It's probably not a huge surprise that Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) loves to work out. We might be surprised to hear that he literally brings his gym with him anywhere and everywhere that he goes.

According to Men's Health, this "traveling gym" (which Dwayne also calls his "Iron Paradise" on his social media) is 40,000 pounds in total, which is mind-boggling to think about. Of exercising, the actor said, "It’s my anchor" and that is definitely something that we can use to motivate ourselves to break a sweat, whether we're traveling or at home.

Many people love to travel and skip their regular workout routines, seeing pretty sights and checking out awesome beaches, but The Rock can lend us some motivation for staying healthy and fit while visiting new destinations.

Here are 20 ridiculous photos of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson traveling with his gym.

20 The Rock Looks Super Strong And Fierce Here

If these amazing photos of The Rock working out in his traveling gym aren't inspiring enough, maybe this caption that he wrote for social media will help us out: "It’s a mentality thing. Time is money and I don’t waste either. I got a family to feed and work to accomplish." Let's definitely remember that.

19 He Works His Chest Using These Portable Bars (And We're Impressed)

We would probably find it tough to use those bars in a regular gym, let alone a gym that we traveled with, so we're going to give The Rock major props for doing this. He looks so strong and like nothing can mess with him. Not even traveling for work will stop his workouts.

18 Yes, He Actually Brings That Contraption With Him...

Is that contraption something out of a science fiction movie... or part of Dwayne Johnson's traveling gym? Yup, it's the latter... which is impressive beyond belief. So many people say that traveling too much can stop their progress in the gym and make it tough to stay healthy, but The Rock doesn't let that stop him.

17 The Gym Is 40,000 Pounds, Which Is Nuts

It takes a lot of manpower to move Dwayne's gym around. As he wrote in a social media caption, "sending a huge thank you to the hundreds of hard-working crew responsible for always setting up my #IronParadise aka my traveling carnival in every location I film at. 40,000lbs of steal and iron."

16 He's Got A Special Area For Squats

How do we feel about squats? Chances are, they don't get us too excited, and we might even avoid them if we work out at a gym and do our own thing.

Well, The Rock does some pretty intense squats... even when traveling. According to, the Flywall Squat Machine "allows the user to feel the force of a barbell squat without a barbell or any upper body load."

15 It Just Looks So Intense

Here's another ridiculous photo of The Rock's traveling gym, this time featuring the actor in a red and pink tank top and shorts, showing off his physique that he got in said traveling gym.

Did we say that this equipment looks intimidating? We're going to have to say it again...

14 And Now He's Performing Some Light Movements (Just Kidding)

Dwayne Johnson's social media is a ridiculously inspiring place full of photos of him working out all over the world. One thing that stays the same? His traveling gym and the commitment that he has to keeping up with his exercise routine no matter what and no matter where he is.

13 Some Lie On The Beach, The Rock Is Lifting Weights In Hawaii

When in Hawaii, do as the tourists do and... lift some super heavy weights.

Okay, so most people would definitely lie on the beach and chill out, but we know by now that The Rock is not most people. He loves to complete really hard workouts anywhere that he goes, and we're super impressed.

12 Skip A Workout In Hawaii? No Way

When most people head to Hawaii, they envision a lovely week on the beach with a beautiful drink in one hand and a book in the other. They dream about sunbathing and relaxing.

Even when The Rock is in Hawaii, he works out in his traveling gym, as we can see from the photo on the left.

11 He Even Got In A Sweat Session In Mexico (No Big Deal...)

When Dwayne Johnson went to Mexico, he definitely didn't skip his workout. Nope. Instead, he brought his traveling gym and lifted those massive weights, as we can see from these two photos that he posted to his social media.

Yup, we would call those weights ridiculous... but of course, he lifted them, no problem.

10 The Rock's Just Chilling In His 'Iron Paradise'

It sounds like the actor was inspired by his own father: he was quoted by Muscle and Fitness saying, "Every morning my dad was up at 5 a.m. He’d have his coffee and then hit the gym, regardless of whether he was at home or on the road." Now The Rock definitely does the same thing.

9 His Little Girl Looked On In Awe As He Worked Out

It's super sweet to see Dwayne Johnson with his daughter, Jasmine, who is now three years old. He's also dad to one-year-old Tiana and 18-year-old Simone.

We're swooning over this picture of The Rock working out in his gym while his little girl looks on. We bet that she's going to live a healthy lifestyle thanks to his influence.

8 We're Amazed At The Rock's Back (And Totally Get His Nickname)

If anyone was wondering why the actor is called The Rock, they would just need to take one quick look at this photo of him in his gym and they would think, "Yup, that's totally why."

He's even got "Iron Paradise" written on his clothing, which is a really nice touch.

7 Dwayne Johnson Even Brought The Gym To China

For The Rock, it doesn't matter how far he's traveling, he's going to keep working out. As we can see from this picture, he brought his gym to China, and from the look on his face, it seems like he was really bringing his A-game to his workout that morning.

6 Those Are Some Seriously Heavy Weights...

How many people would walk into The Rock's Iron Paradise, take one look at all of that heavy equipment, and leave immediately?

It would most likely be quite a large number. The weights and other equipment in his gym are seriously intimidating.

5 He Even Went Super Hard On His Honeymoon

Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian got married in Hawaii on August 18, 2019, and the couple had their honeymoon in that beautiful paradise as well.

Of course, he wasn't going to stop working out on his honeymoon. We would never expect that. He had his gym and went super hard, as we can see.

4 John Krasinski Joined Dwayne Johnson To Exercise In The Traveling Gym, Which Is Rare

You can't always go it alone, and you definitely need a friend when you work out as intensely as The Rock does.

John Krasinki and Dwayne Johnson had some fun exercising together in The Rock's gym, which is too adorable. And funny. Popsugar quoted John as saying, "I walked in, and it was like alien spaceships had landed."

3 Here The Rock Is Performing Just Your Average Workout

Perhaps the most impressive thing about The Rock's traveling gym (besides the fact that people make sure that it goes all over with him) is that it has such a variety of equipment. It would be easy to assume that the kind of workout that someone could do in this type of environment would be limited, but nope.

2 100 Pound Lunges Sound Scary But The Rock Pulls It Off, No Problem

Raise your hand if you love lunges? Okay, your hand probably isn't raised... Now raise your hand if you love 100-pound lunges? Still no?

At this point, we're not surprised that The Rock can pull this off and that it seems pretty easy for him.

1 The Actor Found Some Time To Work Out In Beijing

When Dwayne Johson shared these photos of him working out in China on social media, he included this in his caption: "I find my church everywhere I go."

For many people, working out is a nice way to unwind and let go of stress and take some time for yourself, and that's clearly true for The Rock.