20 Rare Vacation Photos Of Jennifer Aniston

We all know Jennifer Aniston is a very hardworking star with movies such as Marley & Me, Horrible Bosses, and We're the Millers only being some of the blockbusters she starred in. And then there's the iconic television sitcom Friends that the actress was part of from 1994 to 2004. All in all, it's only natural that Jennifer deserved plenty of vacations throughout the years and today we thought we'd take a look at some of the photos. There are pics of Jen in Italy, Florida, Hawaii, but mostly there are plenty of pics of Jen at her favorite vacation spot — Cabo, Mexico (with her ex-husbands Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux). Yup, it seems as if the star goes to Cabo at least once a year, but considering how gorgeous it is there we're not really surprised.

Now here they are — 20 rare vacation photos of actress Jennifer Aniston!

20 Let's Kick The List Off With These Pics Of Jen In Leaving A Yacht In Marina Del Rey While Wearing A Dramatic Black Maxi

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Honestly, we can't think of anyone who'd look better in a black maxi skirt and top combo while leaving a luxurious yacht in Marina Del Rey than Jennifer Aniston. The actress also looks visibly happy and we're attributing that to the fact that she is on vacation!

19 And Here's Jennifer Going Crazy Over A Puppy On The Beach

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This photo of Jennifer Aniston obsessing over a puppy on the beach is probably the most relatable thing we've seen all day. Seriously, look at how cute the little thing is, we bet the actress wishes she could have just taken the puppy home with her!

18 Of Course, We Had To Include These Pics Of Her And Brad Pitt PDA-ing In A Tropical Wonderland

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Before Brangelina happened and fell apart, there was Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston — at the time one of Hollywood's most famous couples. The two married in 2000, but as you know, five years later they got a divorce so Brad could move on and start his life with Angelina Jolie.

17 And Here's Jen Showing Off Her Legs In Italy

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It is no secret that Jennifer Aniston is in amazing shape — the 50-year-old certainly looks better in a mini skirt than most of us. The actress was spotted showing off her legs while sightseeing in Italy and honestly, we can't stop looking at there pics!

16 But It Seems As If The Star's Favorite Vacation Place Is Cabo, Mexico

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Most of Jennifer's vacations take place in Cabo, Mexico as that seems to be the star's go-to holiday destination. There, she loves to spend her days hanging out by the pool, reading a good book or listening to some relaxing music. Honestly, we could use one of those vacations right now!

15 Here's Jen Rocking A Cool Hat For Lunch In Italy

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The pics above are, once again, taken in Italy where the actress was spotted going for lunch with some friends. The first thing that catches our eye is, of course, the star's vacation look — Jen decided to rock a very dramatic black hat to keep her head cool!

14 And Here She Is Looking Like A Goddess While Munching On Some Fruit

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Seriously, how good does Jennifer Aniston look — we're still in awe of her toned, goddess-like physique! In the pics above you can see the star (once again at her favorite resort in Cabo) munching on some yummy fruit while enjoying the warm weather by the pool.

13 Jennifer Spent Some Time At A Luxury Resort In Miami With A Friend

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If you paid close attention you could have noticed that Jennifer's go-to footwear on holiday is a pair of plain old flip-flops. Yup, the actress loves feeling the sand on her feet, and tends to wear very simple and comfortable clothes because hey — she is on vacation after all!

12 Oh, And Did We Already Mention Jen Loves Rocking A Cool Hat On Vacation?

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You've already seen her rock a dramatic black hat, now here's a photo of Jen pulling off a classic cowboy hat while taking a walk on the beach. And you know we have to mention how amazing she looks in this vibrant coral red bikini!

11 How Stunning Is This Dress She Rocked While Sightseeing?

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While Jen loves wearing comfy, basic pieces on her vacations, if she's headed out for dinner, the actress still likes to dress up a bit. In the pics above you can see the star rock a gorgeous floral maxi dress which she styled with black sandals and an eye-catching red bag.

10 And Here's Jen With Bestie Courtney Cox Proving That There's Always Time For A Workout — Even On Vacation

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We've been commenting on how fit Jennifer always looks, which is why we're not in the slightest surprised that the 50-year-old works out daily — even while she's on vacation. In the pics above you can see her with long-time bestie and Friends co-star Courtney Cox.

9 It Seems As If Jennifer And Her Ex Justin Theroux Went To Cabo At Least Once A Year

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Jennifer Aniston and actor Justin Theroux started dating back in 2011, after starring in Wanderlust together. The two got married in 2015, but unfortunately, their happiness didn't last for too long and they announced their separation last year. While they were together, Cabo was where they'd vacation at least once a year.

8 And They Would Always Look So Happy Upon Arrival

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If you take a closer look at these pics, you can see that both Jen and Justin look absolutely thrilled to have finally arrived at their favorite place on earth. Even the biggest celebs get tired and need a relaxing break every now and then!

7 Here's Jen Looking All Casual While Listening To Some Music

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First of all, we have to point out that Jen's vacation hair is everyday hair goals! Seriously, how does the star get it to look so naturally perfect? Once again, if you paid close attention you'll know that these pics were taken at the same Cabo resort as some of the previous ones.

6 And Here She Is With Justin On A Yacht In Capri

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The fact that celebs can just afford to hop on a luxurious yacht whenever they want to makes us so jealous of their lifestyle. In the photo above you can see Jennifer and Justin getting some sun while chilling in the front of a yacht in Capri.

5 You Bet Jen Loves An Active Vacation

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But don't be fooled, just because a lot of these pics show Jen chilling by a pool — that doesn't mean the actress isn't active. As we already mentioned, she exercises even on vacation, and as you can tell from these pics of her in Hawaii — she's always up for a fun adventure!

4 But She's Also Okay With Getting Some Vitamin D By The Pool

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Once again, here's Jen relaxing at her favorite spot at the Cabo resort. Yup, we recognized the place based on the blue pool tiles (let's be real — not because we've ever been there). Jen seems to be living her best life whenever she's in Cabo!

3 Jen Looks Amazing In A Towel With Messy Beach Waves

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We already mentioned the star's amazing hair, but we have to give it another shoutout. This time her hair was naturally wavy giving her the perfect beachy hairstyle girls all over the globe are trying to achieve. Oh, Jen, you truly are a role model and we'd love to live your life!

2 And How Relaxing Must This Have Been? 

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This might just be our favorite photo on the entire list — doesn't it look like absolute paradise? Seriously — the beautiful blue water, gorgeous sandy beach, and the two chairs situated perfectly to keep you cool during the sunny day — this photo definitely has it all!

1 Lastly, Here's Jen On A Winter Vacation With Pal Jimmy Kimmel For New Years In Wyoming

Via: justjared.com

To wrap our list up here's a photo of Jennifer during one of her winter vacations — yes, she does those as well. In the pic above you can see her bundled up in warm clothing with her long-time friend Jimmy Kimmel for a New Years celebration in Wyoming.

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