Everyone loves The Avengers, and if you don't, then we're convinced that you're lying to yourself. The group of charismatic superheroes have reached the peak of the superhero world in the last few years, with the MCU being seen as one of the biggest success stories in terms of movie franchises.

Everything just seems to fit together so perfectly, and that's a testament to the vision that the directors had for the project from the very beginning. As we look ahead to the future it's depressing to consider the possibility of the actors 'moving on' from the project, but with Part 2 of Infinity War still ahead of us, we're convinced that there are going to be even more fireworks to come.

Alas, we aren't here to talk about whether or not Thanos will finally be defeated, because instead, we want to have a little think about the group's headquarters. As meaningless as it seems the HQ is a pretty big part of the films, because it features into so many of the storylines that we see play out. Some people enjoy that and others don't, but if it's going to be a focal point in other films moving forward, we may as well talk about it.

There are so many different locations around the globe that could be great destinations to host The Avengers' Headquarters, and across these twenty entries, we honestly feel like we're still only scratching the surface of what's possible. This could be a list of 100 entries (foreshadowing?) and we'd still have a few ideas floating around, but for now, these are the primary contenders.

20 Machu Picchu, Peru - Mysterious

It's not like Machu Picchu is some kind of a big mystery because most people who understand travelling will know that it's probably one of the most spectacular locations you could ever visit.

As we mentioned in the introduction, we want a mixture of 'hidden' locations and larger than life buildings, because let's be honest, that's pretty much how The Avengers operate. Machu Picchu is something you could do a lot with, although you'd likely have to close it off as a tourist destination. That wouldn't be popular, but we have to think about the higher cause in this situation.

19 Crooked Forest, Poland - A Little Bit Different

There are a series of different conspiracy theories as to why these trees in Poland are crooked, but we don't care about 'why'. All we care about is that they look incredibly creepy and, as a result, we think it'd be a cool 'back-up' HQ if things went south for the superheroes.

It's hidden away and nobody would really be able to predict what their next move is, or even whereabouts the headquarters themselves are actually located. It could be underground or they could work their way around the trees, but either way, it's a pretty interesting location to ponder over.

18 Sedona, United States - So Many Possibilities

Sedona isn't your average US town or city, and we mean that in the best way possible. It's so unique in so many different ways, and from a visual perspective, it seems like somewhere that you could make some pretty interesting plans to execute.

It'd be difficult to work out the actual logistics of it all, but once you've got past that, you've got yourself a pretty interesting HQ. Although, if Spiderman was involved, he'd probably struggle to swing from building to building - because, well, there aren't any.

At the very least, you'd get some pretty good views on a daily basis.

17 Skyfall, Scotland - Yes, The Bond One

Skyfall is much more than just a great Bond film because it's also an eye opener as to just how magnificent Scotland is. I mean, come on, just take one look at the Highlands in that film and tell me you don't want to pack up and move there.

The house itself seems like it'd have a lot of different compartments and areas you wouldn't initially be aware of, and it'd serve as an escape from the traditional 'high tech' buildings and facilities that they're more commonly associated with.

Plus, as the resting place of 'M', it's somewhere with a lot of meaning.

16 Hydropolis, United Arab Emirates - Quite The Proposal

This hasn't actually come to fruition yet, even though we'd absolutely love to see it. Hydropolis is an idea for an underwater hotel in Dubai that has been nixed and started up again dozens of times, but as we look ahead to the future, it does seem like something that could be put into action.

Dubai is a forward-thinking place and always has been, and we could easily see this go from a hotel into something much bigger in the blink of an eye. It may not be big enough initially, but you could certainly increase the size to the point where it can accommodate these larger than life characters.

15 Devil’s Bridge, Germany - What A Spectacle

 The illusion of this being a full circular bridge is one thing, but we have so many looming questions about this. It seems like something that has a great deal of potential, mainly because it's probably so difficult to get there in comparison to your everyday tourist destinations.

Even then it isn't as well known as most of the other options on this list, and that's what we like about it. This kind of location, as odd as it may seem, would force the Avengers team to get a little bit more creative, and that could make for a pretty interesting end product.

14 Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt - One Of The Wonders

You may be wondering at this point why we're forcing The Avengers to travel around the world purely to visit their headquarters, but let's face it, they could probably make the commute in thirty minutes or less with the technology that they possess.

Using a historical location such as the Great Pyramids of Giza would likely be a little bit controversial, but again, nobody needs to know that it's even there. We saw them use an invisible, floating hub in one of the films, so why not reenact that in our own alternate universe?

Just look at it. Utterly tremendous.

13 Alcatraz, United States - So Historic

Alcatraz has been turned into a tourist destination after years of serving as a prison, and that's been somewhat controversial amongst some historians. Of course, any kind of tourism is going to be somewhat beneficial to the city in question, and San Francisco has certainly benefitted from it.

You may think that this would be better suited to a supervillain as opposed to a group of superheroes, but we disagree. There are certain elements to this place that make it feel like it'd be perfect for a 'redemption' story of sorts, and we're sure that it'd work well with any given storyline in the Marvel Universe.

12 Bayterek Tower, Kazakhstan - Bold And Brave

We're onto what is arguably our first 'wow, look at us' building, and it comes in a pretty unusual location by all accounts. Bayterek Tower has an incredible design from top to bottom, and we can only imagine the kind of cool tricks and stunts they could pull off with this.

Heading over to Kazakhstan probably wouldn't be on everyone's bucket list, but if this was a HQ facility, it's not like the public would be allowed to visit anyway. Plus, it's fairly inconvenient as a location to attack if your game plan is to take out the main Avengers characters.

11 Petronas Towers, Malaysia - Larger Than Life

While the most notable Twin Towers throughout history used to reside in New York City, Petronas Towers are up there in terms of notability in the present day. As you can see it's a strong structure from the head to the foot, and it's somewhere that would be a sign of togetherness and strength within the organisation.

The passageway alone is screaming out as a great place to have a one on one battle towards the end of a major movie because come on, you know that everything has to go wrong eventually when these guys are involved in the drama.

10 Stonehenge, England - What Happened Here?

 The conspiracy theories surrounding Stonehenge in England will likely never cease, and that can only be a good thing. If you keep people talking for long enough then you'll create the illusion of something that's bigger and better than it actually is, which is what we've got with Stonehenge.

It's a destination that you can literally see on a random dual carriageway road when you drive past, meaning you don't even need to pay in order to get a good view of the thing. So, why not drum up even more 'chatter' by having The Almighty Avengers roll into town?

9 Taj Mahal, India - Absolutely Perfect

If you want to say 'here we are' in a way that's going to capture people's attention, then setting up shop in the Taj Mahal would be a pretty good place to start. The only way to describe it would be 'perfect', and as a symbol of Indian culture, it's fairly remarkable.

Again, we're sorry for any issues that people have with this being included as a potential option, but it just feels like somewhere that fits the bill all too perfectly. It doesn't have to be destroyed or anything like that, and it doesn't even need any Avengers branding to make it feel special.

8 Bermuda Triangle, North Atlantic - Unsolved

 We're heading back to an underwater destination for this next entry, and it's one that will raise quite a few eyebrows. The Bermuda Triangle has been the source of so many different controversies, and while we aren't convinced that there's any truth to it all, it's certainly interesting to speculate.

The Avengers are always pretty daring and you just know they'd love to tempt the stereotypes of flying over there every single day. At the very least we'd probably see something of an 'evolution' in the investigations made into the Triangle, and in case you hadn't guessed already, we're a big fan of all that.

7 Guggenheim Museum, Spain - One Step Ahead

 The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is important for a lot of reasons, but most of all, the design is just so tremendous. Sure, the spider sculpture that you can see in the bottom left hand corner is a little bit off-putting, but we'd suggest that you focus on the positives as opposed to what would be a negative for most people.

The structure would make for a series of interesting designs in the eyes of The Avengers, especially with there being a body of water right there. From a security standpoint, you'd have to imagine that they'd be fairly on the ball with the whole thing.

6 Skellig Michael, Ireland - Secluded

Ah, now this is more like it.

Skellig Michael is tucked away in the oh so lovely nation of Ireland, and we can't stress enough how much we love looking at it. You could host a series of epic TV shows and films there and it's easy to see that, but on top of that, you don't even need to build anything.

When you look out onto the sea and catch a glimpse of the 'A' sign, that alone should be more than enough to make you sit up and think 'okay, they mean business'.

Plus, a few cameo appearances from the Irish always makes for pretty good television.

5 Lotus Temple, India - Quite The Experience

We head back to India for a structure that, in some ways, is even more remarkable than the Taj Mahal. This one view is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can see, and if you want to develop it even further, then there's one idea that we have that could really take things to the next level.

Just, for a second, imagine the Lotus opening up and revealing some kind of vehicle that would allow The Avengers to make an escape at a moments notice.

Sure, being on the other side of the world can make things pretty complicated anyway, but we're choosing to ignore that side of things for now.

4 Teotihuacan, Mexico - Making A Statement

Mexico? Pretty special. Teotihuacan? That's a whole other story. This just screams 'possibilities' and that's been the case ever since it came into existence. If you want a romantic getaway of sorts then you can go there, if you want to just escape from everyday life you can go there, and if you want to try and make the world a better place (we're looking at you Nick Fury) then this works pretty well too.

Being so close to the States is also beneficial too, given that most of the Avengers reside there. Of course, we're talking logistics here when we aren't actually pals with any of them, but we're choosing to believe that we know them fairly well.

3 The Lost Metro, Russia - Intriguing

The actual metro system in Moscow is one of the best across Europe and the world, from how it actually looks to the experience of riding it. Alas, there's more to the story than meets the eye, as there are rumours that there is a second metro system located somewhere around the city.

It goes back to the days of the war when higher up members of government would require an escape hatch of sorts in order to get themselves out of danger. The building might be pretty small, again like a bunker, but you could still fit some cool stuff in there.

2 Lilliputian Police Station, England - Old School

As one of the smallest police stations in the world (that can literally only fit one person), this is one of the most intriguing destinations on the list.

Our primary idea is to have everyone go into the 'portal' of sorts before dropping down through a secret slide of sorts, kind of like what you'd see in 'Men in Black' or something like that.

It seems pretty old school but London is as good of a destination as any to host somewhere like this, with the James Bond films being a great basis for this kind of thing.

Just imagine how big the actual facility would be underground.

1 Great Barrier Reef, Australia - Unique

Oh, the Great Barrier Reef. As the largest living thing on the planet it seems like a great place to host somewhere like this, but of course, it's underwater.

It's not like the other underwater entries, either, because it seems even more inconvenient. Still, we like the idea of a submarine taking The Avengers down into the abyss where an underground bunker of sorts is located, perhaps as a 'second' HQ that can be used for alternative purposes.

Plus, their enemies are never going to think that they'd choose Australia of all places as somewhere to set up their camp.