without their phone, laptop or tablet. We are all attached at the hip. That means that there is probably a lot of people who want to bring them to the pool.

According to, these items should be left in the room. There is always a chance that these could fall in the pool which would put everyone who is in the water at risk of electrocution.

1 Avoid The Pool Drain

We have seen it in horror movies, and it turns out that it is a real thing. You should always avoid the pool drains.

According to, it is possible to get hair and clothing stuck into the drain. Due to the strong suction of the drain, this would trap you under the water.