Bali is a little slice of paradise nestled in the idyllic Indonesia. Every traveler has this gem on their bucket list and it's easy to see why.

The Indonesian island is full of beautiful sights to see, incredible people to meet and a never-ending supply of things to do.

It offers a little bit of everything—from volcanic mountains and paddy fields to pristine beaches and stunning coral reefs. While in Bali, there are so many historical attractions, such as visiting the island temple of Tanah Lot or checking out Goa Gajah, a cave known for its ancient carvings.

A popular surfing destination, it's also a great place to catch some waves and enjoy the island life. You'll want to soak up the sun and take advantage of the outdoors here—it's truly one of the most magical destinations in the world.

Live like a local and indulge in their traditional foods using a variety of spices. A popular tourist destination, Bali is home to many night markets, food stands and fruit vendors that sell all the local delicacies.

But while in Bali, you have to vacation in style. Who knows the next time you'll make it back here so seize the day and stay in one of their most loved resorts. The iconic AYANA Resort and Spa is heaven on earth. The luxury accommodation is one of the best spots to stay while visiting the area.

Chances are, if you scroll through travel bloggers posts regularly on Instagram, you've already seen it. It's highly sought after with its prime location, stunning architecture and a plethora of amenities and activities to partake in.

20 The Accommodations - Luxury At Its Finest

Spoil yourself by staying in a room that is as elegant as it is cozy. Step inside your spacious suite and you will feel just like royalty. Each stunning space is absolute perfection with incredible detailing in the decor. It's the perfect place to relax after a long day of exploring the beautiful island of Bali.

Plus, you will be treated to a breathtaking view of the property so even when you're unwinding, nature is never too far away. Lap up the luxury and take a dip in the deep-soak tub before crawling into the comfiest of beds to fuel up for the next day's adventures.

19 The Eats - A Meal With A View

The resort has some of the best food Bali has to offer, with a wide variety of cuisines available. The resort is equipped with a whopping 19 innovative restaurants, bars and entertainment venues to choose from. While this will make it hard to decide on a place to grab a bite, who could possibly complain about having too many good food options?

The Rock Bar is just one of the incredible joints that has amazing waterfront views with Mediterranean cuisine and Tapas to dig into. Other restaurants serve up Balinese seafood, classic Indonesian dishes, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Dim Sum, Japanese and much more. You'll never go hungry here, that's for sure.

18 Spa - Nothing Beats A Spa Day

You're on vacation—that automatically means visiting the spa is mandatory. Enjoy a harmonious experience while taking advantage of one of their many spa treatments. They include a Hot Shell Massage, AYANA Fusion, Seven Chakra Dhara and Lava Stone Reflexology, just to name a few.

Each of the spa villas is beautifully designed to blend with the incredible surroundings of Bali. The Bali Spa On The Rocks is truly one of the most amazing spa experiences you will ever have in your life. As you enjoy your spa treatment you will hear the waves gently crashing onto the rocks and that invigorating sea breeze.

17 Swimming - All The Pools

The 90-hectare resort has not one, not two, not three...but 12 epic pools to beat the heat and relax in.

Nothing beats sipping on something tropical poolside while reading a book or just soaking up your surroundings.

The main pool is a sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts. Its a freshwater outdoor infinity pool that seems to merge with the ocean that's right in front of you. They also have a pool just for kids, a river pool, cabana pool, lagoon pool, forest pool and more. If you love to swim, you are going to have a hard time leaving the pool, unless it's to move on to another.

16 Kubu Beach - Your own private escape

A vacation just isn't a vacation without putting in some time at the beach. Lay out and soak up the sun while watching the crashing waves wash up on the shore. Go for a swim in the ocean and then lay out with a book and relax.

The private white sand beach is only available to resort guests, making it a more secluded option for a beach day with your friends or solo. There's also some shaded bamboo cabanas if you need to get out of the sun and cool down for a bit. You can even order a picnic lunch to enjoy right on the beach—who would ever want to leave?

15 Floating Breakfast - Ooh La La

It doesn't get much more luxurious than this. Unwind by the pristine poolside with a good book surrounded by the lush trees and stunning oceanfront views the resort has to offer.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why not have the most epic one possible?

The floating tray is served to you while you lounge in your very own private plunge pool. The gourmet three-course breakfast is accompanied by coffee, tea, juice and if that wasn't enough—you also get a chilled bottle of champagne. Whether you want some time to yourself or a romantic breakfast with your partner, this is it.

14 Golf Course - Hole In One

If sports are more your speed then hone your putting skills at this stunning state-of-the-art putting course. The 18-hole course is 656-yards-long, making it one-tenth the size of a traditional course.

Enjoy golf putting while overlooking the incredible ocean views right in front of you. The course is challenging enough for even expert golfers so challenge your friends to a game and make an afternoon of it. After hitting up the course, you should go cool off in one of the many pools or grab a bite at one of the resort's epic restaurants.

13 Biking - Go For A Scenic Ride

Sometimes you just need a break from walking and should hop on a bike instead. AYANA resort offers bike tours to tour the amazing island of Bali. Nothing beats getting some exercise (especially after consuming all those calories) and feeling the wind through your hair.

Explore beautiful new places but at your leisure. An English-speaking guide will take you on a tour of Bali's most incredible main attractions where you can make stops wherever you want along the way. Explore the hilly southern peninsula and soak up all the serene surroundings the area offers.

12 Yoga & Meditation Classes - Namaste

Sunset yoga anyone? Say namaste in nature during an outdoor yoga or meditation class you won't soon forget. Bali is such a vibrant and peaceful island to practice your downward dog or child's pose.

The resort offers literally everything you need to enjoy a yoga session while taking in all of your surroundings. It doesn't matter what your skill level is—this class is suitable for all levels. Plus yoga and meditation will ground you and make you appreciate where you are. The yoga classes take place on the property's lawn with the ocean as the most breathtaking backdrop imaginable.

11 Garden of Eden - The Most Magical Date Night Ever

Whether you're on your honeymoon or just looking for a romantic getaway that will give you memories that last for a lifetime. The table for two at RIMBA Lawn features traditional Balinese decorations (including Penjor flags) and twinkling banana leaf tea light candles.

The menu includes an appetizer of poached lobster, chicken and mushroom soup, sea bass and a delicious main course of Wagyu beef. For a sweet treat, top off the day with a decadent dessert—they serve a special adult-style chocolate dome with hot vanilla sauce and vanilla ice cream. Trust us—you will never want the night to end.

10 Shopping Arcade - Shop Till You Drop

You can go on an epic shopping spree without even leaving AYANA. The shops are all inspired by Indonesia's rich cultural heritage experience. The shopping arcade is relatively new and offers something for everyone. It features 12 handpicked boutiques which are located between the AYANA Lobby and the Rock Bar.

According to Ayana's website: "Premium outlets include: Uluwatu Shop – Handmade Balinese Lace; Parang Kencana – Batik clothing; Muse Salon and Hair Dresser; Bali Zen – Home Decoration and Accessories; White Door – Wedding Gowns; L'atelier – Perfume Creation; By The Sea – fashionable apparel; Mughal – Carpets and Accessories; Cabe Putih – Jewelry and Antiques; AYANA Boutique and Nail Salon", and more.

9 Private Cabana - Relax in Solitude

Are you looking for a bit more privacy? Don't worry, AYANA has got you covered. Hit up a private cabana for a relaxing afternoon in the chic and glamorous one-of-a-kind cabanas.

Enjoy the shade while sipping on a refreshing pressed juice and digging into some delicious eats. Their menu includes a selection of healthy salads and hearty pasta dishes. You will feel like you've found true paradise at this little sanctuary. Just sit back and relax on the comfortable couches with cushions. What are you waiting for? Just take a dip in the pool surrounded by beautiful flowers and lush plants.

8 Cooking School - Cook Up A Storm

The resort even offers guests with access to a cooking school. One of the best things about visiting Bali is the creative cuisine. Learn to re-create classic Balinese dishes at guided classes. Guests can choose between two different unique culinary experiences, one includes a dynamic market tour and the other offers a traditional Balinese offering ceremony.

You will receive a very hands-on crash course on the basics of Bali's cuisine. Recognize Bali's most used produce like turmeric, lemongrass, palm sugar, chili and salam leaves. The best part is you will get to eat lunch afterwards so make sure to bring your appetite.

7 Tub Time - Relax In A Bath

After a long hard day of being out and about (or relaxing by the pool)—a bath is always a nice way to cap off the day. By staying at this luxurious resort you will be treated to incredible rooms equipped with awesome deep-soak bath tubs.

These tubs are the best for a romantic dip for two, or just a really roomy and sudsy bath for one. Just close your eyes and unwind in the hot bubble bath to feel all your stresses melt away and to prepare for the next day of adventures to come.

6 Hit The Gym - With Incredible Views

Yes you're on vacation but that doesn't necessarily mean you should just let your original goals fall to the wayside. If working out is part of your daily routine then don't let that stop you from hitting up the gym for a sweaty workout.

AYANA Resort is home to an incredible air-conditioned gym space with windows overlooking the beautiful scenery outside. You'll find all the equipment you need here to work on your fitness while still enjoying the atmosphere. Step it up a notch and get a personal trainer to assist you to achieve your fitness goals while on the island of Bali.

5 Kids Play, Adults Play

While staying at AYANA Resort & Spa, you're obviously going to be spoiled with delicious food, creative drinks, a plethora of activities and lush nature. But what makes it even more awesome is that they have an incredible area for your kids to play in.

The vibrant coloured space is equipped with everything your child could ever need to have the time of their lives. Which means it also gives you and your partner a chance to have a break and relax by the pool without having to worry about the kids. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

4 Aquacise - Exercise In The Water

Switch up the workout routine by utilizing the many pools of the resort. They offer Aquacise classes that help you burn calories while staying cool in the water. It's a super refreshing 60-minute workout that is topped off with their classic French Manual Affusion Shower.

The shower gives you a full-body massage under a fountain of warm and gentle seawater. The anti-aging sea minerals found in the seawater will help nourish and soften your skin, provide gentle detoxification and improved circulation. It also helps to reduce anxiety and promote a better sense of well-being and tranquility. Sign us up.

3 Sunday Fundays - Be Your Own Mixologist

Ask anyone, there's nothing quite like a Sunday funday. Especially at the AYANA Resort, because they have a special day dedicated to one of the world's most well known blended beverages. People can relax on the rooftop infinity pool taking in the scenic views while sipping on your favourite tropical flavor.

Guests can even make it custom with a professional mixologist on hand to give suggestions. Choose your favourite base, mixer and style and then spend the day with your friends. There's also some giant ones that can be shared between four people.

2 I.C.E. & All Things Nice - Cool Off

Looking for something a little sweet after dinner or before drinks? Look no further. You have to check out this adorable little shop that has a menu full of creamy gelato, refreshing popsicles and healthy Greek yogurt to satisfy your sweet tooth. They're known as being a 'guilt-free' dessert shop that has healthier options for you to indulge in.

It's a great little spot to check out on your way to the resort's most popular place—the Rock Bar. Just like the name describes, this vibrantly-decorated eatery serves up ice and everything nice. It's a must try while in Bali.

1 Float Away Romance - Dine On The Water

This culinary experience will make you feel like you're floating in a dream. The romantic excursion allows you to essentially float right on the water while you dig into an extravagant five-course meal. Enjoy your loved one while being completely surrounded by the gentle glow of banana leaf candles, calming waters and lush nature.

The intimate ambience is secluded, with a table nestled on the pontoon at Jati pond. Dig into delicious cuisine while taking in all your surroundings—it truly is one of the most amazing experiences that feels right out of the pages of a fairytale. This is something you don't want to miss out on.

As you can see, AYANA has plenty to offer every kind of traveler, whether you like lapping up the luxury at the spa or biking around and seeing the sights. Check out this incredible resort if you're planning a trip to Bali.